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strawhousepig wrote:Not seeing it in Opera mobile (no, not Opera mini).

How are you getting it to load, CSS, browser sniffing, all JS, redirect to different page? Are you using a v-host, is there a CNAME involved? ie. Can I manually enter (or whatever) and find this magical place?

Amen, just give us a damn mobile URL and let the user decide what to view. If you find it absolutely necessary to send certain browsers to the mobile site then so be it, but don't arbitrarily lock out others from the capability.


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WHY have you done this to me. I thought you liked your customers. I've never understood mobile sites. If I happen to stumble across one I can usually take solace in the "full version" link, but that link on your site doesn't work. Do you really think people want limited access to woot? Access that requires you to click on each individual woot item to see what it is instead of the wonderful full version that lets one see all of the products at a glance? Next thing you're going to tell me is that the US Reelected a Communist that despises this country..........AWWW Crap!


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dimentex wrote:Come on, Woot, there's another phone OS out there that's getting a big push, you could TRY looking like you're trying to appeal to ALL of us, not just the 'Droid and Apple Fans...
(Read: Where's the Windows 7/8 Support, dudes???)

or B*L*A*C*K*B*E*R*R*Y?


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jzacuto wrote:It works on BlackBerry too!

No it doesnt


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Hate it! Clicking the link to switch to full version does not work, it just goes back to mobile. From the mobile site you can not see what item is on all the other woot sites.


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FWIW, mobile woot loads nicely on both Chrome and openWeb using iOS5.mostrecent.

I particularly appreciate having the Reckoning load as one column; loading individual threads, especially pic-heavy ones, is still beastly, but the main commerce sites are much cleaner on the mobile site.

RIP A.A. Blanks (Obituary)


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clhug wrote:But I'm not a fan in general of automatically detecting the mobile browser. I'd rather have it be something like for the mobile site and let the user choose if they want the mobile or full site view. Is there a way to force the mobile view for the site... ?

I second this. Opera Mini isn't picking up the mobile site.


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heartofbruce wrote:Here's another vote for Windows Phone mobile access.


On a Lumia 920. And with Windows desktop/laptop market share over 90% it only makes sense. Technically the code is the same across all Windows 8 platforms.

edit: From what I've just read, why doesn't the "mobile" site load based on screen resolution/size and not phone OS. If ita bases on that, it should be an app...