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Got one when woot! had them back in July... love it. I don't use it everyday but when I do it's a life saver.

I use it mostly when riding my scooter and using my iPhone for navigation. That kills a battery quick, but with this case I can use the navigation without worry.

Haven't noticed a decrease in iPhone battery life without the case, haven't had anything on the case break, it works the same today as the day I got it. My wife isn't a fan of it because of the bulk it adds to the phone, but I don't notice it since I wear cargo pants and it is always in a cargo pocket at my knee.

I would recommend one to anyone who asks.


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Can anyone speak to about how much weight and thickness this case adds? The photos make it look to approximately double the thickness of the phone, which seems like it might make it a lot heavier, too.


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We'll I've had one of these from the first time i saw woot post these months ago and i'd say its not an otterbox. To be fair it serves two purposes: 1) charge your phone 2)protect your phone. It does the first job without question. I have dropped mine several times and it was doing a great job. The last time i dropped it(two weeks ago) from chest height onto a concrete surface, I was extremly concerned, and thought that the unu had protected my phone. Unfortunately, days later as I showed the case to a friend, we found that the back of my 4s was completely shattered. I have emailed UNU, but no response from them. They don't appear to provide any phone protection guarantee. If you have butterfingers as I, I would caution to research before you buy. However, for the price, it did last through several minor drops, and may be fine for most people. fyi, you can replace the back panel of a 4s for $30 in the apple store. I have no idea what a screen replacement would cost you however.


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r5swank wrote:Do they sell a compatible belt clip?

Mine came with a business card that had an offer for a free leather belt case. All you had to do was follow them on twitter, like them on FB or something else (can't remember), then go to their site and give them your info (address, etc). Within a week, I had a brank new leather holster case that fits the phone with the battery case on it. Honestly, I don't need it and rarely use either case, but it's good to have in case I need it. A case like this would normally be about $30.


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I bought a black one and a white one last time. Seems to be built solidly and I didn't mind the extra weight - actually felt pretty decent in hand. I haven't used it much because it is really only for when I travel (or on the golf course using a GPS app) so I cannot comment on battery life/duration or problems with heavy use. So far so good....

HOWEVER, whoever designed this case failed completely to test it with the camera and flash. Incredibly and surprisingly HUGE flaw for a company in this business to make a product that does not work properly if someone wants to use the camera flash. Flat out doesn't work with the white and is just bad with the black. If you take the top off with the black it is ok but even with the top off on the white it reflects and doesn't work so you would have to partially slide it out. Complete and utter failure of design when you have to take the case off virtually to use one of the heavily used functions of the iPhone.

Funny thing is a simple test at the company before shipping would have made this flaw obvious. So, raises the fundamental question of whether or not the manufacturer even bothered to beta test their product.

Hard to say whether I would buy again and I still have to contact the company to exchange my white one for a black - will be curious what they say and do.


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Spiky wrote:Are you gonna come back and post this tomorrow? You know, on Veterans Day?

You need to check you history out. Today,not Monday is Veterans day. Eleventh month, eleventh day, and eleventh hour. Because of work weeks may places take holidays that land on Saturday, Friday, and those from Sunday on Monday. But, that does not change the day. If you were ever in the armed service you would know today is veterans day and not Monday. I would take the time to give you the exact history on why it is this month, day and time but it would probably be good for you to do some web search and find out for yourself. Here endeth my part of the history lesson.


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2njenn13 wrote:Today actually IS Veteran's Day...although tomorrow is the recognized Veteran's Day. In the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, WWI came to an end....hence the reason Veteran's Day is officially 11/11 every year.

Thank you Veteran's from a grateful nation!

Thanks for pointing this out to 'Spiky'. I would have earlier but I was attending Veterans Day services at my local VFW Post.


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ddg123 wrote: I haven't used it much because it is really only for when I travel (or on the golf course using a GPS app)...

Get lost on the golf course much?


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namzaps wrote:Great case. Allows me to run a full marathon without worrying about running out of power. Light enough that I carry a spare in my pocket just on the chance that the phone and first case run out of power.

Anyone who use their iPhone for geolocating extended periods (for example, geocaching, zombie run, exercise, 4 square, etc) knows that will wear your battery out. Using Run Keeper for 4.5 hours is a true test of the system. And - it passes. I highly recommend the case.

I like the black case - feels good in my hand. The comments about the micro-usb connection being flimsy are correct - but I'm careful and so far have had no troubles.

Thanks for posting this. I was on the fence and need a battery case for marathon running and training. I also use Run Keeper. Time to click "I want one".


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I got mine the other day, and I am very dissatisfied with it. I charged it with the phone in, the phones battery dies quicker with it in the case. I used it to charge my phone and it got about 40% before it stopped charging. I took out the phone and charged the case that way, it doesn't hold a charge. This is the last time I purchase this product.


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jonnij wrote:Bought last time. Worth the $20 (plus shipping of course)

I leave it on my phone. Plug in charger to case, and it will charge my phone over night.

When I unplug in morning, I push button on case to turn OFF the case battery, and let phone run on its own battery until case is needed.

A little quirky to figure when it is on or not. I push the button on back of case until the lightning bolt in center of battery icon goes away. Then the case is NOT charging the phone. Lightning bolt means it is charging the phone.

This might be why some have had short life span. They are not turing off the case battery until needed

Oh, I dropped phone with case on it, and it did protect it, although I am sure not as well as an Otterbox would

This is the best review of this case yet!!! The rest of you just don't know how to use it, then casserole when it doesn't do what you think it is supposed to!!! Grow up, read, learn, listen, or shut the hell up!!!!