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As this week's Wootcast video reminds us, "Cyber Monday" as a concept is pretty contrived. But there's nothing imaginary about the loss-leader deals pinging around the ecommercesphere today. How does the skinflint shopper keep tabs on which Cyber Monday deals are worth chasing down, and which are still rip-offs at half the price?

With Deals.Woot, naturally. Our community deal-sharing site puts the cheapskate expertise of thousands of members at your disposal, as we're sure you know. But only the very best make the front page. How do you zero in on what you're really looking for in the ocean of Deals.Woot posts just below the surface? With Deals.Woot's Advanced Search options.

You can set a minimum and maximum price. You can limit your search to particular stores, or exclude others. If you see that a Deals.Woot member has posted a deal you like, you can search for all of that user's posted deals. And of course, you can search the keywords and tags of every deal, for all, any, or none of the relevant phrases.

But hey: statistically speaking, there's a good chance your particular search has already been done by hundreds of other Deals.Wooters. Check out the Popular Searches and Popular Tags at the right of the search fields and getting your shopping trip started could be as easy as a single click.

With these search options, Deals.Woot tames the wild frontier of Cyber Monday and pulls the golden needles out of the big, bland haystack. And it's all thanks to our tenacious, energetic users. They'll find and post the deals. They'll talk the deals over in the discussion threads. They'll vote for the best ones. And there's no reason you can't be one of the "they" making it all happen. Please, if you find a killer Cyber Monday deal before anybody else, post it there for your fellow bargain fiends. Us pennypinchers gotta stick together, right?



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