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ubermick wrote:I'm with Lenny.

As someone who shaves - a lot - and has gone through every shaving "system" I could find, I can honestly say that NOTHING beats a quality badger brush, and a safety razor loaded with a Feather blade. Will take a little bit of getting used to (and I still use a Mach 3 to shave my head) but you pay $25 for a supply of blades that easily last a year.

Also, I have absolutely ZERO issue shaving against the grain with my DE razor, and my whiskers have the consistency of a rusty brillo pad dipped in cement. Still end up with a baby's butt smooth face, tho, with minimal irritation and zero ingrown hairs (which used to plague me when using cartridge razors)

I'd try one, but I'm terrified I'm going to flip out one of these days, snap a blade in half and slice off my eyebrows and nipples.


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garylehr wrote:Sometimes the more you read the more confused you get,,, Do I believe the "worst blade ever" posts or the seemingly equal number of "best shave" posts? I have issues with tons of ingrown facial hairs causing blemishes, pimples and overall redness, can it be the fault of the Mach 3 Turbos I've been using or is that just coincidental? Would this British potato-slicer-looking thingy be better or worse? Merkur, SE, DE, help!!!

well one poster wrote he uses these blades with oil free acne wash instead of cream, gel, or soap and water. he says it cleared up his "acne" and his skin has never looked healthier or smoother. might be something to it, could be worth a shot =]


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pooptydoo wrote:well one poster wrote he uses these blades with oil free acne wash instead of cream, gel, or soap and water. he says it cleared up his "acne" and his skin has never looked healthier or smoother. might be something to it, could be worth a shot =]

Found it.. and he uses it with this blade.... hmmmm....... I do use a Skin Clearing non-foaming shave cream by Neutrogena recommended by my dermatologist...

On another note, maybe the wooters-that-be could add a "search this thread" feature to find a keyword or phrase quickly in a long discussion thread.... would make everyone's life so much easier!


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garylehr wrote:Found it.. and he uses it with this blade.... hmmmm....... I do use a Skin Clearing non-foaming shave cream by Neutrogena recommended by my dermatologist...

I use the same cream (for shaving both my head and face) and it works great. I wish more companies would move to this type of shaving cream.


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Glad they were not expensive. The design is poor. Blade is flat in the handle and will only pivit if you press hard enough to rip open your face. You get what you pay for!


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Definitely get what you pay for. The low price refills got my interest on this one but apparently we have to pay all that extra money for a blade that will stay on the handle.


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A valuable lesson learned on this purchase. These things do not perform very well at all. When I contacted Woot Service, their response was basically "too bad, so sad". These are going in the trash.


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Purchased 3 sets and they arrived today beautifully packaged and will make great holiday gifts for the seXXXy men in my life. Thanks, Woot!
(Very fast shipping!)


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Got them today. Nice shave, close but comfortable. Glad I bought 3!


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Got my two today.

I had already shaved my face yesterday, so I decided to try a patch of hair on my leg. Basically obliterated all hair on my leg in one swipe.

I think safety razor elitists really blew these comments up.

So far I love these and the price was killer compared to what I usually buy.


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These are pretty much the worst razors I've ever used. It took me 3 times as long to shave my head and neck than it usually does. Shaving my head with these was a chore. My neck was a bit better--although still not great. I think I'm going to give these blades (I bought 2 packages) to my father or one of my friends to see if they have any better luck--I just can't use them.


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Just got mine..... No kidding .... worst blade I have ever had in my hand! My Dollor General closeout disposable is better than this blade. My last Remington product.


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Gave to my boyfriend who had to shave his head twice and it still wasn't a great shave. We bought 3 and going to give them away or maybe throw them away. Oh well, thought it would be a good deal since he is always buying blades and they are so expensive. We had to try in case it worked!


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Got mine a few hours ago and tried it. Not a big fan of the big rubber flange on the bottom as I like to shave down and then up. Makes it difficult to get right under my nose. Also found it a bit annoying to get the skudge out from between the blades. Tapping it on the side of the sink pops the blade right out of the handle.


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Just tried them today. They don't shave quite as close as my Gilette Fusion ProGlide, but they work well for the price.


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Worst razor ever. They should have called the blade on wet noodle razor. Impossible to shave with this piece of crap. I am going directly to Remington with my complaints and suggest all to do the same. JUNK JUNK JUNK


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I tried to shave my head with one of these today, and after spending twice as long as I normally would, I still had to go back and re-shave my head with my old razor -- which, after weeks of use, still managed to do a better job than this Remington model did. The Remington was hard to use, hard to clean, and left razor burn and bumps on my head. I have never had that problem with my other razor.

This is one of the few Woot purchases I have truly regretted making. This time around, I really did get what I paid for.


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Finally. I got my razors today, kinda wierd, I delivered a box of them four days ago to someone else. That'll teach me not to wait until 10PM next time. Tested them out on three day old, just out of a hot shower stuble, and I'm actually impressed. I did stop to compare the design of the razor head to my old one before I started, and realized that I would have to change my grip a little to accommidate the difference in the blade angle. After a few slow strokes to get the feel, I was able to complete my shave in roughly the same time. I never had to apply the extra pressure that some have described. The head did pop off a couple of times while I was tapping it free of trimmings, but I can probably fix that with a little practice.
The wife gets back into town tomorrow, and I'll let her try one(for her legs obviously), and get her opinion.
Not bad for the price, and with a little care for the blades, I won't have to buy again until they come out with the laser razor.


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You cannot beat the price!!!
Works well except under the nose. The head is a little wider than others and I can't get it close enough under my nostrils. A little bit of effort fixed that.
Overall: NICE!

EDIT: Now that I've owned it awhile ... I don't like it so much. I don't shave everyday (I don't like it) so my face hairs is a bit longer which in turn clogs the blades. I can't believe how hard it is to clean out. Also, blades get dull after about 5 shaves. Still not a bad price but I would not have bought them if I knew more about the blades/design.


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i did not realize these threads stay open otherwise would have posted earlier.

after all the discussion just wanted to say got my items quickly and as described. and this is the BEST razor of this type (multi blade disposable) i have used. i have not had to change the blade yet, but even if a small hassle like some say i would still be happy with this purchase


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This thing is crap. Blades clog and don't rinse clean. Waste of money


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Next time I want to blow $20 I will roll down my window and let it fly out. More fun than trying to shave with this thing. Bad design, and an even worse shave. Straight to the trash can..


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These are complete crap. They flex badly, and clog up easily.. even a touch up on a relatively smooth shave at lunch time sucks with these.

It's rare that i'm so disappointed by a woot product. Those who made the video HAD to have commented on this, yet here they were - still for sale. I feel jipped, and surprised that woot would sell these.. now i'm stuck with a bunch of razors i won't use, and wouldn't dare embarrass myself by giving them away. This is the sort of thing that makes me reconsider impulse purchased on woot. Next woot off will probably be a dry one for me - considering how disappointed i am by these.


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I rarely leave comments after a Woot! purchase, but I am so utterly disappointed with this product.

I typically shave head, face and neck, every other day in the shower.
PROS: The handle is quite comfortable to hold.
CONS: The blades do not give a close shave and they clog up easily. The back design of the cartridge makes it very hard to rinse out the blades. I even tried pressing the cartridge against my skin with my index finger, which gave a "better" shave but still not close.
The head cannot get into tight areas, such as under nose or behind the ears. Most 5-blade razors suffer this issue, but they usually also have a single blade edge for "trimming". This razor does not.
As others have commented, it took me three times longer to shave than any other razor I have used and I still had to re-shave with my Gillete Mach3.
I did give the razor a second chance to redeem itself. It again failed.
I am very intrigued by those who have left positive comments. How is their experience so vastly different?


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Bought these last time they where on. They SUCK I would never buy these again!


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These things haunting suck. My six month old fusion razors work better than these brand new.


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Disappointing shave. Despite all those blades, even repeated movements across the beard left palpable stubble. Actually stopped using the thing after the first cartridge. The feel of the handle is all wrong. . . too massive, too thick. . . just wrong. The flexibility of the blade head actually detracts from the ability of the blades to contact the skin. Nice try, Remington, but no cigar. I'm back to my Trac 3. Happily.


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Blades are too close together and cant be cleaned out. My 3 month old Gillette fusion blade provided a better shave.

I don't know why these exist.
Not even worth the $8 I paid for them.



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All right Woot -

If you are going to send these out with big "STOLEN FROM WALGREENS" stickers on them, you should at least get a letter from Walgreen's saying "no not REALLY" and throw it in the box.

My better half was leery enough of Woot as it is and is now convinced you are selling stuff that fell offa trucks.


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These are easily the worst razors I have ever used. It feels like the razor is pulling at my face rather than shaving it. As others have stated, the blades were impossible to clean out and would clog up after one good pass. The refill blades would not properly attach to the razor and would detach from the unit. It took all of one time before the little plastic piece used to hold the blades broke off. Once detached, the blades would stick to my face due to the fact that the blades couldn't cut anything at all.

I have not been disappointed by anything I have received from woot, but this is product was utterly disappointing.


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Yeah these are complete crap. I bought 3 (2 for gifts) and I received the same feedback from my father and cousin. Horrible flex head and blades clog with one stroke and don't rinse easily. You have to shave the same area 3 times to get a close shave. Turns a 1 minute shave into a 10 minute ordeal. I think its the angle of the blades or the spacing, or maybe a combination of both with the awful flex head as the kicker. If I see these on woot again I will warn everyone. Stay Away! Now what to do with all these replacement blades?


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Didn’t work well at all. I’ve had to use my electric razor afterwards to finish the job.

I’m returning my second kit, which I somehow inadvertently ordered. Bought a Gillette Power Fusion today.


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Don't buy these! I bought three the last time around. They are crap. The five blade structure is too wide to get the tight spots under the nose, around the point of the chin, etc. They use a piece of bendable plastic for the pivot, which takes a lot of pressure to keep the blade flat on the face. Would cut myself to pieces using that much pressure on a regular blade. The too wide design plus the poor pivoting explains why these things are on sale... they don't work worth crap!!!!


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One of the worst razors I've used. Even shaving daily it gets clocked from the first use. Have tried 5 blades and they don't do that great even brand new.


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These things are junk! I tried to use them on my face and on my head (I shave it) and it doesn't even come close to doing a close/clean shave. What a waste of flippin money! UGH!


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Got these for a stocking stuffer - what a piece of crap. As far as I can tell, one of the clips that is supposed to hold the blade cartridge is broken, so the blade actually disconnected from the handle when shaving a 3 day stubble and stuck to my face!

Even on a normal one day stubble, I had to use an electric shaver to clean up after this POS.

It's back to my good old reliable Schick Xtreme3 disposables.


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For someone who shaves my head, I could only get 1 shave per cartridge, and even that shave wasn't nearly as comfortable or as close as the Gillette Fusion.


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Just wanted to say that I bought these and used them and they are terrible. Really crap. DO NOT PURCHASE! They don't give a good shave, hair gets stuck between the blades and is impossible to remove making them useless after one shave, the head does not flex nearly enough to shave along the neck, and the blades continually fall off the handle. Ugh.


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Worst razor I have ever purchased. Made me hate my face. My wife almost grounded me from purchasing from Woot ever again. It was a close call, I talked my way out of it. I had to donate these razors to the homeless to continue our relationship. Thanks Remington! Almost ruined a marriage and my Woot shopping ability!


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Almost as bad as the dollar shave club experience. Blade cartridge falls off for me and can't get a close shave. I do have thick facial hair so it may be that causing it but I have better luck with generic three blade disposables from rite aid than with this product. Avoid