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Try Deez Tri-D's

We know your trouble. You've just purchased a lovely 3D HDTV from some deal-a-day site and Dredd 3D won't be on Blu-ray for months yet. How do you kill time while you wait? Well, you COULD try some of these 3D movies right here. Or just stare at a blank screen and cry, that'll work in a different way.

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Hey, they're showing that Mummies one at the Pacific Science Center with the King Tut exhibit!

Who's seen these movies on the big screen?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I've seen these! Top Quality, especially with the new 3D TV's out there!


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If you have a Samsung 3D TV (or Blu-ray player) check for a free app from Samsung called "Explore 3D". Last I checked, there were some free 3D videos similar to these. If you have a good interweb connection, they look pretty nice.


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These would make a great gift, but Amazon sells the pre-packaged trilogy, Jean-Michel Cousteau's Film Trilogy (Dolphins & Whales/Sharks/Ocean Wonderland Blu-ray 3D Blu-ray), for only $39.99 which includes free shipping. This is not much of a deal.