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After over three and a half years of our daily podcast, we sure have a lot of episodes in the can. (It’s where we do our best thinking.) Have you noticed how certain themes recur? We have! For example, grab hold of the common thread running through these moldy oldies, which are all about Ferdinand Magellan’s trip ‘round the globe. Well, mostly about that.

Ferdinand Magellan the Circumnavigator (Part 1) – The first time ever we heard this tune was back on April 19th of 2006, accompanying a Magellan brand GPS. If you had told us then that we would still be rehashing this dumb song now, we would have laughed in your face. Then excused ourselves to a private room and wept.

Ferdinand Magellan the Circumnavigator (Part 2) – Always on the lookout for ways to do less work, we revisited ol’ Ferdo in July of the same year.

Listener Mailbag – On July 17th of 2006, a caller rang our voicemail line to ask for the chords to this song so he could play it in front of schoolkids. It seemed like a profoundly bad idea to us, but sometimes people have to make their own mistakes or they’ll never learn.

Ferdinand Magellan the Circumnavigator (Part 3) – April 28th of 2008: Another Magellan GPS for sale, another trip ‘round these familiar chords for the Woot Podcast Team. Having apparently exhausted our knowledge of Freddy M.’s historic voyage, we went meta in the second verse.

Ferdinand Magellan the Circumnavigator (Part 4) – A sure sign of Magellan fatigue: This June 13th, 2008 podcast is a verse shorter than the songs that preceded it. If we don’t make landfall soon, the crew will surely mutiny.

Christopher Columbus – Earlier this month, we mixed it up a little, writing some non-Magellan lyrics to honor another explorer, Christopher Columbus. This podcast aired on the day that bears Chris’s name. (No, not “Chrismas,” you dimwit. Columbus Day.)

Doesn’t listening to all these old podcasts make you wish you could buy a Magellan GPS today? Well, click over to Sellout.Woot and see what kind of luck you’re in. You’re in the good kind, that’s what kind you’re in.

(Editor's Note: true Magellaholics will want to sing along to these alternate lyrics penned for the Excalibur Space Navigator this past July. And not just because the Editor wrote them.)



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Have you stopped making wootcasts? I didn't see one for today's woot... or did I miss it?


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jesuitson wrote:Have you stopped making wootcasts? I didn't see one for today's woot... or did I miss it?

The podcast team passes out at about 5:02pm every Friday. Check back on Monday for a new one.

can't make a living as a bay man any more


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Slydon wrote:The podcast team passes out at about 5:02pm every Friday. Check back on Monday for a new one.

Kinda makes me happy that Halloween's on a Saturday this year or I have a feeling you'd be using the same background song for it.


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The same song as what?


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matthew wrote:The same song as what?

For a Halloween themed song. Its an eerie tune. For all I know you could some kind of zombie themed trick or treat song. Could involve zombies looking to trick the woot team . You're the music guys I'm sure you'll think of something.


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In honor of today's product.

Thanks to PocketBrain for searching it up.

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