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OK, apparently, someone at Woot has some issues.
I actually do have a lot to share on this topic. But, well, it's in the past, and this IS the InterWeb. I think I'll keep it to myself, thanks.


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Lemme tell you! Men are like this. And women? They're like that. IT'S TEH BATTLE OF THE SEXXORZ! And don't even get me start on airplane food!

Heh, but really, mai opinions, let me show u them: I think this is a terrible service encouraging the continuation of socialized gendering stupidity. If a person has trust issues (legitimate or not) and can't manage to talk about or work on them? Just end the relationship. And then there's the whole invasion of privacy thing... oy vey!

Yeah. So. I agree with you, woot writer. Bro-five!


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If it were free, I'd try it on the three laptops I've just taken out of the box and setup. They've been on the Internet to get updates to Windows, and download some basic software like LibreOffice and Skype. Any Food Network found on them would have to be from the factory!


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My free hand loves pr0n, especially midget pr0n. My sweetie knows this. He accidentally got me midget pr0n for my birthday. That's why I keep him. We're serendipitous like that.


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Well, there's no worries if you watch it together...



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This is about so much more - there is no room in my head. Serious problems/issues indeed.


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Please remove my wedding picture. It is not available for use. Thank you.