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Jason Toon

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Nope, No Clue.



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#7. Toronto



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I guessed Calgary and San Antonio.

dave bug

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I really enjoy abstracted-map-as flag. I think at least #6 and #8 qualify as that. Maybe #7?

I suppose #3 could be incredibly abstracted, but I don't think so.

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This was fun! Some of them are tough, but luckily I'm a flag enthusiast (I have a flag blog with my friend who sent me the link to this -

The 2 that I couldn't figure out within 3 or 4 guesses were 6 and 8. 6 I thought would have to be somewhere in quebec, but possibly louisiana? And 8... I looked at as many central / plains cities as I could, with no luck.

Fun quiz, thanks for posting!


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Why is #1 so dirty?

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I know #8 is Indianapolis but that's only because I used to live there and I recognize it. Not that I knew until now that the city even had a flag.