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City flags sit in an uneasy place in our mental landscape. In some cities, you see them everywhere; in others, they might only occupy a pole behind the mayor's desk. Some of them are as vexillogically perfect as the best national flags; others are as ghastly as the worst '80s shopping mall banners. And no matter how ubiquitous a city flag is inside the city it represents, it's virtually unknown everywhere else.

So unless you're a true flag geek, you'll have to rely on the clues in the flags themselves to identify the U.S. and Canadian cities whose flags fly below. Pay attention to shapes, symbols, letters, and even color schemes. (Since some of the flags have white edges, I added a gray background. The grey bars are not part of the flags themselves.)

Answers can be found by clicking here. Please post your answers, or arguments, below! But know this: the Trivial Eye is presented for public amusement and no prizes are offered other than that familiar feeling of aggravation that so much of your mind is occupied by useless trivia. (If this week's Trivial Eye is the kind of useless trivia you particularly like, you'll love the NAVA American City Flags Survey.)


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Nope, No Clue.



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#7. Toronto



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I guessed Calgary and San Antonio.

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I really enjoy abstracted-map-as flag. I think at least #6 and #8 qualify as that. Maybe #7?

I suppose #3 could be incredibly abstracted, but I don't think so.

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This was fun! Some of them are tough, but luckily I'm a flag enthusiast (I have a flag blog with my friend who sent me the link to this - www.flaghagz.tumblr.com).

The 2 that I couldn't figure out within 3 or 4 guesses were 6 and 8. 6 I thought would have to be somewhere in quebec, but possibly louisiana? And 8... I looked at as many central / plains cities as I could, with no luck.

Fun quiz, thanks for posting!


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Why is #1 so dirty?

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I know #8 is Indianapolis but that's only because I used to live there and I recognize it. Not that I knew until now that the city even had a flag.