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It may still feel like summer, but winter is fast approaching (as it does every year, this being a cyclical system IKYHN [In Case You Haven't Noticed]). That means our annual Mandatory Office Holiday Party is coming up.

We had trouble booking a venue, as many places wanted to charge as much as hundreds of dollars for access to their space. THRIFT IS ONE OF OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES AT THIS WORKPLACE, so those places were a no go. So on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8TH, the Holiday Party will be held in: JAPANESE FOLKLORE, from 8pm-10pm.

A couple notes on the new venue:

  • Keneō (懸衣翁), will sit at the edge of the Sanzu river, checking coats. He will place your clothing on a tree branch that will bend to reflect the weight of your sins in the previous life. Tipping Keneō is recommended, and bear in mind that if you are a thief he will break your fingers.
  • The cash bar will be tended by Tsukumogami, the tea caddy that achieved sentience on its 100th birthday. Ditto, re: tipping, as Tsukumogami is capable of anger and revenge, and is known for pranking wrongdoers.
  • Food will not be served. However, we have confirmed with the venue that BYOB is acceptable. That is, Bring your own Basan, the giant fire-breathing chicken said to roost in misty bamboo forests. Basan can be identified by its otherwordly-hued cockscomb and cold ghost-fire breath. But bear in mind that Basan will vanish when viewed by humans.

If you have never been to the Japanese land of Ghosts, directions can be found HERE.

- Bye -

Katherine Tull-Potts, BA
Office Manager


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Holiday party

entertainment must include

Bashō haiku readings!


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These Dyson refurb's have the same frequency of showing up on woot as the Romba used to.


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So, other than the mandatory presents for the bigwigs and high muck-a-mucks, are we drawing for names or playing dirty Santakukoru.

Will we have alcohol this year, or will management follow through on its threat after last years debacle?

I've been good this year! You can see for yourself: my record's on display in HR per the court order!


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Hm. My Gaijin belly can't process Basan. I do have a hankering for Bonnacon, though. It doesn't breathe fire so much as,'s similar, let's leave it at that.