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This is a tough time of year for me. It’s a time of transitions, a time of letting go one thing and embracing another. Every October, I am faced with the question, how cold does it have to get before it’s time to make the switch from iced coffee to hot coffee? Or how long can my hands hold out until the temperature outside makes holding a cup full of ice excruciating?

And the reason why this is such a difficult switch for me to make is simple: iced coffee is better than hot coffee. And I mean that to be a blanket statement. I don’t care if we’re talking regular brewed coffee, a latte, some peppermint peanut butter raspberry mega-mocha thing, or, my favorite, an Americano; it’s better when it’s cold. Or at least, I think it is. Here’s why:

  • I am impatient, and I don’t like paying someone to hurt me. If I buy a cup of coffee, I want to be able to drink it when it’s handed to me without get my tongue seared in the process. There’s no waiting game with iced coffee. It’s ready for injury-free consumption as soon as it hits the counter.
  • I don’t want sweet coffee. I want coffee with sugar in it. And yes, there’s a difference. Sweet coffee is when you add sugar to hot coffee and all of the sugar melts making it, well, sweet. Coffee with sugar in it is when you add sugar to iced coffee and the sugar is dispersed throughout without melting, giving your beverage a grainy, deliciously uneven texture. (Users of simple syrup, you are missing out.)
  • Coffee is mostly water. And water tastes better when it’s on ice. Hot water is just a vessel for holding other stuff, like tea (also better iced). Iced water can also serve as a vessel, but since it is robust enough to stand on its own, making iced beverages bolder than hot ones.
  • Iced coffee is the gift that just keeps giving. You know at the end of action movies, when they’ve “killed” the bad guy, but it turns out he’s not totally dead and the good guys need to kill him again, this in a definitive way (like by blowing him up) so that that you, the viewer, understands he’s not coming back? Iced coffee is like that bad guy, only instead of trying to kill the good guys, it’s giving them a little present. Here’s the scientific explanation of what I’m talking about: coffee gets trapped between ice cubes where the straw can’t get to them making it seem like the you’re finished. However, fifteen minutes later, when the ice has melted freeing these pockets of coffee, you get an EXTRA SIP! Meanwhile, with hot coffee, it’s one and done. There is no after party.

So now you understand why I get so sad when the weather forces me to trade in iced coffee for its far inferior heated cousin.

Disagree? Go ahead and try to tell me I’m wrong in the comments. I dare you.

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You are wrong.

I would be way too productive if i didn't have to take my coffee mug back to the microwave every ten minutes to keep the bottom half hot enough to drink.

But i think we can all agree on at least one thing:
hot coffee or iced coffee - good
room temp coffee - bad


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Spill cold coffee in your lap, you're inconvenienced and mad.

Spill hot coffee in your lap, you're screaming bloody murder and crying like a little girl.


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You're wrong. Coffee shouldn't have unmelted sugar in it; if you want crunchy coffee, have a smoothie-frappacino thingy. Coffee shouldn't be watery - that last sip of yours is nothing more than weak tea...I mean coffee. But you are right about too-hot coffee. I'm hazardous on the road not because I'm holding a cellphone, but because I'm holding my steaming cup-o-joe so that the AC blows across its top.

If you think you're not wrong, then just put on another sweater already.

But 413007's wrong too. Microwaves ruin coffee. Might as well drink Taster's Choice or chicory.


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Just thought I'd let you know that when it comes to coffee drinks that contain lots of milk - lattes, mochas, cappuccinos - you can ask for the milk to be heated to a certain temperature so that you can drink it right away without melting off your taste buds. Usually 100 - 140 degrees will do. And if your barista gives you crap about it, tell them it's their job to not scald your milk - it makes for a crappy drink. They are supposed to have thermometers in the milk pitchers so it can be done!


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I don't care how cold it gets... I drink 99.9% of my drinks (coffee included) with ice in it. Only exception, and only rarely, hot chocolate.


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The only reason I drink hot coffee at work is because our freakin' ice maker has bought the farm (and moved there with that cheating toaster of ours - good riddance I say!).

Another plus of iced coffee? It's the ONLY drink a man can use a straw with and not be (rightly or wrongly) labeled a "sissy" by his friends.

I can understand the desire of drinking a hot beverage on a day where the high is not even going to be above 32 degrees, but ... it's not even close. Iced coffee is delicious. They just need to get that cost down closer to the hot coffee. It's discrimination I say, discrimination!


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Wrong, wrong, and wrong.
And wrong.

I'm originally from Massachusetts, but now a naturalized Texan, so let me put you straight.

Cold coffee is for northerners who can't keep anything warm anyway.

The only acceptable exceptions are frappucinos (and those only in the overpriced little bottles), and coffee ice cream.

If you want iced caffeine, drink Coca-Cola, or at least Dr. Pepper. For you young whippersnappers, Mountain Dew.

Kahlua is also acceptable cold, especially when mixed with vodka and milk or cream over ice, Dude, but there's not really much coffee left in Kahlua. Certainly no caffeine that I know of.

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My dog votes for ice coffee.
When I am done with it, I can give him the ice cubes.

There are days I stand on line thinking ice or hot, ice or hot, trying to decide which I want.

Summer is easy. Ice.
Winter is easy. Hot.

It is this damn in between season that makes buying a coffee so hard!

Thanks loads. It is cool out and I was going for a hot coffee before the dog park. Now I'll be thinking ice coffee.

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reservoird wrote: Microwaves ruin coffee.

true. especially if there is any cream involved.

but i'm gonna level with you, as much as i'm ashamed to admit it, i'm not drinking the bottom half of that third cup of coffee because of how good it tastes.


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A local barista solved the issue for me nicely one summer afternoon by asking me which way I was going on the hill. The temperature was on the edge of either choice being appropriate, so we went with a geographical decision.

Uphill = iced
Downhill = hot

Personally, I'm a hot coffee type, unless it is afternoon and above 70. Mostly because I like drinking actual coffee, and not mostly ice and a little bit of coffee.

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I think you mean dissolved, not melted. Sipping up a straw full of undissolved sugar is gross.


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Oh wow! I thought I was all alone in this cruel hot-coffee world. I feel so loved (hug)


Hey, um, can I get a refill here?

What is the onomatopoeia for an empty straw drink anyway?


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I like my coffee hot, because it's easier to make a hot cup of coffee more quickly, on demand, than it is a proper cup of iced coffee. I propose you actually add more of a waiting game by not wanting to scald your tongue! (Obviously, overnight cold press is the way to go.)

There's some psychological comfort in a hot beverage too, likely a throw back to hot chocolate in youth, or a relationship with soup. No, not that kind, you sick bastards.

An additional benefit of handling and drinking hot coffee is that my body has become more accustomed to the higher temperatures, allowing me to grab things off grills and out of ovens bare handed sometimes. I am, thus, more superhuman than a cold coffee drinker.

You could probably argue that hot/warm coffee is probably more expressive of flavors than iced, as cold tends to subdue flavor... part of the reason Budweiser is served ice cold.

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I thought I was alone in loving the gritty, sandy effect of adding sugar to iced coffee. I like a combo approach, though - a little bit of sugar added when the coffee is hot, and then the rest added after it is cold. It gives the perfect balance of sweetness and delectable graininess.


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I have long said my favorite kind of coffee is 2 in the afternoon cold... meaning the bottom half of the large or extra large I started that morning. What drove me crazy was that the same people that said "ew" to that were the same ones drinking frappuchinos, which are essentially the same thing.

Right there with you on americanos. Though I prefer mine nice and bitter... with just cream.

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Civilization is spiraling out of control when a coffee flavored beverage is considered "a coffee".

Now I will occasionally pour a latte over ice cubes on a warm afternoon or if I have free time, make myself a nice sua da which is like drinking strong coffee candy. I will do that as a supplement to real coffee. 365.25 days a year, without fail I begin the day with a nice rich warm latte in a real cup, not slurped through a straw.

Bring back the 4 O'Clock Flash!!!


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Iced Coffee is best all year round. You can get around "crunchy" coffee by using simple syrup or hey, check this out: SHAKING IT. Hot Coffee is fine (black only), but I just prefer to drink it cold. Sipping is for old women and the english (you earl grey loving wankers). If you want to drink something, drink it... don't slurp at it like your mother's mammaries.


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I prefer my coffee with flavor. I don't want some watered down, too cold to taste nonsense getting between me and my dark roast. I'll stick to hot, thank you.


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I'm fairly certain that I've stated that the mighty coffee bean was given to us by C'thulu in order to assist us in being awake, watching, and waiting for the time when the stars are right, and he will awaken from the depths of R'yleh.

Due to the general indifference the great entity has for his followers, except that he needs enough of them to spread the word of his infinite terror, he would possibly delight in the pain of burned mouths over frothy or icy beverages as he is truly indifferent of our amusement or pleasure.

Personally, as he does not care, I drink Frappuccinos. But that's just me.



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Be a man. Coffee is hot. No way John Wayne would ever order an iced coffee. Can you imagine cowboys sitting around the morning campfire icing the coffee? NO WAY! Clint Eastwood walking into a diner and saying "Go ahead, give me an iced coffee and make my day." I DON'T THINK SO! If you want to drink your hot coffee right away, order an Americano with room and a separate cup of ice. Put *some* ice in the cup to lower the temperature to drinkable without watering down the manly bitterness. The only way a real man drinks iced coffee is if the ice falls off of his mustache into the coffee.


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There is nothing so fine as that first scalding taste of hot coffee in the morning. Sure, I like iced coffee too, but only as an after thought. My thinking is, why screw around with the ice, sugar, etc (i.e. crap) that you put into your iced coffee? Just pour a cup and drink it, no messing around!

I roast my own beans and there is NO WAY I would waste them on anything other than hot brewed coffee.

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mkasdorf wrote:Oh wow! I thought I was all alone in this cruel hot-coffee world. I feel so loved (hug)


Hey, um, can I get a refill here?

What is the onomatopoeia for an empty straw drink anyway?

Use the Japanese 'chu' for 'suck' while sucking in air.


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Oh ick yuck ewww.

Iced coffee coats your entire mouth for hours and gives you breath from hell.

Now, that's attractive.


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I enjoy coffee in all its incarnations, but my body seems fairly incapable of doing things like "regulating my temperature" for example so hot beverages are one of the only ways I can keep truly warm in the winter, and cold beverages are one of the only ways I can really cool down in the summer. So, as they say, to every coffee/there is a season.


turn, turn, turn.


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This is the worst statement I've read on woot. I need to reconsider my relationship with the site based on this.

Hot Coffee = nectar of the gods
Cold Coffee = crap made for sissies who can't handle the good stuff.


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I just chugged a fresh carafe straight just to show all you sipping namby pambies.

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You're wrong. I liked iced coffee and drink it alot. Venti Starbucks double shot over ice is one of my favorite summertime drinks BUT it depends on the time of day and season to determine if I drink it hot or cold.

In the mornings I will always have it hot and in my zojirushi travel mug it stays that way till I'm finished drinking it.

If it's afternoon and summertime I'll usually have it iced. Even in the winter months I'll have it iced in the afternoon as long as I don't have to go outside and its warm in my house


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Hot coffee > iced coffee.


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Switch from iced to hot coffee the same day you switch from cold to hot coke and cold to hot beer.


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COLD BREWED iced coffee is definitely the bees knees.


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I've got to say, for me iced coffee versus hot coffee is all about the time of day. I wake up in the morning, I need me some hot coffee. It wakes me up, warms me up, relaxes me and energizes me all at the same time. Any other time of day = iced coffee for the win.


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I love coffee, but if I had to choose between hot and iced, I choose hot coffee. Let me tell you why.

*Let's start with the scalding hot coffee issue, shall we. Don't drink it right away! I, too, am impatient, but some things are worth the wait. Don't compare coffee to water, compare it to a good juicy steak. What do I mean? Well, after you have cooked a steak, it should be rested for about 5-10 minutes so that on the initial cut, its juicy goodness stays INSIDE the steak, not on your plate. Treat coffee the same way and it will be more enjoyable.

* Coffee is meant to be appreciated. Most people drink their iced coffees so fast, I wonder if they even savor each sip? I do. That is why its so sad when you take the last sip of hot coffee. It's the end, so I enjoyed each previous sip like it was my last. On the contrary, the last sip of an iced coffee is a mere shadow of itself, because it has been diluted by melted ice. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy this too, but it does sadden me a bit.

* Hot coffee is good for humanity. That's right; its good for all people. It brings people together and it forces them to take pause (because its hot!) and smell the coffee (screw roses), if you will. So therefore, it allows time for discussion, conversation, and communication. It's a classic scene of civility. You don't do that with iced coffee. I feel that an iced coffee leads to running around and rushing. That's what I'm usually doing when I have one. I'm relaxed with a hot coffee. Isn't that a better way to live?

* The aroma of coffee is much better hot than cold. Once iced, it loses its pungency. Think of a time when you walked into a room that had just brewed coffee. That's a wonderful smell; that doesn't happen with iced.

* Lastly, hot coffee is the original. You need hot coffee to make iced coffee, not the other way around. In movie terms, iced coffee is the sequel that will never live up to the original. It can be good, but never better.

Like I said, I love coffee. Hot coffee just a little bit more than iced. And I just transitioned to hot coffee myself. I guess its mostly preference. I like to slow things down and reflect; that's hot coffee. If you are on the go all the time, then obviously
iced makes sense.

You may disagree, and that's fine. You are entitled to your own opinion. I just hope you take some time and appreciate a nice hot cup of coffee, . . . and remember, like food, it always tastes better with good company.


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I love my keurig one delicious cup of hot coffee at a time.


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If you like iced coffee, you'll like it better if its cold-brewed.

Stick coursely ground coffee grounds in a cheesecloth sack or cloth coffee filter thats tied on top to make a bag.

Put in a pitcher, fill with water, leave in the fridge for 12+ hours.

After that, be sure and press the bag to get all the coffee out of the grounds.

Drink over ice.

Thank me later.


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I like scalding hot black coffee. It keeps me safe from people who might desire to cause me harm.


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I started drinking coffee as a way to stay awake at work. I had no idea what I was doing, so I had to ask someone to make it for me. They made it all sweet and yummy. Then one day I just decided to try an iced coffee from dunkin donuts it was so delicious seriously. I agree with everything you say, I was looking for reasons I thought it was better than hot coffee and you just took them out of my head exactly. I love the gritty sugary taste, and I love how it is not as thick as regular coffee with all the sugar and cream. And the last sip is so sweet with all the melted ice. So good. But I do think its kind of the wimps way out. I consider iced coffee more as a sweet treat then something that I take seriously, like dark hot coffee. But both are good for different environments, and situations or just personal preference.