After four years of our daily podcast, we sure have a lot of episodes in the can. (It’s where we do our best thinking.) Have you noticed how certain themes recur? We have! For example, we’ve done no fewer than nine ditties about the Great Game of ice hockey. Compiling them in one place like this kind of highlights the podcast team’s partisan streak.

The Hockey Season has Begun – We posted this tune at the beginning of the 2006 season. It’s about how we’re likely to be a little distracted while hockey’s on, but don’t worry—it only lasts from October to June. In July, August and September, we give our full attention to work and family. Note the feeble little “Let’s Go Red Wings” cheer at the end. Listening to these old recordings again, it seems we’ve thrown that into more podcasts than we remembered.

On My Video Hockey Game No One Can Beat Me – A moldy oldie from January of 2006, this song describes how sports can build character even in portly, uncoordinated nerds, and we should know. The only thing is they can’t be real-life sports. They have to be video game versions. Otherwise… well, you know. Our asthma.

Tonight, Let’s Go Red Wings – Remember game six of the 2009 Stanley Cup finals? The Red Wings were up three games to two, and could have won the Cup on the road? Yeah, whatever happened with that? Actually, don’t tell us. Hey, there’s that “Let’s Go Red Wings” chant again.

Buffalo’s Not Going to Go – Ah, the ‘06/’07 Sabres. It’s tough to be the President’s Trophy winner sometimes. We wrote them this sad song after the Senators eliminated them in five games.

One Win For Dallas – It ended up taking six games for the Red Wings to beat the Stars in the 2008 Western Conference championship series. So maybe this should have been called “Two Wins For Dallas,” in retrospect. Again with the “Let’s Go Red Wings” chant.

Remember That Time? In PlayStation Hockey? – It was September, 2006, when we heaved this song into your RSS feed like a fratboy emptying his stomach into a gin bucket. It still sounds just as good today as it did back then, which we don’t mean as a compliment.

How ‘Bout Them Wings? – When the ‘07/’08 finals were over, there was joy and celebration all across the land, or anyway that’s how we remember it. We wrote this song as a tribute to the way an athletic team can unite us all. Which is to say that when our uncle goes on one of his racist tirades, we usually try to change the subject to sports.

Happy Birthday Spectrum – On October 19th, 2007, the Philadelphia Flyers’ first home arena, the Spectrum, turned 40. They weren’t using it anymore, but it still turned 40. The same way President James Garfield will turn 179 this year.

Let’s Go Red Wings – Originally recorded in May, 2008, this is a classic to which you can sing along at any time. It yielded four pages’ worth of comments on the podcast discussion thread! Is that some kind of record?

Wootcast Hockey Collection - All of the above songs in one ZIP file.

There you have it, vintage sounds from the Woot podcast team’s dustiest ol’ backup drives! Ah, this was fun. We should do it again sometime.