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You're a "zombie enthusiast," which is shorthand for "weirdo shut-in sitting on the computer and just hoping and praying for an opportunity to run around shooting people in the face." And every zombie enthusiast has a plan, be it to bug out to the desolate countryside or forest (not a bad plan if you're tough enough to live off the land), escape via boat or plane to some remote and uninfected island (bold, but very risky), or hole up in your fallout shelter with plans to raid the nearby Wal-Mart/gun shop/REI and stock up for the end of civilization (your corpse will be shambling the streets within an hour). That's why you need to prepare with Map of the Dead.


Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 10.31.05 AM
I assume the pink is indicating blood running through the streets.


It's a simple enough concept that we're kind of envious we didn't think about it ourselves: take a Google Map and overlay it with markers for gun shops, grocery stores, doctors, and all the other kinds of places you'd want to loot visit when the crap hits the fan. It's the kind of thing thousands of camouflage-wearing "down wit da gub'mint" types already have bookmarked on their computers. 

Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 10.31.44 AM
North Dakota it is!

But you know, take away the zombie coat of paint and this isn't a bad idea at all. Sure, the undead aren't likely to rise up and devour us all, but actual disasters, the kind where you need stuff like doctors and survival gear and food and, maybe I guess in extreme situations, guns. One thing I don't understand is the "Danger Zones" overlay. I assumed it was based on population density or something, where more heavily-populated areas would be more dangerous in the event of an infectious zombie outbreak, but then I saw Alaska.

Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 10.32.19 AM
And who are those two zombies out in the middle of the ocean?

Maybe they're counting the possibility of zombified moose or bears or something, because I don't think the state's that populous. Maybe Southeast Alaska, okay, but the Aleutians? I've been out that way; if your criteria include "low population density" it's one of the safest places you could be in a zombie apocalypse. Granted you might freeze to death, but your death would most likely be zombie free.

Would you use something like this map in the event of an emergency? Personally, I think I'd be too panicked to remember it in the first place, but I guess you could try studying it ahead of time. What do you think?


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WootBot, "danger zones" are listed in the FAQ as areas with man-made structures. Since theoretically those places are more likely to house humans/potential zombies.

Of course population density would make more sense. Based on my currently location, the safest place for me to head according to this map would be Central Park, which is just ridiculous.

Relying only on man-made structures as danger zones could even be counterproductive. Some of those structures could provide far better protection than some random cave in a mountainside.


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Well, hopefully the internet and electricity will still be up and running when the time comes.


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Personally, I think they took the Bungie Player Maps from Halo and just used those to guess population.

Speaking of which, did you read the new Game Informer? Halo 4 looks awesome.

Off topic, but totally worth it.

**Edit** Can you send me my Woot! soup now? With doomsday quickly coming I need to stock up my canned supplies. You know how I need my monkey bits.

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I just tattooed the maps on my forearms.

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I'm stationed up in Alaska, and I say the map looks about right. There's quite a military presence with the Coast Guard and such on the Aleutians.


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Apparently, all of my small town is in the Danger Zone... but the most dangerous place of all according to the map is the golf course right outside of town. That place is dark red. I didn't realize zombies played golf.

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I'm going with the World War Z thought when it comes to Alaska: Zombies are more likely to exist for longer periods if they can't rot away.

Alaska = cold. Cold = more durable zombies.

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The north bit is the North Slope (Prudhoe Bay) where I work. I definitely think that would be a dead zone. There's about 5000 people up here in very close conditions at any time. Few resources too.


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Thus the need to hunt Alaskan zombie wolves from helicopters.


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I hope I never need to use this map. It is missing several pharmacies near my work. it also lists 1 wegmans grocery as a pharmacy (it does have a pharmacy, i'll give them that) and another wegmans listed as a liquor store (just beer?) and the airport plaza jewelers (aka "The Kiosk") is listed as a shopping mall. Another grocery store is listed as military, and there's a phantom department of homeland security on there too. Missing a bunch of lowes/home depot/hectors/home value locations too.



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This is super awesome, but inaccurate. None of the area police departments are showing up, and some of the gun shops are missing. On the flip side, there are things in my area I didn't know about it, so it's still useful. I hope they keep updating this so I can be better prepared when it does happen.

Also, I find it interesting the Metro Detroit is completely red (high population of course)while Windsor (Canada) which is right across the river is not red at all. That's a highly populated area. Maybe it's because of their socialistic health care system.


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I wonder why Minneapolis is one of the biggest red splotches in the continental US when zoomed out. Maybe becuase there's a huge area of medium-density development compared to the much more concentrated coastal cities. Isn't showing POIs for me, which is kind of amusing given you can't throw a shell casing in this city without hitting a Cabela's or Gander Mtn (which is headquartered in St. Paul).


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The title of this topic should be: Always be preparanoid.