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first2summit wrote:I'm not a fan either, partly because I don't understand the benefit of it over any other style. An explanation would be much appreciated.

Havnt read through all the posts, but pretty much that blade style gives a kind of "Rolling" cut, or slice. A straight edge is meant for push cutting. but when pushing with the belly, after the cut you get a kind of Roll effect with the cut that actually brings about a smooth yet butter like cut. if that makes any sense. think about a downward motion towards the handle in your slice. except it is sort of built into the blade.


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Wait! Where's the Black Ops knife from the picture! ... Wish that one was on sale too!


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mdnorman wrote:Now THAT's cool! It's good to hear from someone who actually puts a knife to GOOD use! There are far too many wannabe "knife fighters" carrying around knives while day dreaming about slicing up or stabbin' somebody. Little do they know; that is NOT a situation they wanna find themselves in.

You have a very good point. And they really find out how much trouble they have brought themselves into when they find they 'brought a knife to a gunfight.'


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I bought the Kershaw. Dig the looks and size, but it seems excessively difficult to open. Maybe it is just my soft white-collar fingers.