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Has anyone ever had luck purchasing through their phone (Droid)? I made it to the last screen, but then got a "failed to connect to secure server" message...It's the closest I've gotten in a while to a successful Bowl Of Cheerios.

Perhaps my efforts are destined to remain futile...


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Score!! My first Big o' Cosmos since I joined 4 1/2 years ago. Hope it's something nifty =P


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Cool! Got my 5th bottle of crayons!! Thanks woot


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pohlmacs wrote:Don't you want to wait until after you receive it first?

It doesn't make that much difference, really. I've gotten one before (this will be my second, then), and it really was mostly crap. Did get a decent pair of binoculars, and the Woot lights. But other things were just parts that fell off of toys and stuff. Weird. Guess that's why it's called a B to the O to the C.


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On the bright side, Woot's servers just saved me $8.


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zbojanski wrote:We, the Hitchhikers - how is it I can be c**kblocked by the woot servers again when I hit the want one button while the bar was COMPLETELY yellow!!! DAMN YOU WOOT AND AMAZON (shaking my fist at you). How the hell do I get one of these godforsaken bags without going to woot myself...

They keep track of people who complain and make sure they never get one.


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I got one! Now for the daily anxiety of finding out what kind of crap my Big Orphaned Cetacea will bring me.


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First Big Orphaned Cetacea!!!!! Woot Woot!



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Wholly crap, my first Big Orphaned Cetacea.


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Got another Big Orphaned Cetacea today! Here somes the best part.....anticipation.


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dishatoid01 wrote:Just got my first woot earlier today (2 packs of Snuggies) and came home, opened up my computer, and there is was, the infamous Big o' Cosmos! So I ordered one, and lo' and behold, it actually went through!

Don't worry, it may have been my first woot day, but I've been lurking for a while now, waiting for something good to show up!

Go CRAP in your hat. Most of us have been waiting for years. No crap for me.


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After slowly calming down from receiving April fools letter and pallet,,,,bingo-bango another random Big Orphaned Cetacea coming this way.SWEET!


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DANG I've had some good luck lately!

3 for 3 on the last... three!
5 in the last year.

I'm loving Woot's new servers. Plus being behind a T1 connection at work and using wootalyzer and chrome helps too, I'm sure.


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My 7th crap! Last two times have been super smooth. I'm really hoping Woot puts up a home theatre system this woot-off. Keep missing them.

Love me some Woot! Must make a family of screaming monkeys!


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skyedog wrote:It appears that most of the western states had a crappy experience while easterners had one significantly less so.

I ordered this from Virginia Beach, VA. A great day!


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Strange. I clicked on the moment the Big o' Cosmos hit; got in quickly, waited and moments later got the message it was sold out. Fastest sell-out I've ever seen.


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HOLY CRAP!!! i got one.. only the 2nd one i have won since i started wooting in 06..


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Three years++ of wooting and I am confirmed to receive my first Big Orphaned Cetacea! Thankfully my 2pm meeting didn't run long cause I couldn't stand missing another Big o' Cosmos opportunity by 5-10 mins. Again.

I had two separate PCs on separate connections logged in to Woot as I usually do for Woot-Offs (never know when the Big o' Cosmos will show up). It was actually quite responsive when I was going through the purchase screens. Did you upgrade your servers, Woot? If so, muchas gracias.

Hopefully it is the crappiest crap one could wish for


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I got one! I got one! First time EVER! ::happy dance!::

Whooooo hooo!

I am giddy with joy.


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cracksbacks wrote:Wootalyzer FTW!!!! All I heard was the siren, I clicked "buy" and a few clicks and a paypal password later I have another Blistered Oily Cootchie. It has been a few Big o' Cosmos's since my last one. Mmmmmm crap!

I have Wootalyzer configured to automatically do the "buy", so I just have to do the payment. And this time it actually worked.


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Number 17. :-) Thanks work for upgrading the Proxy Servers.

Some say I'm lucky, Others say it's skill. All I know is my 1st grade teacher would be proud!
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YEEESSS!!!! I was on a conference call witha client when the Big o' Cosmos came up. Managed to get my order in and still carry on a (semi)intelligent conversation!


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This makes the 3rd times to gods have smiled on my web connection to get one :D


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W00T! Awesomest 50th purchase EvaR!!1! Got my purple square, suckas!!


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coldstonetgs wrote:After 5 years.... after 5.... years....

I GOT MY Big Orphaned Cetacea!

Got mine, too. Not my first (I'm in the this-seemed-too-easy-for-some-reason camp), but I celebrate twice when fellow old-timers get to feel the rush.

Jump in and let all the Bustier Of Charms phases wash over you.

If only someone would remind us of the phases....


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ThreeT320 wrote:Dammit! I missed it again! I was even home and watching for it this time.

I suppose it is a small concelation that I was having sex at the time it appeared. Meh.

It was up there for at least 30 to 45 seconds. You still had time.

Okay, I'm sorry. I'll go stand in the corner.


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I just got home and I missed it!

Next time Woot...Next time...


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Hurray! My second bowl of cereal!!


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I waited since the START of this wootoff and I walked away for ONE minute. Bam. Its gone.

Hope they do another one....


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bmgraham36 wrote:Does anybody know the difference between a "Bag_of_Crap" and "Random Crap"?

Yes. The "Bag_of_Crap" contains only predictable crap.


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Just got my first Bogus Opalescent Crematorium!


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In for my second.. I even had time to change my shipping address to deliver to my home, instead of at work.

(It's a little embarrasing when they are unloading all of those pallets of Bark-O-Clark in the parking lot....)


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#2 for me!


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I guess it is in the stars that I never get a bag. Amazing thunderstorm prevented a simple buy! O' well, until next time --- when I am driving home


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Got one myself! Thanks woot!!


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Easy as pie!!!!!!!!!!!! Again!!!!!!


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I've had a few Buicks on Cinderblocks in my day, but it has been a good long while since then.

I am however waiting for woot to confuse people by making it truly random.No bag popping on the front page, just after you click the "big button", your receipt doesn't show the item you think you just purchased, but instead says you got a bag for 8 bux.


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YEAH GOT ONE!!! Yeah I know all caps is shouting.... that's the point.


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When did they change the name from "Random Cr.ap?" The last one I got in December was still called that.

Life goes on...and on...and on...


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skyedog wrote:It appears that most of the western states had a crappy experience while easterners had one significantly less so.

rwheadon wrote:What a wonderful twist on the eastern states misfortune with the bag.


Actually my dad and I are both in South Florida; I'm currently in Boca Raton and my dad was in Coral Springs (about 25 minutes away). He texted me to let me know the Big o' Cosmos was up. I wooted AFTER he did and mine flew through. He got stuck on the order page and missed out. So it's not easily pinpointable. Maybe it has to do with ISPs?

Honestly, woot has NEVER flown for me the way it did just now with the basket of crud. It was like I had a direct line to the server somehow. Very Odd. But I'm certainly not complaining.

That's not to say I won't get an envious earful from my father later.