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Got to the order page twice, as soon as I tapped the Security Code field, I'd get redirected either back to the front page or to a What Is This? page.

Does Woot hate iPhone users?


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wow, i got one! it was surprisingly quick too, probably 30 seconds between clicking 'want one' and having my order processed!


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YEAH BABY! Got myself a sack of junk! A box of random crap. Some call them grab boxes. I call them win! Wooo Woot! That's number three for the old Chuckster.


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Got one and time to get another one. Still up, minutes later. Woot got new servers??
Bet every body got one today.

Thx Woot


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Bag-o number five for the tighe-ster.

Random C rap--
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Random C rap
Logitech Wireless Play Link--BFG Geforce 6200 PCI Express 32MB Video Card-- Fitness Blood Pressure Monitor
InFocus Ultra-Thin 61" DLP HDTV with Blender


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I'm in for One Woot gods are smiling upon me today.

"If man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live. " - MLK


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loading... loading... loading.... yeah..... =(


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w00t! Gotz me another Bag-O-CrapO!!! Yeah for crap!!!


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Sweet, got my first Big o' Cosmos! It's kinda like buying a lottery ticket, except it goes back to that old post-last-call bit of wisdom: the odds are good, but the goods are odd.


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captkickass wrote:something must be wrong... i got in for a Bold Opulent Caliper

You and me both. Woot's servers must be screwed up or something. I usually don't even make it to the order page.


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got me some crap!
Thanks Woot!


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I am Craptastic!! Bow before my Crap Greatness, peons!


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This will be my second I hope I don't get a breast pump again.

Brian morabito


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I bought a Big o' Cosmos for my girlfriend's mother!


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Sweet, I got one. Now I'm going to get my hopes up and wish for a camcorder of some sort. My sister got engaged recently and it would be really nice to have something to record the wedding.


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YESSS!!!!! 2 for 2 now!


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East Coast got boned again according to the map, never got through the order page, thanks again woot!


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In for a good'ol bagola of crap. Yesss!


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Aww yeah!!! Randomly clicked refresh, and BAM! Got my very first Big Orphaned Cetacea!!!


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finally...another Big o' Cosmos!


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Today's decision to work late is probably going to be the best decision of the week.

yay for more Big ol Carrots!


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After 4 years of trying, my first Big Orphaned Cetacea. Confirmed order...
I must have hit the F5 just at the right time...
Now to see what I get.


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Got mine, I think that is #6 for me!


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suckblat wrote:Nooooooooo!! I recently changed my woot password, and entered the wrong one when trying to pay. I hope that doesn't cost me some crap.

Rookie mistake. Always log into woot when a woot-off starts. Then when the Beluga Orca Caviar pops up, you just have to hit their servers 3 times instead of 4.


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Good to all who got one, unfortunately my crappy (no pun intended) work servers strikes again.


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I finally got one!!!!

This is turning out to be a good day.


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Still sitting at green screens. As always. Screw you Woot. F'n Sirius GPP servers. Thanks for nothing.


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Rangers game got rained out but I got a Big Orphaned Cetacea to make up for it. Yeah!!!

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4/29/2006 Altec Lansing inMotion iMplus iPod Audio System
6/1/2007 Random Crap
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11/23/2007 iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot
12/7/2007 iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot with Scheduler


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Effing "A"!!! Both me AND the wifey were successful in our Big o' Cosmos purchases! Whooo Hooooo!!!!

3 random craps, compaq presario desktop, 3 GB Nano, 3 screaming monkeys, photo paper, sandisk memory stick, sansa E250 MP3 player, photo paper, ipod nano, helicopters, wallet, vivicam 5MB camera


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Woo Hoo! First Big o' Cosmos ever!


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Yeah baby! My first Big o' Cosmos! Finally, payback for many wasted hours near the 'puter.


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dbmpsd wrote:Another Big o' Cosmos! Fastest email confirmation ever.

Same for me! I received the email before the web page had the order processed and confirmed. Looking forward to my first Woot Off Barrel O' Cheese.


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I tell a co worker who hits the I want one button after I do but he gets one and I don't.


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I got my first BAG!!! YEAHHHH!!


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Bahhh... Got in the exact moment it loaded, got all the way to the BIG BUTTON without much trouble and then after 5 minutes of loading... page went straight back to the Woot home page and displayed the next item. Not even a sold out message. Oh, well. Next time.


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Got my first bag ever!! Ah the taste of victory!!


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Wow, that was oddly fast for me. The woot gods have smiled upon me.


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I got me bag numero 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wootalyzer....I love you!



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woah....woot servers were very stable this go around. I accidentally put in the wrong cvv2, had my order denied, booted me back to the main page ordered it a second time, this time with the right cvv2 code, and was still able to nab one.