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Note:  As of December 31, 2017, wine is no longer sold on Woot.

After over three and a half years of our daily podcast, we sure have a lot of episodes in the can. (It’s where we do our best thinking.) Have you noticed how certain themes recur? We have! For example, grab hold of the common thread running through these classic old-school jamz, which are all about Woot Cellars’ potent potables.

Theme for Rinfrescante Rinfrescante was the first Woot Cellars offering ever! This number, which accompanied that sale, was recorded at the dawn of the Woot podcast era, in November of 2005. It shows off the podcast team’s facility with VERY CONVINCING accents.

Holiday Theme for Rinfrescante About a month later, we reused the same song with new lyrics for a sale featuring Rinfrescante in a holiday gift pack. The clinking, pouring, gulping and belching sound effects were all created in our studio, using state-of-the-art tools like a bottle.

Theme for Monkey Prize This silly bit of monkey business was only one part of the coordinated multi-media blitz that accompanied the Monkey Prize launch on December 4th, 2006. This video was the rest of it.

Theme for Humbug In November of 2007, Woot Cellars dumped a new wine called “Humbug” all over the market. To mark the occasion (and to fulfill the responsibilities spelled out in their job description), the podcast team recorded this.

Beer & Wine! Wine & Beer! This podcast didn’t accompany a Woot Cellars wine sale, but it sort of fit our theme anyway, so we included it. Maybe we shouldn’t have. It’s hard for us to say for sure because we’re soooo drunk right now.

This is Where You Face Boss Monster - All that brings us to today’s podcast, which heralds the release of a new Woot Cellars wine, Boss Monster! Boss Monster is available now! Supplies are limited! Secure servers are standing by! Sorry, no C.O.D.s!



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I'm still hoping for a Best of Woot Podcast cd

(mostly because I'm too lazy to go through ALL of the old podcasts to compile my own)