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September 1
Bill is still outside. I've yelled at him to leave but he won't answer. He just keeps hitting my door. I've called 911 twice. All they said was "do not engage him." They didn't even say they'd send a cop. I knew I should've bought a gun.

September 1
Might as well write since I'm definitely not sleeping. Bill has lost his f---ing mind. He's just staring at my door. At least he stopped banging on it, finally. Valerie's crashed in the bed room. Had to give her two of those sleeping pills to calm her down, but once she stopped crying Bill seemed to chill out.

September 1
They are evacuating Chicago. That's like 3 million people.

September 2
Woke up because it was like 100 degrees in my room. Looks like the power came back on for a little bit and somehow my space heater turned on. It's weird; I almost opened the windows before remembering I'm living in a Kafka novel and there's some kind of horrible plague outside.

September 2
Bill is gone. He must've wandered off a few hours ago. There is blood in the hallway. I haven't heard s--- from anyone else. I just realized my rent check goes out today automatically from my bank. Wonder if Mrs. Payne will even get it? I could use the money. Have to go shopping again soon.

September 7
Phone's dead. Computer's on one bar of battery life.Going shopping. Wish me luck.

September 7
The city has lost its mind. With the TV out I had no idea it was so bad. There are bodies in the street. I couldn't even get to Costco. I went to the mini mart down the street but the windows were smashed and no one was inside. It looked like the place had been ransacked. On my way back to the car four people started chasing me. They looked nuts, like Bill did. Their eyes were bleeding. They kept following me even in my car.

September 8
Oh god, what if they got me sick? What if I have it right now? Computer finally died. I should've printed out the symptoms when this first started.

September 11
Almost forgot today. Amazing how the end of the world can make the most momentous things seem trivial.

September 13
Been fighting with Val all day. We've been in this apartment too long. We're out of clean clothes, we've been living off cups of ramen for the last two weeks, and we're scared out of our minds. Another truck with a loudspeaker drove through the neighborhood saying we should evacuate to the nearest community center. Val thinks we should stay here and lie low. Not sure why.

September 15
Feel like s---. Cold sweat. Think I have a fever.

September 21
I've definitely got it. Val too. Can't keep anything down. Feeling worse by the day. I don't want to die. Not like this.

September 28
Feeling a little better. First time in days I haven't thrown up. Starting to think it was the water in the pipes or something; maybe the power outage shut off the treatment plant? I don't know.

September 29
Valerie isn't getting better. I'm starting to worry.

September 30
Had a talk with Val. At least, I talked to her while she drifted in and out of consciousness. We have to go to the evacuation point. I'm going to try and load her in the car.




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The Wootpocalypse returns!


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Also, anybody watching "The Walking Dead"?


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I'm guessing the girlfriend ate the dude...but that's just me. The next post will be.

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Also, anybody watching "The Walking Dead"?


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... Man, I saw the thread and went - "YES!!!"

Then I saw it was for September and went - "Awwwww..."