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A little turned off at first... I do like being able to see all the sites on the top menu bar.... it's growing on me... seems like product description is a bit more hidden than I'd prefer... Other than that, I think I like it better than the old woot. I'm curious to see how buying something on the new layout works... till then, keep up the good work.


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Isn't fitting on a 1024x768 screen w/o a horizontal scroll bar in Web Design 101???


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The top bar is good but I'd like an option to disable the popup that occurs on mousing.

The links on the right can go away since those are in the top bar.

Please put the full item description back on the front page; clicking to get to this is asinine. I don't want to click multiple times to get the item info and I won't buy anything until I know exactly what I'm getting. The current layout doesn't even show if something is new or refurb until you click into the full description.

The old darker color scheme was much better. I really don't get this whole 'whitening' of the net. I guess it's for tablets but I'm on a desktop and everything is way too big with too much wasted space around it taking up too much room and forcing me to scroll more up and down AND sideways.

The text Discuss this deal make more sense as a link to the discussion section instead of a big white barely readable join this discussion button taking up space where the full description could be. Actually ALL the white buttons with greyish outlined words are barely noticeable much less legible.


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dpk3062 wrote:Agreed. Woot was simple, Woot was fun. Now it's just another online store.



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After clicking around some more, I had some feedback I wanted to send, but got the error. =(

I hate it. Not that I want to flounce or anything, and still not complaining about features, but I really don't like looking at these pages. I have to make myself stay. The white is too bright and unpleasant to make me want to browse and shop. The white bar above the menu on the sales pages is jarring and unnecessary, and the text on most of the pages falls off the side of my 1024px-wide display. One of the things that bothers me the most is the giant photos right in the middle of the page clamoring for attention, while the product description is truncated over on the side. And there are no clear lines to draw the eye down to important information, or to delineate the useful sections. Overall, it looks cluttered.

Sorry. =/ And good luck.



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Just had a Private Message come in, dated June 2008.
I didn't realize you changed to an express shipping company!

This site makes my eyes bleed.


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It is sad that the site is more usable on my phone than on my computer.

I saw HitAnyKey42 on wine.woot! and clicked "I want one!"


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Way too bright!

I have to click to read the second half of the copy write?? Why?? What happened to the good writing that went into the "stories" with the product description?? Is this just a bad day for the writers??

Pages are way too cluttered. I used to be able to browse Woot! on my phone, not really now - slows my phone down to a major crawl.

Woot!Plus is kinda cool - I think. Haven't fully made up my mind, just yet.

The "Stuff You Bought" section is good.

The redesign is bad. Please bring back the simplicity and the humor of the old Woot! to us, you customers.

Proud Woot!er since 2005.


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It would be nice if a direct link to the discussion was in the Stuff You Bought area, without having to dig down to the item and then the discussion.

It's nice that you're offering faster shipping, but unless your shipper picks up on Memorial Day, your one day shipping is going to actually be Wednesday, not Tuesday.


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Not loving it. It does look very AOLish. Most people who woot do not need a dumbed down site. It wasn't hard to click on the little boxes on the side (which are still there but pretty much duplicate the new top bar). The combined shipping is great if you are buying off each site every day. Other than that I can only seeing it being a positive during a wootoff. Maybe it will grow on me but as of now I am not liking it. I grew up with the 'if it aint broke dont fix it' way of life.

I look to the future because that's where I'm going to spend the rest of my life.
- George Burns


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That's hilarious. Beta feedback doesn't work. And amazon just put their finger in and ruined what made it good. One day, one deal. Multi-site, still one day, one deal. Now it's a crap-stravaganza! Now you can fade into the amazon fold, and congratulations on that. Good, simple, and profitable was why they bought the dang thing, and now it's 2.0, and terrible.


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cheron98 wrote:It is sad that the site is more usable on my phone than on my computer.

I get the same site on my phone, which is less usable than on my netbook. Honestly, I've always wished woot would put together a mobile site.


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SaVioR wrote:GREAT job on the new design coming from a certified user interace (sic) engineer.

Hmm...a guy who designs interfaces loves the new, crappy interface.

That explains a lot, about a whole tone of programs and websites.

What is the goal of modern interface designers? To be counter-intuitive?

Someday, on my deathbed, I'm sure I'll mutter something like, "I wish I'd spent more time on Woot waiting for Bags of Crap."


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So the Screaming Monkey is now a web designer? Another job stolen from us h o m o sapiens! When will enough be enough?

At least Deals Woot is still usable....

(Seriously Woot, you're filtering our species name? Weirdos.)


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Way too busy
Not every site needs to have a massive amount of java/flash going on


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Too wide
Too white
Woot chatter? no. please, gourd no.

The features are spiff, however.

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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I know this is beta still... I will stick around till it is finished. All i have to say is if it stays this way i am deleting this account. on the plus side more money in my pockets and less time spent waiting on woot off days.


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how..or I log out?


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It's very cluttered, and not kind to cell phones (and this is coming from a galaxy S2). You went from fairly streamlined to...screen vomit. Not good.

Jason Toon

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Texas1of17 wrote:how..or I log out?

The words "(not you?)" should be next to your username up in the top right corner. Click that.

In the highly unlikely event that you'd EVER want to log out of Woot, that is.


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Jason Toon wrote:The words "(not you?)" should be next to your username up in the top right corner. Click that.

In the highly unlikely event that you'd EVER want to log out of Woot, that is.

Seems like a silly thing to call a logout link. Lol.


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Maybe woot is running about two months behind. April Fools!

What a cluttered mess of a page.

Jason Toon

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slacker44 wrote:Seems like a silly thing to call a logout link. Lol.

Can't argue with you there, heh.


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Too busy and waaay too white.

I'm in the camp too that wishes we could keep the simple one-item-per-day situation. I'm feeling now what I felt with Groupon: loved it at first, but then they added multiple deals and instant deals and web deals and local deals... Information overload. Now instead of a quick look once a day, I don't look at all.

And seriously, I'm squinting just to type this comment. Tone down the overwhelming white-ness!

The new checkout situation looks promising though.


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slacker44 wrote:Seems like a silly thing to call a logout link. Lol.

All hail the Amazonia!

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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I'm still getting used to it. I would like to say thanks and good job to everyone at woot. And it was a good idea to take it down for a day and do whatever, instead of throwing it all up at midnight and having it all crash.

- It's nice having all woot orders in one place (but it was also nice to see all orders in a single page, though I can deal without)
- The navigation at the top is kinda nifty except the drop-downs
- $5 all you can ship looks is a great idea

- It feels too busy
- Buttons are too big
- The woot!plus boxes are huge, wish they were on the side
- Need to click through to see the description and specs, wish it was where it used to be
- Need to click through to see additional photos (I liked the lightbox)
- It would be nice to be able to sort through past orders by site

Bugs and stuff (since the feedback button seems dodgy right now):
- Reckoning shirts seem to sometimes think they are sold out
- Overnight shipping on shirt order pages doesn't list it as $5 until after you select it and it shows up by the total


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tgentry became STAFF? That's awesome. You should have him look at your graphic design on the site so it is less jarring. He has a good eye for artistic symmetry.

1. It's too bright.

2. I can't find the product description. I finally found it off to the side, but even knowing it's there, I still scroll down looking for it. Keep that from the old site. The ability to scroll down and read all the copywriter text without clicking anything.

3. Everything under the picture of the current woot is confusing and muddled... mostly because...

4. Everything is square and boxy... So many squares. They all run together. Nothing grabs your attention and there are no "lines" to lead the eye in any meaningful way. It's just a bunch of boxes, some of them important, some of them just ads, but they jumble together.

There are boxes and thumbnails for all the domain.woot sites off to the side... then more on the bottom in a smaller size, then columns of text under that. But wait... those are at the top with pictures now too. It is triple redundancy besides looking bad, it annoying.

5. The product description screen suffers the same fate. Columns and boxes and no clear place to look. There are three columns and several different sections all with buttons. The one in the middle even has it's own tabs. The picture is too far off to the right.


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Why make small-screen users have to scroll? Why??? Didn't know where more photos were until I scrolled right.

Also hate that left-handed text has no margin space.

Don't like that an errant move of the cursor makes the woot menus drop down instantly. Especially when writing in a text field such as this and having to move the cursor off so I can see what I'm typing.

Like: It's still called Woot! instead of being changed to something like W's Daily Dealios.


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I am very disappointed

The new site is just way too cluttered and annoying to look at. woot's signature simplicity is completely gone. It also seems way too bright and hard to read and hard to distinguish different areas of text. The woot!plus ads are way too big and obnoxious right across the middle of the page. ugh!

I also don't like the way I now have to click twice to get where I want when I used to only click once. When I click on shirtwoot it should take me to todays shirt, but it does not. I still have to click again to actually get to the shirt info. That is really redundant and annoying.

As I saw someone else mention, I am disappointed to see all the facebook/twitter/whatever crap as well. I have zero interest in any of that social media stuff and get tired of seeing it every where I go. I'm here to buy stuff, not share every move I make with people I don't even know.

I have to agree with some other commenters here, woot is attempting to look more like other retail sites. Unfortunately I don't think thats what most wooters want and it is a shame to see woot lower their standards and give up who they have always been to conform to what Amazon thinks they should be. Refuse to conform! stay true to who you are, woot!

Thanks Amazon, for ruining our beloved woot


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how many of these threads are there? I don't know where to post.
Speaking of post, is anyone else having their post window shifted far left while staring at huge swaths of whitespace until the infernal tweet window?

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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IE and Firefox is having trouble with the the img tags. Pictures that members have posted are not resolving. Works fine in Chrome.

Signature censored by Woot


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I don't want to sound like somebody who cries "Waaah, change is bad!" every time something changes, but this new look is not at all appealing. It's incredibly overcrowded and busy feeling, with a bunch of clutter detracting from what should be the sole focus of the page - the single daily deal. The top bar has nothing useful, and is simply a duplication of the right-hand list of deals on the sub-woots. Given that the right-hand list gives images and you can mouseover, the top links are completely pointless. The multiple-column layout of other stuff (Woot Plus? Really?) on the lower page just screams "desperate product hawking" and is an intrusion on the classic charm of the easily readable, easily navigable, old-school design. The previous design was simple and honest; you inherently trust a site as unpretentious as it was. This new design looks like every other spammy sales site, and let me be honest - I would navigate away the moment I saw it, if I wasn't already familiar with the woot brand. If the old design was a local mom-and-pop shop, this new design is a Super-Walmart moving in to crush the proprieter's dreams. There is too much duplication on the site as well, with the same links not only appearing on the top and the right side, but at the bottom as well. The social networking buttons are far too prominent, and the Woot Plus feature feels more like an outside banner add than a valid internal sales link. The most distinctive thing that made Woot the sort of great community it is, the witty write-ups, has been crushed in to a tiny corner and must be clicked through to expand. Finally, having the site restricted to a fairly narrow width (1280 it looks like?) is fine when you're dealing with content that matches early low-res html designs, but with such a busy and supposedly modern take on layout, not allowing it to expand to fit a larger resolution is horrible - the site is now nearly 50% white space, with a dozen pictures advertising an equal number of products all crammed in a narrow column down the middle, with all the useful information either off screen low, or hidden behind "read more" links.

tl;dr version:
The old site was simple, and that's why it worked. The new site is unnecessarily busy, hideously ugly, and maintains none of what made Woot great.



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isitart wrote:The new layout is way too cluttered and distracting to stimulate my impulse purchases. Clicking through to get to the info on the day's woot is irritating. The addition of advertising in the previous layout was distracting, but it was a subtle distraction that I could ignore. The new layout is just too much. Multiple deals are way too much - it was bad enough between home, kid and sellout/deal (and moofi) but now multiple concurrent/overlapping deals on one site? I doubt I will be visiting as often and probably will not be purchasing as much in the future - I don't want to click twice as much; worse for you it will kill off my impulse purchase response. I guess your business strategists think this is the best way to drive growth, I expect (like many of the changes over the past 8 years) a fair number of your customers will move on. Good luck with your new market/demographic - I hope they make you successful.

I am so irritated by the new site that I don't even feel like it is worthed providing any feedback (especially since it is unlikely to be taken into consideration, as Woot/Amazon has proven lately). So I am just going to "steal" the above opinion which I very much agree with.

I have been here for several years now, and Woot has made "a bit" of money off me. But the new UI is so repulsively busy that it is a very strong incentive not to hang around here anymore. (I am not commenting on the technical improvements, which could have their merits)

I think it is obvious most posts are rather unanimous about the critique points. I personally don't appreciate change for the sake of change - why mess with something that works well? If on the other hand you are going after a new demographics as some have mentioned, well, be prepared to loose your current one. (You may want to reconsider who has more buying power.)

That is if you care...


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I seem to recall Woot selling it's soul to Amazon ...and here's what we get. Change for the sake of change probably by new management in order to 'improve' (and usually in an attempt for recognition of the 'innovator').

Simply put, "Twernt broke - didn't need fixin'"


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Extra clicks to read about what you are selling, not so cool. Using the new site on my phone even worse. The Woot Plus takes up ToOOoO much area.

Looks like your new business model is any deal all the time.

White background, I can see my Nexus S AMOLED screen sucking the battery dry. Wait I think this is another new attribute it's the "WOOT FLASHLIGHT" for FREE FREe FRee Free free


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Local deals? Multiple product offerings per page? 3 day windows to purchase? So much for 'one day, one deal'. They might as well just rename the site to Groupon or LivingSocial.

Sorry, but I'm already inundated with too many shopping sites that try to sell me 30 things I'm not interested in as I skim through trying to find one. I don't need another. Hell, Amazon Local/Gold Box/LivingSocial gives me the same thing, and that's just from the Amazon ethos.

I'm afraid this is where you and I part ways, Woot. It was fun while it lasted. We'll always have the Scooba.


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Looked around, clicked some buttons, sniffed here and there. First impressions:

The good:

  • No more entering your CVV??? YES!!! Ordering a BоC will be just two clicks now?
  • Expedited and overnight shipping! Super! (will BоC ship overnight now?).
  • One shipping charge for all day. But it is temporary, duh... Wish it was up through wootoff...
  • Sellout item discussion is back to normal forum, as opposed to the much inferior "deals" discussion style.

The bad

  • So... I can link to Amazon now... But can I do Amazon Prime? If not, I see little point...
  • Top quality posts are off the top of the page and are scrolling, unless you hit the specific tab. Bad. I want to see the salt of the discussion right next to the item!
  • Color scheme: way too bright for those of us coming around at night...

The ugly

  • The whole big on scripts flashy design: YUCK!!!!! I'm with all the comments above about keeping it simple! Give us one page for each site and skip the fancy tabs. The old was WAAAY better!
  • Not cell phone and tablet friendly! Again, one simple page per site worked great on a cell phone. EDIT And no, auto-detecting a cell browser and giving a brushed-down cell version is not going to be an answer. I want the full site to be as phone friendly as it is PC friendly... just like the old design was...
  • Overloaded. Overloaded. Overloaded. Simpler is better!
  • Again agreed, Woot is starting to look just like another fancy storefront from yet another skimpy online retailer with questionable reputation. Liked it better the other way: simple storefront, awesome service! I know the service is still there, but the front looks too similar to those other fancy-shmancy sites with little backing.
  • Especially hate the "List Price". WHY does Woot want to look like the rest of the internets? The whole beauty of Woot is that it IS NOT LIKE THE REST. And just like it's said in comments - that list price is pretty worthless... Instead show us last few quality posts on top of the main page, they will probably have the actual price check post in them instead!
  • Did i mention that I prefer to keep it simple?

To summarize: new ordering system seems cool, though I'm yet to actually try and use it. Everything else about the redesign looks pretty pathetic. Two suggestions: 1. Simple is better. 2. Overloading is distracting...

P.S. And please give us back the full width message editing window! I really don't care about what's on twitter, but do care about what I'm writing. PLEASE.


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The cluttered I can get past. That says more about the way my mind works than the page design though. The brightness may be harder for this vampire to overcome. I have changed my brightness settings on my monitor for the time being so that I can continue to look at the site, but overtime it may become annoying to continue to change it each time I come woot, which at present happens to be several times a day ... must see what is going on in the derby constantly :-) Overall I like the concept. All new design roll outs have glitches.


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Looks like I'm in the majority...the new site is too busy! Woot! was simple and simple is elegant. The new look is a vomitous mess.

Thanks Amazon for taking a great product and screwing it up.


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member posted images are not resolving in IE or Firefox, works fine in Chrome.

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