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alargebanana wrote:Anyone who recognizes these in your home will hate you for having bought one.

SOOO TRUE!!!!!!!!!! You are a D bag if you buy this!


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I do believe you have gone to far WOOT! Loved you for so long, but really, Banksy prints?!?!??! Can I sell my prints of other Los Angeles walls here also? I have some great photos; email me at graffiti @ LA dot com


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Yeah, sorry iCanvas. +1 for moral outrage. I'll make sure to not buy anything from you ever.


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lazydays99 wrote:irony aside, if you wish to free Palestine make a contribution to a charity supporting those aims and get a screenshot and frame that :-P

yeah..don't bother even browsing here. apparently the h4sbar4 is monitoring here and even posts that is in response to h@m4s gets censored


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Any Mr. Brain Wash prints?


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Starblind wrote:I guess it's official, Woot will literally sell absolutely anything now. No standards at all anymore.

If you think this is evidence that they'll sell *anything* you should download tor and check out the silk road


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You are all getting too worked up. Moral outrage, blah blah blah. I just want a cool thinker monkey print on my wall. In for one!


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anger, just anger.

and that is a response.

maybe that is it.