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After four years of our daily podcast, we sure have a lot of episodes in the can. (It’s where we do our best thinking.) Have you noticed how certain themes recur? We have! For example, here’s our back catalog of April Fool’s Day recordings:

The Woot podcast was already in existence by April of 2006, but the 1st was a Saturday. By the time we came back from the weekend, it was the 3rd, so our podcast didn’t acknowledge the holiday. (We did a song about a universal remote control.) If you want to hear it anyway, you’ll have to dig through the archives yourself. It’s a bizarre and unmusical recording, even by Woot podcast standards!

In 2007, April 1st fell on a Sunday. The next day, Monday the 2nd, we ran a song called “Try To Screw With Me On April 2—I’ll Poke You In The Eye With My Thumb.” This was before the podcast got its own discussion thread! But you can still listen to it on the page for the day’s sale. You have to scroll to the bottom, is all.

On April 1st of 2008, we ran a bogus Woot-Off, consisting of sale after sale (after sale after sale) of the same items all day long: A two-pack of Black & Decker backup batteries. Some of our visitors were PEEVED, seeing it as a betrayal of… I don’t know what, exactly. But they sure let us have it in our forums! Man, you’ve never seen so much baseless outrage. (Well, maybe you have, actually. You’re on the Internet, after all.) I’ll tell you what, though; we sure sold a lot of those dadgum batteries. To accompany the single-item Woot-Off, we re-did the Woot-Off theme.

A year ago, April 1st 2009, we observed “the most tedious and annoying day there is on the Internet” with a peppy little number called “April Fool’s, Ha Ha.” The melody of this ditty, now that we listen to it again, sounds like it was partially lifted from Elvis Presley’s number one hit “Don’t Be Cruel.” Doesn’t it? You be the judge.

And then there’s today’s, the podcast for April 1st, 2010. Boy, you’d think over time we’d get better at making them. You’d be so wrong.



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Thanks Woot!!!!

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the adventure was worth it, even though We didn't get a Book of hernia. and just like when We was a kid, by the end, We'd memorized the paths! :-)


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[bowing and flourishing]

Thanks, woot! You guys really rocked today. We thought it was great the way you placed the Blessing of Commerce at the end of the yellow brick road. We think it let some get the deal who might otherwise have missed it.

We'm not sure which one was better, though--this one, or the one with the coupon hidden on the alternate picture. Keep it up! We'm already looking forward ot next year.

Blessings Of Commerce> Seven!
Woots> 36 and counting!
Sellout Woots> Eight.
Shirt Woots> Two (BoCarrots, The Raven).
Kids Woots> Eight.


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I really enjoyed that alternative theme for wooting off.

ah....still so catchy.