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Recently we made a big splash in the news- Well, not US, per se, but our namesake. See, the Oxford English Dictionary, the "premier" dictionary of the English language, decided to include the term "woot" in their hallowed pages of definitions, alongside such esteemed company as "noob," "retweet," and "mankini." Now we know we're not the top dogs or anything, but we've been at this internet stuff long enough to know when you toot your own horn and when you affect a properly-unenthused tone lest everyone tear you apart for enjoying something. Plus, it's not like they got the definition right: "a statement of elation?" Psh. Everyone knows it should read "coolest website on earth." So we were content to let the news die down.

Except that people kept pointing it out. First came the tweets, then the emails. Then came the phone calls from our dear aunts, uncles, and grandparents who still don't really know what we do or how we make money at it, but know that they just saw the company name in a news article and that's a pretty big deal. Which isn't to hate on our loved ones for thinking of us; we appreciate their enthusiasm! We just got enough feedback on the whole thing that we figured we should address it.

And we found a dirty little secret about the Oxford English Dictionary...

It turns out that anyone who creates or owns a word that officially enters the dictionary gets to add 10 more words of their choosing. The folks at Oxford University Press would probably say it's something about "keeping abreast of our rapidly evolving language" or whatever, but we get text messages so we know the drill: English is dead and we're on a downward spiral to communicating via a series of emoticons and single letters, and the OED just wants to stay relevant and keep making money. But we're all for contributing to the decline of Western civilization, so look for these new additions to the Oxford English Dictionary soon, courtesy of your pals at Woot:

  • Biblionaut (n) a person who will buy pretty much any e-book as long as it's a dollar or less.
  • Turnstabled (adj) the condition of being unable to tell someone their favorite new song is terrible because you don't want to hurt their feelings.
  • Gallifraud (n) a person who claims to "LOOOOOVE" Dr. Who, but who only started watching with the 10th Doctor.
  • Friendophobia (n) the apprehension felt when you receive a friend request from a stranger and have no idea who they are or why they want to follow you.
  • Byespace (n) the condition that arises when one adopts the latest social networking technology, but is unable to convince any friends to join them.
  • Crawling the Waffle (adj) to engage in repetitive and/or useless corporate action with the full realization that your efforts will not be appreciated, recognized, or even utilized despite management specifically requesting said action; to acknowledge the futility of working for vacuous mid-manager types and their bizarre dedication to corporate entities.
  • Groenag (n) the deep irritation or anxiety one feels when they suspect there is one episode of The Simpsons they somehow have not yet seen.
  • Sample Shock (n) the embarrassing realization one has when hearing a loop one had previously considered original in another song.
  • Deja Who (n) the awkward situation in which two people introduce themselves, only to realize they've done so at least once before.
  • Bumpossible (adj) describing a person who cannot be determined to be homeless or a hipster.
  • Ostrichcize (v) to exclude someone from a group by tying them to an ostrich and sending it running in another direction.

Well, that's our take on what the next round of dictionaries should include. But what about you, dear reader? Let us know the definitions you'd add in the comments!


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If I didn't care for Doctor Who before the eleventh doctor, does that make me Pond scum?


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I can't quite figure out how to make "Crawling the Waffle" an adjective. It seems that "Crawling" is a verb, and "the Waffle" is the object of the verb. But it would still be a verb phrase. Unless you would say something like "That's a crawling-the-waffle situation you're in." But even that is adjectifying a verb phrase, which is why it doesn't look right without the dashes.

Also, I have no idea I LOOOOOOOVE PONIES the cultural reference is in that phrase, but I'll chalk that up to my own ignorance.

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i can haz quality post? zomg!


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Uncrapped - The feeling one gets when realizing the random crap was hours ago.


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personally, i like the following:

snowpocalypse - no explanation needed

fractadiles - like crocodiles, but instead of arms, there's more crocodiles

cateorgy - a multitude of mish-mashed categories

logicality - the science of correct reasoning, but only in specific locations.

Wife: Do you really need all this junk?
Me: At least I don't ask you if it makes me look fat.


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Tweetdecked: The condition all Twitter robots and spammers should exist in.

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dave bug

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carl669 wrote:personally, i like the following:

fractadiles - like crocodiles, but instead of arms, there's more crocodiles

I would visit a fractazoo.

I used to work at this daily deal site, but now I work over at this other daily deal site


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You guys live in a wind tunnel, don't you. It's true, isn't it.


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Are you kidding?

B_a_g of Crap_ (n) colloq. _BoC_ [bahkh] - A package consisting of at least one bag and three random items. Usually found once a month, although sometimes found on rare occasions.

i.e. I got a B_a_g of Crap from that day my girlfriend broke my F5 key!


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It makes me think of The Jerk, when the phone book shows up. "I'm somebody now! Millions of people look at this book everyday! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity - your name in print - that makes people. I'm in print! Things are going to start happening to me now."


A little late to make this website famous, but still.


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dave bug wrote:I would visit a fractazoo.

i would too. as long as they don't have fractaspiders. those things freak me out.

Wife: Do you really need all this junk?
Me: At least I don't ask you if it makes me look fat.


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Deja Moo (n) the awkward feeling you get that you have heard all of this BS before.


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Bocobstacle - whatever it is in Woot's servers that knows I'm trying to buy a Bundle of Crops and keeps it tantalizingly just out of reach.

I hate my avatar choices.


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"Gallifraud (n) a person who claims to "LOOOOOVE" Dr. Who, but who only started watching with the 10th Doctor."

Funny, although if you were a real fan you'd know that it's always "Doctor Who", never "Dr. Who". Pot, meet kettle.


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Now you will always be remembered in he anals of history.


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Remember, it's pronounced "Gray-nag"


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'nothin but a--' we use this to describe success at anything even semi-raunchy...or whatever we feel like. Stemmed from a frustrating afternoon of me trying to find new dress pants for work and realzing it's all unflattering stretch fabric and feeling like I resemble Conan: 'I mean, it's nothin but a--!' Thanks, jeggins.


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Chalupacabra - A mysterious taco shaped fast food, commonly associated with a "Bell", containing a meatlike filling originating from an equally mysterious,undocumented, and hairless animal known to suck goats blood. Bon Appetit!


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craigthom wrote:If I didn't care for Doctor Who before the eleventh doctor, does that make me Pond scum?

Nope, that would be "Amytheist"

neyfam2000 wrote:Woot!--going from "Deal-a-day" to "Site-a-day"