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My parents always complained about buying those 'choose your own adventure' books, saying I should be reading Plato or Dickens. Well, I showed them! It only took dozens of books, hundreds of hours and most of my childhood, but I was ready to bag me a bag.

The trick is, you have to be ready to flip back really quick if you see that it's a short entry... I think it's cheating if you stop after you see "The End" but it's okay if you just read something about a dragon devouring you before you flip.

oh hernia... I hope my B_O_C doesn't just have choose your own adventure books in it... God I hate those things now...


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After returning to page 27 over and over in my attempts to get the epic adventure, I discovered that the URL was pretty straight forward. (I was using an iPod, so the URL isn't at the top of the page unless you purposely scroll up - had I been home and on my computer I would have seen that right away.) After about 40 minutes I decided to try manually changing the number. I THINK it only worked because I happened to be on page 27, but I tried 28 to see where in the story that page was and it was the epic adventure! So I didn't use a bot or outside help, but I also failed to find the Jazz link. So I'm excited, but also feel kinda bad.


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For a short time (5 minutes or so) you could do www.woot.com/adventure/49 but that was quickly discovered and then stopped working. It does however seem to be working now.

rpm1200 wrote:Was there a way to get to http://www.woot.com/adventure/28 without typing it into the address bar from the Sansa page (27)? Was it removed when the bags sold out or is it still hidden there somewhere?


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mrjoshd wrote:For a short time (5 minutes or so) you could do www.woot.com/adventure/49 but that was quickly discovered and then stopped working. It does however seem to be working now.

I appear to have been fooled as it does not seem to actually work. If real, what was it and are there special steps to get there?


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Is all of the stuff sold out now?

Certified Drunk Chemist Guy.


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As I don't llisten to JAZZ, my excitement rose when I discovered the jungle that was the home of the Glow in Dark monkeys. Having searched for these primates for almost three months, I finally captured three of the glorious beasties. Their future in captivity will not be so harsh as they will have plenty of friends (except the red caped original) to keep them company. They will even have their own room (as soon as my kids move out). Thanks for the adventure woot!

That's O'neill with two L's *holds up three fingers*


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Anorion wrote:Is all of the stuff sold out now?


Edit: They updated during the day today, I swear they had stuff up still around noon.


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Dear Woot Gods:

I loved this adventure! Please offer all BOCs in this fashion in the future or at least create a hyperlink in the description to throw off the gallivanting alpacas.

I do NOT heart gallivanting alpacas.

Love always,


I like my signature.


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The biggest thing I will remember is that after waiting for nearly 30 minutes for the order for the B O C to process, it finally came back and said there was a problem. And it did this before the Sell Out was posted.

Then when I tried to get it again, it said I already bought the item, although it never showed up in my account, nor did I get any confirmation.

Frankly, I wasn't happy, but what can I do? I could threaten to never buy from Woot again, but we know that won't happen. I could bad mouth the site, but who cares what I say. So I will just have to live with the hope that I didn't miss much and wait for Woot to eventually send me the stuff I did buy.


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My tale of woe:

It started when I saw those nice inexpensive in-ear phones -- the type of earphones I'd missed out on during the past two wootoffs. Dang, gotta remember to come back here and buy them, AFTER chasing down the end of the ol' rainbow.

Well, 40 minutes later, I finally noticed thd "jazz" link, clicked it, placed my order, and waited... for a few minutes -- and then was dropped back on the order page with a notice informing me that there was a problem with my order -- it was sold out.

Yup, it sold out WHILE my order was processing, after FORTY MINUTES of hunting for it! Argh!

But wait, the irony gets thicker. Later that night, I suddenly remembered, oh, right, the earphones!

So, I hurry back, hoping they're still in stock, place my order, it goes through, and what do I see taunting me on the order confirmation page?

Yup -- a DIRECT LINK to the pot o' gold! If I'd ordered my earphones FIRST, I'd have been spared 40 minutes of mad dash AND the surreal touch of having it NOT sell out until a few seconds after I placed my order.

Oh, well. Next time, if I do order first, the rules will probably have changed again. Story of my life.

Anyway, a modest suggestion: for normal 'offs, it may be possible to effectively stymie the gallivanting alpacas WITHOUT raising the heightbar to human eyeball level. No need for obscure riddles, no need for obnoxious captcha noise, and a truly equal chance for all comers.

What I'd do (if I were coding such a thing) would be to buffer all orders for a set period of time (or, be a bit dynamic, and keep accepting orders until the RATE of ordering tapered off).

I would then shuffle all of the orders, and finally, draw them out of the stack one at a time until the product was out of stock.

True, bot-users WOULD have a chance of winning -- but, they would NOT have a BETTER chance than a slow-poke human using a dialup modem connection.

This would also (eventually) eliminate the mad server-crush (I say eventually because it'd take a bit of time before people realized there was no benefit to mobbing the servers.)


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I ordered the monkys, got a confimation e-mail then but they never appeared on my account and ive heard nothing about it. Does that mean im not getting glow in the dark monkies . My Book of hernia os almost here so I am guessing I was one of the ones that got messed up.