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jbellis wrote:That looks like the older Nook model, not the HD. The HD supports Google Play.

this looks nothing like the older Nook (nook color).


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I picked up one of these a few weeks back. I use it as a media player using MX player. I copy my MKV files over onto and SD card and play them.

Couple things to note. The sound is on the bassy side using headphones. Also when hooked to a computer the SD doesnt show up as a drive. I had to use a card reader to copy files over.

Other than that, its well worth the $$$. The highest resolution 7" tablet out there.


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You can buy these BRAND NEW not reconditioned on eBay for, $90


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mmarti91 wrote:You can buy these BRAND NEW not reconditioned on eBay for, $90

I don't see any?!?


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isayx3 wrote:this looks nothing like the older Nook (nook color).

I already answered this. You're forgetting about the Nook 'Tablet' which came after the Color and before the HD models.


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angelofchaos99 wrote:The Enrichment Center... Sorry, Woot is required to remind you that the Weighted Companion Cube... Er, Nook HD cannot speak. In the event that it does speak, Woot urges you to disregard its advice.

Good one.


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Hi everyone. I, too, have been wanting to play Amazon video on an Android device, but there hasn't been a way.

I read that someone on was able to do so using the Puffin browser (it supports the correct Flash version or something technical I don't understand). I've NO idea if that's true but I'll be trying it. It's not an app, but it's something at least.

Just FYI.


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ohratts wrote:My wife bought one earlier today and now I want one too. Anyone know if we buy another one on her account if we still get charged the $5 shipping? When we go to check out it seems to be charging it, but I was hoping Woot might catch it and ship them together or something... anyone?

Just email woot support, They will usually work with you.
Very helpful.


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I really want to pull the trigger on this, but with a Nook touch, a Nook Color, Vizio android tablet , Nexus 7 and a Kindle keyboard (which is probably going to be put up for sale), i can't really justify yet ANOTHER slate in the house....I think I have enough portable tablet/ereader/media players in the house for the 3 of


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No surprise Amazon or Woot would sell Nooks. This is no more a competitor to the Kindle than any tablet. I think (OPINION ALERT) Amazon doesnt care if they make profit on the Kindle itself - they're selling you a gateway device optimized to buy stuff from them.


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sdc100 wrote:A not-so-objective comparison of the Nook HD and the iPad Mini from B&N. One noted omission is a webcam. In that category, the iPad wins so B&N conveniently leaves that category out. Still, the Nook is a way better value with better specs. Heck, almost any tablet is a way better value than the overpriced iPad.

No camera? That makes it a better deal for me, I can use it at work (cameras prohibited). My phone already has a camera. Heck, my camera has a camera.

Thanks to up-to-the-minute tracking, I don't track my package so much as stalk it.


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stevemi wrote:How well does this run Android games?

I have the original Nook Color but I'm thinking of upgrading.

Yup here is one with a BlueTooth keyboard for the Nook HD:

And here is the Nook HD+ Version:


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I purchased this, & was on w/Barnes & Noble setting it up because the register date was showing up from a previous owner. Barnes & Noble informed me that they won't honor any warranty on this, nor will they transfer warranties. Waiting to hear back from Woot to see what's up...Hoping I'm not w/o any warranties...So beware people...