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Thanks Woot!!!!

  • Woots: 94
  • Shirt Woots: 15
  • Sellout Woots: 18
  • Wine Woots: 16
  • Kids Woots: 9
  • Random Bags of koi: 12


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the adventure was worth it, even though We didn't get a Book of hernia. and just like when We was a kid, by the end, We'd memorized the paths! :-)


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[bowing and flourishing]

Thanks, woot! You guys really rocked today. We thought it was great the way you placed the Blessing of Commerce at the end of the yellow brick road. We think it let some get the deal who might otherwise have missed it.

We'm not sure which one was better, though--this one, or the one with the coupon hidden on the alternate picture. Keep it up! We'm already looking forward ot next year.

Blessings Of Commerce> Seven!
Woots> 36 and counting!
Sellout Woots> Eight.
Shirt Woots> Two (BoCarrots, The Raven).
Kids Woots> Eight.


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I really enjoyed that alternative theme for wooting off.

ah....still so catchy.