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Everything you know about Woot is...
still right. Our redesigned site just has a lot more of it. It's like when the nerdy girl becomes the belle of the prom just by taking her glasses off - except we're leaving the glasses on, too. Read on to see the dance moves you didn't know we had in us...

Update: Along with the lively discussion going on below, there's some good conversation going on at Deals.Woot about the redesign. If you like to express yourself with up-and-down votes, flex your thumb and dive in.

Woot Plus. Multi-day deal extravaganzas featuring tons of stuff from big-name brands, all at Woot prices. More days. More deals. More Woot. If our daily deals excite you, Woot Plus might put you in a straitjacket.

More control over your purchases, from payment to shipping to tracking. Ease of purchasing shouldn't end when we have your money. Our new tools make it easy to send orders where you want them to go, to keep up with the status of your orders, and to remember what you ordered and when.

Saved ship & pay settings

Woot-wide order history

One deal, multiple orders

Home? Office? Work card? Personal card? Save them all for hassle-free checkout.

Stop clicking your life away. Track all of your orders from every Woot site on one page.

You can still only buy 3. But you can do it one at a time, and send them different places.

All You Can Ship: pay once, ship all day.
For a limited time, one $5 charge covers standard shipping on all your Woot orders within the same calendar day! We rarely leave money on the table, so grab it while you can!

The new product detail page. Fuller and better product information than ever before - more photos, discount details, easier-to-select options, and more - so you can make a smart buying decision. Because if you don't really want a product, we don't really want your money.

Now use your Amazon.com account to log in to Woot.com.
We've all got too many logins to remember these days. Now you can cross one off your list. Use your Amazon account on Woot, because you've got more interesting things to do with those brain cells.

You can always get there from here. Move with ease from one Woot site to another. Share opinions and advice with our no-holds-barred community. Have a guffaw with the web's craziest copywriting. It's easier than cheating at Solitaire.

Freely navigate the wootosphere Write-up intros above the fold Top user posts, positive or not

Freely navigate the wootosphere.

Write-up intros above the fold.

Top user posts, positive or not.

Today is the first day of the rest of your Woot.
We'd love to tell you more about the redesigned, redefined Woot. But you'll have a lot more fun discovering it for yourself. If we may be so bold, we think our new site is an exponential explosion of Woot awesomeness. We're sure you have a lot of questions and opinions about the redesign. Let 'em rip in the forum discussion below. But know this: we're still not taking off those glasses.

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quality posts: 5 Private Messages lavinastald

Three ads all on the front page? No easy description that I see. Color me not impressed.

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quality posts: 42 Private Messages kalee11

The biggest thing I have a problem with on the front page is that I can't see all of the write-up at one time. I don't want to click "read more." The write-up is my favorite thing about Woot, and I want instant gratification when I get to the front page.


quality posts: 8 Private Messages DaveD1420

Too much on the page. It looks like AOL threw up.


quality posts: 7 Private Messages digitalmonkeyman

I waited all day for this?
What a complete let down!
The new site is way too busy and annoying.

This site makes my eyes bleed.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages coreyking

Server error on first beta feedback... I was going to say great work dorks, the new site looks awesome.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages kronosphere

my eyes, they bleed---way bright


quality posts: 2 Private Messages Jesterfx

Still looking around but so far only definitely negative is not having the glorious descriptions of the products in their full glory right there in the open on the homepage. I know you can expand it and read it all but I always thought such great writing deserved to be right there in your face every night!

Anyway, so far looks like a great job. Going to take a while to get used to it but don't see much I can say is bad...yet ;).


quality posts: 7 Private Messages katjim00

I personally like it! It is clean looking and super easy to navigate. Yes, it will take some getting used to, but I think it was a good change. Thanks Woot!

Just wish I wanted one of the many items you have up right now so I could see the new checkout process LOL


quality posts: 4 Private Messages andrewshulman

Kudos to the design team! My mind has officially been blown. Not sure if I will be able to sleep for a while as my mind tries to comprehend all the Woot goodness that has been bestowed upon the masses.


quality posts: 9 Private Messages trekmiss

Too cluttered! Too much junk on the page! Where is the hide button?


quality posts: 2 Private Messages Jesterfx

...wanted to also mention I love the idea of the combined shipping (already one of the best deals online for larger items). Since you can now use our Amazon account to log in to Woot...any chance of "Amazon Prime" accounts being associated with woot accounts for prime shipping? That would be even more awesome!


quality posts: 10 Private Messages suzika

There is too much on each page and it really destroys the simplicity that was an integral part of Woot! to me.

Where are my flamingos? I need my flamingos. Woot, bring out the birds!


quality posts: 2 Private Messages coreyking

$5 all you can ship??? Please stick around until for the next woot off.


quality posts: 17 Private Messages kcostell

Agreed on the "Way Too Much Stuff on the Front Page" comment. The "Woot Plus" items taking up more space than the actual Woot item seem particularly unnecessary.


quality posts: 4 Private Messages Stumpy91

Still no account info yet. Maybe when I wake in the morning. G'nite.

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quality posts: 7 Private Messages Broonale

Was the old site broken? Change for change's sake? That's an Amazon move. First I was done with Shirtwoot and now I'm bored with Woot. Meritline lost my interest when the busied up their page as well. On a positive note, I find myself going back to real stores more often now. Mail order was fun, but I am enjoying getting out to shop with friends again.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages SaVioR

Loving the hate. The net these days is all about a mass of information at your fingertips all at once as fast as possible. GREAT job on the new design coming from a certified user interace engineer. LOVING it guys.

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quality posts: 44 Private Messages mvsopen

First, a server error on the feedback site? Strike one!
Second, why all the FaceBook garbage? Some of us still care about privacy, and refuse to use "FacePlant". Strike two. But the one that kills it for me? Making we, your customers, click to read the 2nd half of the product description! That's the reason we're here!!!!

Bring back the old site, please? It worked, and there really was no need to change it. Just because someone in upper-Amazon management said "Hey, this looks dated..." isn't reason enough for you to lose customers, is it?
(And you will lose customers over this "upgrade")


quality posts: 0 Private Messages JalenJade

The front page just looks ugly and repulsive. I want to close the window as soon as I see it. Please go back to the simple design.

HOWEVER, the changes beyond the front page are very nice. Product info and more account information is probably the best of these changes.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages SockV

Boy, what an ugly/busy/convoluted site.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages fishshapedethylbenzene

I like some of the posted features, especially the combined order history, but I really find the new color scheme and layout unpleasant to look at. Maybe a toned down background color would help....and losing that white space above the top bar. And are discussions on the polls gone for good?



quality posts: 0 Private Messages dpk3062
DaveD1420 wrote:Too much on the page. It looks like AOL threw up.

Agreed. Woot was simple, Woot was fun. Now it's just another online store.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages mdlagarland

I'm not loving the new design! There's too much on the front page. I was distracted! I like the old design better!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages mdlagarland
dpk3062 wrote:Agreed. Woot was simple, Woot was fun. Now it's just another online store.

Agree completely with you!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages mmarkie

Mikey Likes it!

Good Day,


quality posts: 7 Private Messages scorpshockey

I like the overall look of things but I do miss my black box on the front page(s). Congrats to all involved in rolling this out!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages nimdae

Tried to provide feedback. Got a server error.

I have to say, I'm not a fan. I've noticed many sites moving to much much heavier javascrapt/ajax/etc and they run VERY poorly on my netbook. It makes me sad to see woot do this.

Also, the pages are now way busy. I really loved the simplicity of woot's pages. This is now entirely gone.

Unfortunately this change will make me visit woot less. I can't keep the tab open anymore on my netbook, which is my primary web browsing machine, because it, like many other sites, causes performance issues. Old woot didn't do this. It's a shame, really.

I really wish people would stop this madness of making websites that require powerful machines to run them. If I can't browse a site on my netbook, I generally avoid them. I will probably still load woot from time to time. At least I can see what products are posted on Twitter.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages havingfunyet

This doesn't look enough different to me to make up for being down and keeping me from wasting my money for a whole day


quality posts: 33 Private Messages jrs1980
kalee11 wrote:The biggest thing I have a problem with on the front page is that I can't see all of the write-up at one time. I don't want to click "read more." The write-up is my favorite thing about Woot, and I want instant gratification when I get to the front page.

Agreed. I'll often read the product write-up even if I'm not at all interested in the product. I take free entertainment where ever I can get it. I don't see myself doing a double-click and then a page-down.

Also, three sets of links to all of the sister sites? Top, right, and bottom? Seems overkill to me, especially since the top menu is static.

I still hate my avatar.

Pardon me, would you have any bags of crap?


quality posts: 13 Private Messages WOOTSUPPP!!

Did you hire laid-off designers from Yahoo! AOL, and eBay?
Their redesigns made me quit using them.
Simple is in. Busy is out.

I hate boxes that drop down when hovering.
Too much stuff on the Perfect!.
I wish there was a way to go to page 2 on first loading the site. That would make me happy.


quality posts: 47 Private Messages alanhwoot

Looks like you've left some debugging switched on. At on the I Want One page, there are some server statistics in the upper right corner.

Other than that, it looks nice. The Woot! Plus stuff is a bit big, and might be better off over in deals.woot.


quality posts: 123 Private Messages cheron98
coreyking wrote:Server error on first beta feedback... I was going to say great work dorks, the new site looks awesome.

Yah, I got a server error too. Except I was going to say this:

Biggest issue I'm seeing with the new layout: The top menu bar isn't scalable. I'm on a netbook; yes, one of the many ones you guys sell or used to when netbooks were all the rage, and its ideal resolution limits it to 1024px wide. I can't logout. The menu bar doesn't scale enough so that I can get to the logout link, which means multiple users can't be on the same machine. I also see the "Stuff you bought" link, but can't get to whatever is next to it. I see a "Y", so I'm guessing it's "Your account", but I can't tell. It's fixed, so I can't scroll it over. Way uncool.

Also, the text box for the message posts is teeny tiny and the width won't expand (using Firefox 12).

I saw HitAnyKey42 on wine.woot! and clicked "I want one!"


quality posts: 1 Private Messages sselluoss

Hmm. I don't mind the new layout. Can't really say it's better than the old one, but I do prefer the old one as of right now since I'm used to it. Also, seems like no longer does one have to put the CC code before buying an item. Not 100% on that yet...
And if so, wonder if that is going to make it harder to get Bouts of Consternation ...
I think a woot-off is in order to see how the new site handles it!!!


quality posts: 5 Private Messages mrsque

it's very bright and I'm resistant to change...so, I don't know right now. I do like the idea of the buttons across the top and the $5 all you can ship...hopefully, it'll last long enough for me to want to order more than one thing/one section in a day...like during a woot! off?

I don't know. It's too late. I'm tired.

*I* have FIVE Quality Posts! no, seriously...how did that happen?!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages mattcam3

The front page just looks gross now. What is the benefit? How does making the site harder to navigate make it "better" ?


quality posts: 0 Private Messages ajgong

Also gave me a server error. Here's what I put anyway:

You should put the community/blog etc buttons back onto the top bar, if possible. Combined with the specific domain log (eg, shirt woot!), it takes up too much vertical space. The webpage seems a lot more cluttered now, and it seems like there are too many options going on for a website that began by selling one item per day.

Scrolling blog posts are kind of cool, but may put off users who don't like displays with constantly updating information, including people who dislike twitter. If they're going to be scrolled, I'd like to see more of the post on each one; the thing with the previous comment bar was that you could see several snippets while in this one you have one truncated sentence at a time that just feels incomplete.

I do like the top set of tabs, since they make navigation a lot easier.

Last thing - color coding each of the image links to woot/homewoot/kidswoot/winewoot was nice for easier navigation, and it's kind of sad to see the colors go.

I can see this design working, but some of the new features either clutter the page too much or need polishing.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages a5pj

would love to see the full write up without having to click on read more


quality posts: 0 Private Messages ZMaiden

Not a fan of the redesign.I agree that it's just too busy. Also agree that now it just feels like any other online store. Why even come here? Might as well just go straight to Amazon. Bad move imo.


quality posts: 44 Private Messages mvsopen

Sometimes, newer isn't better!

Please, Woot, bring back the old design? This one is so cluttered and facebooky (?) that it is next to impossible to use. I've spent 38 minutes here, and just now found the full product description!