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Cool stuff. Tight schedules. Irresistible good looks. Woot and Longshot Magazine have a lot in common. We throw together a gut-bustingly hilarious product description every single day; Longshot throws together a whole magazine (in print, web, and iPad versions) in 48 hours. And we've both received some pretty impressive cease-and-desist letters.

So it's only natural that Longshot take one of their many excellent art submissions and turn it into a t-shirt available only through Shirt.Woot. The design relates to the theme of issue #1, "Comeback", and you can only see it (and buy it) at the link above.

If you're not hip to the Longshot groove, please enjoy some selections from Issue Zero on the theme "Hustle", which was excellent despite the inexplicable rejection of a submission by one of your favorite Woot writers. But hey, under a deadline like that, anybody can make a mistake. We're honored to partner with you, Longshot, and we wish your mag nothing but the best. Long may you shoot!



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This is a pretty otterific idea- I hope Woot will team up with some more cool products/companies/ideas for shirts in the future

Not sure this shirt is my cup of tea, but I love what Longshot is doing.


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How long will this shirt be available?