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So you fancy yourself a movie buff. You can recite memorable lines, you know the credits to your favorite flicks better than an IMDB listing, and you even spend more time than you'd like to admit recreating famous movie scenes using various action figures around your house. You still might not have what it takes to win at Famous Objects from Classic Movies.


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"Curses! What could it BE?!"



You're given a silhouette of an object from a movie. The objects are generally iconic, seminal pieces of the film's lore, but some are either to decipher than others (The Statue of Liberty? What movie HASN'T that thing been in? She gets around.). From there it's a Hangman-style game of filling in the movie's title one letter at a time. Guess wrong three times and you lose. The game progresses through 10 levels and tracks your score so you can brag to all your friends. About how much time you spend watching movies. Instead of doing stuff. Whatever. It's better than doing actual work, isn't it?



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Some are easier than others.




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Hardest so far has been a ring, and below it on the picture, the text says "lord of the rings" - i just couldn't puzzle that one out.


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close encounters ...bla...bla


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Does the game ever end? I made it through 10 levels only to be presented with level 11.

90/10 was my score upon completion of the first 10 levels.



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Hey Punk! Those are Neo's glasses from his cyber jebus role in the Matrix(1st one) Better give him back b4 he beats you with a spoon that isn't there!

and yeah the other one is the Devil's Tower from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

"Scoop of Vanilla, Scoop of Chocolate, Don't waste my time!"


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saw this like a year ago. I think there are something like 60 or 100 movies that it goes through. after you go through once, you know them all.

7 Crappy Holders and counting


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On lvl 7 right now and only had 1 repeat so far. Mary Poppins.

[Edit] They list 'Shaun of the Dead' as a classic movie. How funny is that!?


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Neo's Glasses from 'The Matrix'


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C'mon Ace, I thought you had a challenge for me.


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yes, it ends. It gets harder, I think. I made some DUMB mistakes. 92/30 was my score.