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July's Entries

August 1
I don't think I slept at all last night. The body is gone, but I never saw police or an ambulance. No one even bothered to ask me for a report or anything. Valerie can't stop watching the news but it's all basically on repeat at this point: Stay at home unless absolutely necessary, National Guard will be evacuating people in affected areas, etc.

August 1
Okay, so a coroner's truck just showed up and some guy knocked on my door asking about the body I'd reported. I told him it was gone and he asked if we had moved it. WTF? Why would I move a dead body? Who the hell DID move it?

August 1
So apparently my apartment is "not in an evacuation zone," so we're just supposed to lie low. I'm not sure what to do. Kinda wish someone who knows more would just tell me what to do.

August 1
Someone is crying outside. I can hear it through the window; it sounds like a woman. Valerie won't let me go outside to see what's going on; I guess I'm kind of relieved. This is super freaking me out.

August 1
The crying stopped. I don't think it's ever been this quiet in my neighborhood.

August 2
Must've been out for 10 hours, but I don't feel like I slept at all. Turns out my China theory was wrong. This stuff has shown up there, too. Same for England and Russia and France. Now they're saying Egypt too.

August 2
Heading to Costco for more stuff. I'm starting to feel weird about leaving the house, but Valerie makes a good point about never having enough bottled water.

August 2
Holy s---. Costco was practically empty. There was literally no bottled water. I wound up buying a case of Capri Sun, some blankets, and another pocket knife. Valerie stocked up on Lean Cuisines; I didn't have the heart to tell her they'll pretty much be useless if the power goes out and we can't microwave them.

August 3
Just woke up. Didn't mean to sleep in, but it looks like the power went out. So much for the Lean Cuisines.

August 3
Power's back on. Took a long time. Lights are still flickering every once in awhile. I've got the rechargeable batteries I picked up online plugged into the wall so hopefully they'll fill up.

August 8
It's the end of the world and I feel like s---.

August 10
Don't know what to write. So depressed. Got online long enough to find out six of my friends from back home are dead because of this thing. Can't get through to mom OR dad. Tracy is at some cabin in the woods with Mike, said she hasn't heard from mom or dad either. I really hope they're okay.

August 13
I just found out my dad is dead. I never even got to talk to him after all this crap started. I wish I could go home. I hate this. I hate this so much. 

August 19
Ugh, so sick of fighting with Val. I think we've been stuck in the apartment together too long; there's no space to get away. I want to go for a walk but near as I can tell we're still supposed to stay indoors. They are still having problems cleaning bodies out of buildings and off the streets. The world is seriously f---ed. FOX is reporting estimates of up to 1 billion dead worldwide. BILLION.

August 21
If I don't get out of this apartment soon I think I'll just go out and contract whatever the hell is killing everyone and get it over with.

August 23
99% sure I just heard gunshots. Can't tell from where. Dead silent now. Not even a dog barking or anything.

August 23
Power went out again today for about an hour. A van rolled by with a loudspeaker on it, telling everyone to log into the Civil Defense Corps website for instructions and chances to volunteer. I'm not sure what I'd volunteer for; I haven't seen anyone outside lately.

August 25
Happy birthday, Dad. I miss you.

August 28
Okay, no idea what the hell just happened. Someone was banging on my door. Went to check the peephole and it was my upstairs neighbor (I think her name's Gail?). She looked f---ing BONKERS, like totally insane. Her eyes looked like there was nothing behind them. She had blood coming out of her nose and her mouth. A lot. I called 911 but got sick of being on hold after 20 minutes. She didn't say anything. Just kept knocking on my door. After ab-

August 28
20 min later?
Holy s---. I think Gail broke into Bill's apartment or something. It sounds like they're throwing each other against the walls. I looked out the peephole but his door's closed. Still on hold with 911. Valerie doesn't want me to go check it out. No one else in the building is coming down. Blocking the door with my kitchen table. Definitely not sleeping tonight.

August 28
I can't tell if that really happened last night or I hallucinated it. We did not plan our rations very well. Running low on food but I don't think the stores are getting resupplied. Where the hell is the National Guard?

August 30
Woke up this morning to no power. Hasn't come on all day. Was surfing the web for news on my iPhone, but it's close to dead already. My first thought was, "I'll just charge it up and use the laptop." Stupid. The litterbox smell is driving me nuts. Valerie saw something online about airborne virus particles or something so now she's too terrified to let either of us go outside. Tried explaining that the windows and door aren't hermetically sealed but she doesn't want to hear it. No idea what happened to Bill's place. No one's come or gone since I heard all the noise.

August 31
Still no power. This place is a sweatbox with no fans or a/c. I smell like two tons of reheated ass.Time for a shower. At least we still have water, even if it's not hot.

August 31
Bill is banging on my door and won't go away. He looks worse than Gail.





Flickr photo Apocalypse film by Kevin Dooley used under a Creative Commons License.


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This is the very reason I have:

- a bat, swords, and gun near my bed
- enough food and drink for about 2 months
- a grapple
- matches and other fire starters
- 4x4 parked next to the house
- flashlights
- batteries
- solar charging devices


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It's an interesting series but I'm still not seeing the tie-in with Woot? Shouldn't this be on a fiction site somewhere instead?


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And by the way - aren't you a month behind? Where's September already?!


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bongosolo wrote:And by the way - aren't you a month behind? Where's September already?!

Where's September? WE ARE IN IT, dude! It's all happening RIGHT NOW! We can't see what he writes in September until September is over, cause most of September hasn't happened yet! And if the zombies get you before then, well, then you won't be able to read the rest of the story! Because zombies can't read!


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I don't know about you, but this post makes me want to buy Roombas and failed Android tablets. Well done, Woot! marketing department!


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SESteve wrote:I don't know about you, but this post makes me want to buy Roombas and failed Android tablets. Well done, Woot! marketing department!

Same here, but the bad news is that I keep going to Costco to buy them!


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How did I miss this last month? I am now fully engaged! It is chilling to read through and think about how this could really happen if the wrong stuff gets into the wrong people's hands.



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Worst Wootpocalypse ever.


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September 7th and no journal entries. I think Bill may have gotten in. If the next entry is "Blrggglrggmmmfff!", we'll know for sure.


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So at the end of the series, sport.woot is gonna have a long gun wootoff...

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So is this something that's updated every few days or so or do we have to wait till the beginning of every month to get a full rundown of the months journal entries? If it's the latter, that sucks.

jodyschultz wrote:September 7th and no journal entries. I think Bill may have gotten in. If the next entry is "Blrggglrggmmmfff!", we'll know for sure.


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what is this, I don't even

w00ten since 7/24/04 and still no Boggy Old Creature ಠ_ಠ


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mdrcoast wrote:Best Wootpocalypse ever.



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Volunteer Moderator

KATANARYDA wrote:what is this, I don't even

Looks like zombies to me.


No greater love is lost than that not shared.


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When is the next Wootpocalypse installment? It is almost the middle of October, we want the September update! Your fans demand it!