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kabn wrote: “Haha, I really hope this is a sarcastic post. I'd say the more ridiculous price is the 2-rev old iPhone still being only $150 less than the mediocre-sale price of the Google flagship. ”

One, I was serious. Two, the iPhone 7 is not 2-revs old, but released just last year. Three, I’m pretty sure Ars Technica and other benchmarking sites show last year’s iPhone faster than Google’s current flagship. Four, iPhones show high resale value, so I’d say the iPhone seemed a better value for a refurbished phone.


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afor24 wrote:Interested in this phone but have to ask the obvious since you all seem to understand more tech talk than me.... This phone will work with Project Fi, correct?

I also would like to know if this phone works with Project Fi?


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kmartind wrote:Just say no to locked bootloaders. Even if you don't care about rooting per-se, it makes it impossible to undo an OS upgrade or get rid of any unwanted bloatware.
I'd need a significantly greater discount than this to accept those terms plus an anemic warranty. I've been burned by a perma-locked bootloader in the past so went with Nexus phones, but boy have I ever needed the full warranty (and then some) on each of those!

With the exception of phone, ever since the Nexus S, I've stayed with the Nexus (and now Pixel) line.

One thing I really liked when I first started, was that even if I didn't know what I was doing, resolving the issues was really easy.

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tripled wrote:I also would like to know if this phone works with Project Fi?


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tobyboy11 wrote:$525 for a scratch and dent phone, no thanks. Last time I bought a phone from woot the one I got wasn't even what I ordered.

This. Take a page out of Dell's and Apple's books, and offer same-as-new warranties on refurbs. If it's truly refurbished, that should be easy.


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Great Phone, but with the industrial design straight out of 2014


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ydurguner wrote:yes unfortunately it does, especially the bloatware that cannot be removed.

I got this phone from Verizon and I don't remember there being any bloatware on the phone. If there was I was able to delete it because it isn't there anymmore.


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will this work on AT&T?


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rmsalt wrote:Or you can buy a NEW Huawei Mate SE (Unlocked, 5.9", 64GB, 4GB Ram) for $229 on Amazon. I love mine.

I prefer the Moto G5 Plus I just bought for $229. Less specs but I just can't fully trust Huawei..


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SanchoPanza wrote:Thanks for the info! Your answer was so good, even I could understand it!

My work here is done!