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The login prompt that keeps appearing on page load is unnecessary and annoying. Please consider executing the developer and his manager that decided to force its display.

Wadya.Woot.Com also does not load, how am I to find local deals on wives and gold plated humvee's to support peaceful weapons development?

Also, sell more beard care accessories!


quality posts: 33 Private Messages worldwidewebfeet
dkalnz wrote:Anybody know the fate of Moofi woot?

Moofi link is at the deals.woot link, today's product is a Dyson, imagine that...!!!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages dgray77

Hate it...


quality posts: 6 Private Messages ArrSea

Agree with what has been said (Too busy, miss entire write up, etc...) I also miss the top comments in one shot, I hate scrolling comments and that I can only see one at a time.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages smokingrabbit

I've recommended Woot numerous times to people but with this redesign the whole character of your site has changed. Too bad, the simple design emphasized the clever writing and really made your site stand out. No more.


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dpk3062 wrote:Agreed. Woot was simple, Woot was fun. Now it's just another online store.

Hits the nail right on the head. The internets are full of online stores and bargains. Woot was ... Woot. Now it's Amazon.

Why do big corporations buy little companies that are successful, then turn around and ruin everything that made them great?


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jandk113 wrote:Did they change who the company was and what they do, no.

Yes they did. Woot used to be about one deal a day. Now more space is devoted to the weekly deals than to the one deal a day. That's a new direction, a departure from what woot used to be.


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No, no, no! Bad, bad, BAD! Messy, cluttered, headache-spawning madness! This is what WOOT's evil arch-nemesis would look like. This is the opposite of WOOT. Please do not create the anti-WOOT by selling multiple products and vomiting ads all over the front page, while prompting for a log-in - and then bill it as the "new WOOT". Some people might like this, fine. Just make them a page - perhaps the url could be


quality posts: 11 Private Messages halperez
Slydon wrote:As far as everything else, I've had a little time to get used to the design, and it's really grown on me. I flat out love the tabs and I'm glad that seems to be the one thing everyone kinda agrees on. I also much prefer this white to our just-previous version of the site. I never ever got used to that shade of green and I'm happy to see it gone.

I don't care for the tabs. I think mouseover effects are overrated and overused. I hope Woot keeps the pictures on the right of the page. The mouseover info is nice and small and doesn't yell "I'm a business and I want you to buy this." The old version had a relaxing feel that made you want to buy something. The new "non-offensive" sterilized white yells corporation and the site tries to shove woot plus down our throats.


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Is this the end of the Woot! I knew and loved? Looks like it. The extra big ads and the shortened description just plain suck. The layout is too busy. This is not something I want to see every morning.


quality posts: 11 Private Messages halperez

We'll know the corporate takeover is complete when the screaming monkeys start shipping with a suit and tie instead of a mask and cape. And they'll be screaming "AMAZOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!"


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The original site had charm, simplicity and funkiness that was lost with the redesign.

However, I'm sure I'll get used to the new interface, even if it has lost that original "Wootness."


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Biggest issue so far? New or Refurb?

The Olde Woot showed condition as one of the main pieces of information. The New Woot does not, and with Woot selling lots of refurbs that is an important piece of information to have.


j/k, sort of - I have not gone through the purchase process yet, so I can't comment on those changes. Sound promising, though.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages MommaBear2Cubs

I like it better when the pictures of all the items are readily available on the right hand side. It makes it easy for me to view the items I may be interested in and skip the ones I'm not. It may sound crazy but in a time where everyone wants a piece of my time; I prefer getting my information all at once. I currently check 3 sites at work every morning; woot, 1saleaday & yugster. I will consider dropping woot if I can't get a streamlined view at a time when I am or should be busy doing other things.


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Just to continue echoing the same chorus as everyone else, I'll offer my by-now-redundant advice:

Click the "read more" link on your home page. See the page that pops up? That's what your home page should look like. Make that Woot Plus garbage into tiny little things that look more like the thumbnails for the other Woot sites. You can even make them jump out at us when we mouse over them. But I'm more interested in seeing everything I want to know about today's product when I first show up than having a zillion things thrown at me like a caped monkey. If I wanted something that looked like a USA Today, I'd, well...


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There are ads all over the place and it's extremely busy. You basically went from google (sparse, but you can find the search box, mail box, etc. just fine) to yahoo (Oh! Mutating Goodness, how the hell do I do a search here? where is my mailbox????!). There is some exaggeration here, but not much. This is what happens to a great site (well anything really), when someone else buys it, they have to try and "improve" it. They usually end up "improving" it to death.


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I gotta agree with what seem to be the two major points in this thread so far:

Too much clutter
Write-up on a second page

Now of course most Wooter's design skills are limited to their MySpace page covered in cats and Nickelback, but I think they've got it right this time. I like the look and feel, just maybe simplify the main page a little.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages grasshopper2
DaveD1420 wrote:Too much on the page. It looks like AOL threw up.

Couldn't have said it better myself!


quality posts: 2 Private Messages grasshopper2

Sorry to say no more woot for me! Well maybe once a week but not daily anymore.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages jonnycando

I don't like it. Please give us the old site.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages tonyeye

Terrible. Looks terrible on the screen, too wide, doesn't auto-fit to the screen...

WAY too busy.

It's like a Honda Civic with a huge wing, a front splitter and neon underneath. You took a good thing and added a bunch of useless cr@p to it.


quality posts: 14 Private Messages Woody1150

Maybe someone said something, and I'm just too lazy to read through all the other posts.

Anyways, on the product detail page it shows amount of time left until next woot or when sold out. So, during a woot off, will it actually show how many items are left before it moves to the next one?


quality posts: 0 Private Messages mikedellinger

The site used to be fun and interesting. Now you're one small step away from banner ads that say "Meet Sexy Singles" and "Size Does Matter!". Ugh.


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Wow, nine pages already! I'll throw my $0.02 in here as well as the beta feedback button...

I really like the new look and feel. Brings Woot into a new era. I do miss having the full fledged narrative on the same page as the deal though.

I feel like I'm shopping now instead of of visiting the magical world of Woot where there is one deal a day and a fairy tale to go with it.

I want to re-iterate, I feel like I'm browsing commercially like at WalMart or Target now instead of coming to a magical world of awesomeness.


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What made Woot! Woot!? Simplicity, great deals and, at least for me, fabulous creative writing. Great deals have been trailing off, simplicity is out the window and the writing is there, but I have to jump through hoops to get to it? I fear it won't belong before the write-ups quietly vanish as well.


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The page doesn't fit my monitor. I am getting dizzy from constantly having to click from side to side to read everything on there. I thought there was a way to script a website that the page would fit no matter what size monitor you have.


quality posts: 11 Private Messages mhodges

+1 on everything above.

The new site layout is too large, there is too much white-space, and its just waaaay to busy.

The only things I like are the tabs for the various sites and that you can now buy 4 of each item. Everything else is just awful in my opinion.

I'm all for change, but this ain't it.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages LD

Looks like it was designed by engineers and salespeople. An ugly, hard to navigate, more frustrating redesign and still no iOS app. Living in the past.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages actswartz

Hate it.


quality posts: 8 Private Messages dsmmrm

Sorry but it vacuums big time, and I usually like change. The quality of the woot user experience has been in freefall since the amazon aquisition. My primary method of checking woot has dwindled down to the chumby widget running on my 2 sony dash devices. Now that they have taken that away I am officially completely done with woot.


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edieknight wrote:The page doesn't fit my monitor. I am getting dizzy from constantly having to click from side to side to read everything on there. I thought there was a way to script a website that the page would fit no matter what size monitor you have.

Same. What design team worth their salt can't design a site with CSS that flows properly for various sized monitors? Especially considering the rise of smartphones and tablets.


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Server errors on all links except shirt, occasionally a link will work. Using Firefox 12. After clearing history I'll get the site but get server error when applying password.

Do not like, actually I abhor, being asked to log in when I click to buy, I dislike that on any site that does it. You know its me, I signed in once already. Why the change? This will really get people riled when trying for their Bouts of Consternation Hopefully this was a fluke.

Page does seem overly cluttered but the change overall doesn't look too bad. I do miss the full wonderful descriptions your writers work so hard on, and the larger colored box they were in was much easier on the eyes than having so much white on the page.

On a lighter note,none of this bothered me at first when I saw what I've waited for since I first saw it in August 2009 though...'Kiss the Great Old One' in a black apron, I may order a second if I can get it to load.


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mdlagarland wrote:Agree completely with you!


hehe, It is too much, the simple site was great. At midnight I could roll over and grab my phone to easily check it out. Now I grab my phone, pan around a bunch and get up to look on the PC... then there is so much crap I just go back to bed angry. I liked it the old way, easy to look and easy to buy.


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halperez wrote:I don't care for the tabs. I think mouseover effects are overrated and overused.

And they don't work on touch devices so it was wasted effort to even include them.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages rabbiferret

Oh, Woot... I knew the Amazon merger would eventually get to you. (sniff) I just never expected it to be so soon. Oh how I lament the loss of the last lovely layout... the daring design, delightful descriptions, and deal a day display. (gasp!) My alliteration fails me!

This new layout lacks the qualities that I loved so much in Woot! If this is the purported "Future of Woot!", then I'm going to need a Delorean, and 1.21 Jiggawatts. Both will be incredibly hard to come by with Deloreans out of production since 1981, and Jay-Z cornering the market on Jigga since 1998. Wish me luck in my quest fellow (and likely former) Wooters!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages tseabrooks

The home page has to much on it. The look is fine.. but the home page is sooo busy it has a bunch of crap wooters don't care about.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages gleroytb

No sir, I don't like it. I don't like it one bit. The old Woot site was like a dear friend. Obvious and straight forward. Either bring it back or at least put in a 'Good old days' button to get to it.


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SaVioR wrote:Loving the hate. The net these days is all about a mass of information at your fingertips all at once as fast as possible. GREAT job on the new design coming from a certified user interace engineer. LOVING it guys.

Just goes to show that it takes all kinds. Just because you are a user interface engineer doesn't mean you have good taste. Doesn't mean you have BAD taste, either, or that my tastes are better than yours, but BOY are they different. The new design might be ever so slightly easier to use, but it's ugly as sin. It's offensive to look at.

It's like applying the old Windows 3.1 Hot Dog Stand Theme. Yep, everything is easier to see, but is that worth the number of people who will dislike it? Sure, some people will like it. I saw people now and again actually using Hot Dog Stand as their daily layout. Ought to be a choice, however.


quality posts: 63 Private Messages j5

What happened to
How can I stalk sexy wooters now?

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages BrockJones

What did you do, get rid of all the talented writers and decide to redesign for redesign sake? Overload of programmers? Yech, there goes another site...