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Sorry, I don't like the new website format. I don't mind the main tab menu at the top, but the main page is too busy and cluttered. I prefer the simplicity of the previous format.


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Sorry guys... not liking the new stuff at all. Trying to navigate both the sites and the emails sucks ass.

It would be a huge improvement just to make the view when you click "Read more..." the default.

Nothing wrong with a clear picture with a call to action button, a description that's fun to read, and a quick, above-the-fold tool for getting to the other deals.

We'll all adapt, I'm sure (I'm certainly not swearing off woot!), but dang, I mean, really?


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Yep , the new look is way too busy for me.

I think the market research people have probably done their homework, and this will bring more $$s Woot's way in the long run, though.


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I like the tabs across the top, it makes navigation through the wootverse easier.

I dislike the layout of the page, way too busy and it makes it hard to actually get the details on the deal. Simple is better in visual design, you want us to be able to get around easier so we can throw money at you without any roadblocks. Please clean up the layout a bit so it is easier to get the info we need about the products without the visual assault on our senses.

Evil Ed


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Dear Woot:

I love your daily jokes! Is the new site one of them? I sure hope so. It is one of the most frenetic website homepages I have ever seen.

Maybe you were just trying to fit as much clutter on the page as possible rather than attempting a clean design? I feel like I'm looking at an optical illusion.

Specifically: Too much space devoted to the top nav bar and the right side "blocks". The "share" buttons are too crowded and busy. The woot plus deals are not separated well enough and blend into one another. And what's with the green graphics overlaid on the product photos? On an already crowded site, these detract from the content (and look terrible).

In how many places on the homepage do we need the navigate to the other deal sites? Three, apparently: on the top, side AND bottom. Really?

Maybe this is part of a whole new marketing campaign to attract a new demographic of people with severe attention deficit disorder; Personally when I load this new site every morning now my first instinct is to immediately close that browser tab rather than suffer the visual assault.


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I'll echo that while the top navbar is nice (albeit a bit big), the new layout is WAY too busy. I dislike the change.


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The new site does not work with my android phone properly. It's too busy and takes away from the ease of shopping here. If woot keeps this site it will certainly effect the level of business I do here.


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ganome wrote:*Holds up protest sign*
1 too cluttered
2 ugly font
4 write up too hard to find
5 Needs more funny
6 Too much white space
7 Too much white period!
8 Too corporate blah looking!
9 Really a facebook link? come on...
10 THERE IS NO #10
11 Wheres the funny stuff!
12 Ok the whole site is ugly bland boring!
13 This is a bit older of a complaint but the video podcasts SUCK compared to the old audio only ones
14 the pod cast is hard to find
15 Too many ads
16 The only decent thing with the change is the tabs up top the rest is HORRIBLE!

In summary, just change it back and we will pretend this never happened. I know Woot is in the awkward preadolescent years, but next thing you know Woot will dye its hair green, get a tattoo, paint its nails black with skulls, and start doing drugs! We want Woot to have a bright future, but with the path Woot is headed down currently it will be found dead in an alley behind hooters within 2 years! Think of the Monkeys Woot! do you want Mortimer and Monty to end up as orphans?

Hey woot! Quality Post THAT!


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I was hoping this was just some sort of an April Fool's joke....

One of the pleasures of the original design is that is was not overly busy, but just right - in the Goldilocks zone. The new design is WAY too busy, and makes my brain hurt.

Yes, we had a nice relationship and a lot of fun together, but I guess we've grown apart. This change marks the beginning of our trial separation which likely portends our divorce. I do sincerely wish you well, and no hard feelings. HEY, maybe you guys can make a video of Mortimer and Monte singing that Tammy Wynette song D-I-V-O-R-C-E.


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Too much to look at now.
I loved Woot! because it was simple. Simple design and 1 item to buy.

Now there is too much and looks like every other site out there.


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It won't load on my Chumby. I rarely go to the website and depend on the Chumby app to keep me up to date. If it won't load I won't be checking it out.


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Woot you may be gone but are not forgotten. Hopefully your slaughterers bought you a nice coffin, the one from the Wal-Mart site marked down to 49.95 This would be a fitting place of representative of who you were. I love you and will think fondly of you forever. You have been very kind and I consider myself lucky to have known you. I can honestly say nothing will take you place, the fun was lost when you died. (Every good thing will end with a bad idea)
With all my love,
your sad friend


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Oh noes, what happened to the old design!? Haven't been on here for some days, but the new design makes me feel stumped because it's got all information clustered together on a too small area. Sorry, have to leave for now and try again later, but for now I absolutely dislike this "improvement". :/


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DaveD1420 wrote:Too much on the page. It looks like AOL threw up.

Excellent description, that is exactly what it looks like.


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wait i dont get what happened under the sellout deals there used to be five also what happened to those hundreds of other deals under the top 5 is there any way to get to them


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lukepat wrote:wait i dont get what happened under the sellout deals there used to be five also what happened to those hundreds of other deals under the top 5 is there any way to get to them

See, what happened was... a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, woot decided to sort of merge sellout.woot and deals.woot, by offering the sellout item as a "sponsored" deal over on deals.woot. So people would go to sellout and be redirected to deals (and then back again to sellout).

Looks like they've now separated out sellout appropriately, and no longer force it to be in a sponsored deal on deals (there's a moofi there now). So really, sellout was never more than one deal, it just kind of looked like it was because of the bouncing around through deals.woot.

So I think the site you're looking for with the "5 deals" and "hundreds of others" below it can be found at deals!

I saw HitAnyKey42 on wine.woot! and clicked "I want one!"


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escapecar wrote:I like the tabs at the top, allowing a quick switch to the various galaxies of the Wootiverse.

I was on-board with this at first ... then I saw the same listing along the right side of the page (where it's always been) without the need to cursor around to view everything.

And then listed again at the bottom of the page, again in plainview.

How many times do we need to list the same info? Redundantly putting it 3 times on the same page seems a bit redundant.


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DaveD1420 wrote:Too much on the page. It looks like AOL threw up.



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dpk3062 wrote:Agreed. Woot was simple, Woot was fun. Now it's just another online store.

Totally agree! It has lost the uniqueness, charm, and fun of the old site. Now you might as well paint it blue on top and put "AMAZON" on the top! just another boring site now..


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I agree with everyone that says there is too much stuff on the pages.
Second, what happened to my large blown up images of the items? I can't click on an item and get a mostly full page image anymore. Also, just switch back to the old site, you guys didn't take enough time to try this out with staff only first before releasing the redesign to the public. Big letdown.


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markltx wrote:It won't load on my Chumby. I rarely go to the website and depend on the Chumby app to keep me up to date. If it won't load I won't be checking it out.

If it's any consolation, your Chumby is probably going to die forever sometime this summer anyway.


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I don't really mind the top tab bar, but I think it's hilarious that Woot! needs to explain the sites. Wait, sorry; I misspelled "sad." Anyway, I'm not using the bar, because the photos with the rollovers on the right side are so much easier.

Also, here's the practical reason I'm likely to buy less: Before, I load the page, quickly see whether I'm kind of curious about the product, and scroll down to the list of features to try to talk myself into buying it. I can't do that now; it's become a quick glance to see if the daily product is anything I need, and if it isn't, I'm not going to bother to click to see the features.

As for ads.. what ads? I run three ad blockers. Anyone who isn't using at least one gets what they deserve...

... ads.


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New Site = New Coke
Gimme my Old Coke!

(My apologies to those of you too young to remember the "Old Coke" vs. "New Coke" debacle of 1985. If you really want to know the story - Google it.)


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I hate the new format, and for some of the same reasons as others mentioned - too busy, looks like AOL threw up, etc. It will make me less likely to visit every day, as I have been.


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I wish you'd put some of the effort of your site re-design into creating a mobile site - either a dedicated or a that uses responsive web design. A quick check on my Android phone suggests you've done neither: it just loads the standard site, which is clearly designed for desktop resolutions and is therefore illegible.

With a reported 20% of web traffic now coming from mobile devices (and growing rapidly), it seems to me a mobile-friendly site would have had at least the same impact on your revenue as any refresh of the existing site.

The new design is cheerful, but so far it has done nothing to increase my satisfaction with Woot or my likelihood to purchase.


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What made a deal on woot so good wasn't how much off of retail it was, it was how much cheaper it was than anywhere else on the internet. Woot customers come to woot because they are expecting a deal. The fact that they are shopping on woot pretty much says they are willing to shop on the internet. Listing the savings based on the MSRP has little importance to the woot customer. Unless, of course, woot is trying to get away from the "dirt cheap" deals and is going to focus on being just another corporate outlet site. After all, the rest of the site seems to be headed in that direction as well. Woot devotes more space to the woot plus stuff than is does to the woot stuff. Now the ads for woot plus are showing up in the annoying mouseover popups in the top tabs. I hope this beta trial doesn't work out. It would be nice to see woot return.

And in the woot daily digest, missing today was Mortimer and Monte. I'm hoping someone just called in sick. Or maybe just had a non-funny day. Without the humor, the daily email is simply showing me the same information that I could get from the website. In other words, without the humor, there's nothing added by receiving the email and, therefore, there is no point to the email.


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Oh Woot! I will miss you.

Looks like you've jumped the shark.

I cringed when you were bought by Amazon but tried to remain positive and continued my daily visits.

Then the Bouts of Consternation experience changed from an exciting mystery delivery to a predictable dollar storeā€¦ blah.

Now your simplicity and uniqueness is gone.

So long and thanks for all the Woots!


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Woot should be unveiling their new logo any day now.


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Having all of the they text line up right against the left border of my browser is awful. Typing this comment is almost making me sick becasue of how the box is lined up with the left edge.

Over all the site feels crazy cluttered. It's as though you want to make it harder for us to find stuff so you get more page views. If you want me to stick around on Woot for hours make more improvements at Deals.Woot.

Woot used to be a fun part of my day. Now just trying to scan a page feels like work.

Sorry Woot, but this stuff needs to be fixed.

Wootsx65 - Boatload of Crapo-Primox3


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The browser hijacking ads on my android phone this morning when I opened up woot to check out today's item? NOT COOL. NOT COOL AT ALL.


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There's this job called Information Architect. We use these people all the time where I work. If you hired one, they would tell you that your site redesign needs to guide the user to the most relevant content in a clear way. If you hire one, they'd tell you not to shove so much crap onto the front page. If you hire one, they'll design a clear user path for you. Please, please hire an Information Architect.


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kalee11 wrote:The biggest thing I have a problem with on the front page is that I can't see all of the write-up at one time. I don't want to click "read more." The write-up is my favorite thing about Woot, and I want instant gratification when I get to the front page.

I concur! I really miss that as well.


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The vertical scrollbar includes the height of the menu at the top of the screen, but that menu always scrolls with you. When paging down you end up a couple of lines farther than you should.


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Don't like the nagging to log in. It is causing me to think about skipping Woot to go to my no-nag deal sites. Makes it much to easy to tie my user ID to my browsing activity--across sites. This is why I don't use Facebook logins anywhere.


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The power of woot! was in the elegent simplicity of the site. The new site design completely loses that vision.

Giant thumbs down here.

Take a page out of the site and at least give users the option to use the "classic" skin.

Otherwise, I'll be removing the woot! button from my favorites bar.

Such a shame when companies think that change is always good. More often those that believe "if it ain't broke don't fix it" turn out to be correct.


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halperez wrote:Woot should be unveiling their new logo any day now.

Very nice! I guess after they introduce the new logo, they'll have to squeeze in another box on the home page advertising the Kindle.


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I think this is the beginning of the end of the Woot! that we all know and love. I don't want a mini Amazon site with all the percentage off lists and all the clutter. I want more Woot!

A large chunk of us stay up late to see the new Woots! available. We don't need to be lighting up the entire neighborhood when we pull up the page in the dark.


quality posts: 31 Private Messages Geethatsgr8 I've given the new site a chance to "sink in", but I'm still not liking it very much. It just feels weird. I've actually found myself sneaking peeks at other deal sites each day. Ones I haven't visited in months. The last time I looked at 1sale a day was well over a year ago. But now that Woot has joined the ranks with those "other" sites...I figure what the heck. I'll just do a LOT of comparison shopping and see what catches my eye.

Also, as if the busy screens aren't enough to mess with my head, I apparently have to sign in again and again throughout the day. I signed in this morning to track a package, and this afternoon I had to sign in again. I usually don't have to sign in for DAYS. Can't there be an option to "stay signed in" or at least "stay signed in for 24 hours"? Geez.


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Geethatsgr8 I've given the new site a chance to "sink in", but I'm still not liking it very much. It just feels weird. I've actually found myself sneaking peeks at other deal sites each day.

I've done the same thing, I saw the new site the night of the 28th and left a post on the 29th full of distaste for the new design. I let it "sink in", still don't like it. I now visit this site less and more. RIP Woot!

halperez wrote:Woot should be unveiling their new logo any day now.

Classic... love it. Derby shirt idea? :P You can make it relevant to the perspective one they got going I'm pretty sure.. if not.. sub it anyway so they see it to reject it. haha


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Remember Facebook Lite?
People loved it.
Now look at facebook.

Why is craigslist so successfull?

Because they didn't change visibily. We don't come here to be wowed by imagery.

You have a real opporunity here Woot. Do something no other important site has done:

Listen to your users.
Let them choose.

You should have built this in a way that both the old and new formats could run in tandem.

Let the users change back and forth with a simple link, and let them save their setting.

If, after 6 mos, more than 50% of your users are using the old version, well...