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Sorry for the misunderstanding - I meant I would upgrade the mac if I bought it.

Macs can be frustrating for upgrades, and they are definitely a particular optimization of features. I am actually really frustrated that the new retina macs carry the designation "Pro" as they reduced the number of ports, and upgradability of the internals just to save space and make a sexier product. I would love to see them make a real pro model, that is a little bigger with longer battery life, 2 hdd bays, and a ton of USB 3 ports and RAM DIMMS. Maybe some PC manufacturers will make a good retina display laptop and then I will be looking at switching back.

But I wish people would start making 19:10 displays again, even at a premium. 120 extras pixels is super useful when coding.

gak0090 wrote:I did miss that spec, I saw 1920 and assumed 1920X1080, before looking at it closer after you mentioned it. It looks like windows laptops dropped that resolution a few years ago, probably because the sales couldn't justify the cost of the panel. I could see for your purposes 1920x1200 might be useful, but for most people on a 17" screen they won't notice a difference from 1920x1080. As far as comparing the other specs, you talked about need to upgrade the other components- but you don't mention needing to upgrade them on the Macbook? Because the Macbook doesn't come with an SSD or 16gb of RAM either. At least if you have the windows laptop you can hook up an external drive at USB 3.0 speeds if you add an SSD. You don't have that option - what you have is firewire. That is the most frustrating thing about doing video editing on the IMAC, is USB 2 and firewire are my only options for connecting up external HD- Why does Apple force me to need to upgrade the size of my internal hard drive, vs adding an external peripheral that is not bus limited in terms of speed and response?


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jgospoda wrote:I've had my 17" MBP for 5+ years now and still works great...used daily. Worth the dough yo. ;)

Something that Windows users NEVER will get. I am still using my 2004 iMac - still quick for everything I need - and no viruses. Now power supply failures - nothing. The thing is amazing. Next, let me tell you about my Macbook - going on 6 years now, only needing a battery...seriously computer shouldn't be disposable items - they should be meant to last - why do you think people pay 1500+ for a nearly 2+ yer old computer? Cause it will still work 5+ years down the line.


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nmchapma wrote:Peregrinari is my hero of the day.