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Jason Toon

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I have no idea who those people are, but I do feel that #7 should have just accepted that he was balding and to stop trying to fool everyone.


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Gerald Ford is the only president to never have been elected into the office. He was appointed to replace Spiro Agnew as Vice President, and a year later took over as President when Nixon left. He lost the 1976 election to Jimmy Carter.


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Pretty sure that Pierce played the dad on Bonanza...


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Definitely not 100%, but I'm a big fan of learning about the presidents and my uncle used to have a trash can with all their pictures on it that I would stare at (because I'm cool).

My guesses are:

1 Benjamin Harrison
2 John Tyler
3 Gerald Ford
4 James Garfield
5 Rutherford B Hayes
6 Millard Fillmore
7 Franklin Pierce
8 Warren G Harding


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I only know:
3. Gerald Ford
8. Warren Harding


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Tyler Ford

-sounds like a car dealership!

I also guessed Harrison, but for the wrong photo.


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My guesses were:

1. Dunno
2. Polk
3. Ford
4. Garfield
5. Harrison
6. Andrew Johnson
7. Pierce
8. Some guy who looks just like Thomas Edison


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#5 looks like my grandfather.
Hayes, is it? No, his name was Andrews.
Never mind.


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Ahh president Tyler, the one who annexed Texas as to gain political favor. Namesake to Tyler, Texas, another well known outpost.

I want my Baby Back ribs!!!!!