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We got a lot of love for our pro-Conan post yesterday, and a lot of people wanted to know where they could get that logo on shirts, stickers, and underwear. Well mark your calendars, because this is probably the only time we'll ever encourage you to buy a shirt somewhere else:

You can get I'm With Coco shirts and prints HERE, direct from the artist, for some almost-as-affordable-as-Woot prices.

Why would we pimp some other guy who's not giving us a dime? Because $1 of each purchase goes towards PlantingPeace.org, which is helping the people of Haiti recover from that earthquake.

Before the trolls start: yes, we know, you could easily donate the equivalent amount of money to a charity or organization in Haiti rather than buying a t-shirt. And you know what? We endorse that idea too. Give whatever you can afford. Seriously. They need it.

But if you're going to buy a novelty shirt, you might as well buy the one that throws a buck to some people who could really use it right now. Hip us to your favorite Haiti relief efforts in the comments below.








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http://deepspringsinternational.org/ has been in existence for several years, helping Haitians get clean drinking water, a major need there. They're going into turbo now, and could use some help.


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Partners in Health - They run a number of AIDS and TB clinics all over Haiti, and the only full hospital in the Central Plateau. They have literally hundreds of Haitian and Creole-speaking doctors and nurses in the country and mobilized to help in Port-au-Prince. Their hospital, being one of the closest still standing and fully functional, is currently accepting trauma cases that Doctors Without Borders can't treat due to their own hospitals collapsing. They need food, water, and supplies - and money to buy it. They have been operating in Haiti since 1985.


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I was about to buy a t-shirt until I saw the shipping charge.

$7.00 shipping for a t-shirt is absurd.

- MountainFlip


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TEAM COCO's theme song, 'My Coco' by stellastarr http://bit.ly/4BQtqd Save Conan O'Brien GO TEAM COCO!