We're throwing a bash! We're raiding our stash!
We're in a mad dash to get smashed on Hoo Hash!
Too bad it's Tuesday, a sad turn of fate.
Because tomorrow we work so we can't stay out late!

At the Zumblezay track we have saved room for five,
But you must not be sozzled or they won't let you drive.
Let the Jing Tinglers jingle and the Blum Bloopers bloop!
These toys are too fantamabalous for Kids.Woot!

Before we take a drink,
I think,
I think,
I think the time has come for commemorative ink!
Roll up your sleeves and let's all go down
To an old tattoo parlor on the grim side of town.
We'll choose some tattoos in yellows and blues.
We're scared of the needles.
We don't like the scars.
But now we can show you the stars upon ours!

Now a trip to the bar! It isn't so far!
We designate you to be driving the car!

Who does lots o' shots? We do lots o' shots!
Slow Joe Crow bought you shots 'cause you're hot hot hot hot!
A pizza! A pizza! One red and one blue!
We'll take red to our table and for blue we will sue!
The State Health Department will know just what to do!

The bomp-bomp of stomping! The flash-flash of lights!
Then they put on the Eagles. That was it for the night.
Sorry again for trashing your place
But when you passed out we drew Sneetches all over your face.
We qwizzled!
We qwazzled!
We qwuzz-duddly-qwarked!
Anyone remember where we might have parked?