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jbeyerlein wrote:Same experience here. Support said they couldn't ship out a replacement until after the woot-off. Guess I'll find out how the story ends next week. All I want is to get what I bought, or at least pay a fair price for what I did get (the "59" retails for $15-20 less than the "5900").

We're looking into this issue for you.

I'm just hanging out, really.


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This is strike three for Woot!

The last three items that I ordered have had MAJOR issues.

Item 1 - Motorola Gaming Headset for Xbox 360 - Ordered three - They did not work with the XBOX! I received a refund, but I didn’t WANT a refund! I wanted the CORRECT item. Where's the Football?!

Item 2 - Houdini 5-Piece Wine Gift Set - Ordered four – Received one! No additional tracking information, no additional information PERIOD on the whereabouts of the other three! Where's the Football?!

Item 3 - Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player with Apps – Ordered three (BD-E5900) – Received three (BD-EM59C)! Woot! sent the WRONG ITEMS – Where's the Football?!

These BD-EM59C’s do not even have HD upconversion! Where's the Football?! When was the last time you even SAW a DVD/BD player that didn’t have that? Look no further than the than these BD/DVD players that Woot! Shipped INSTEAD of the CORRECT ones! Where's the Football?!

There was a time when I GLADLY skipped sleep, just so I could see what the next Woot-Off item was. Now, if I miss it, Meh. No big deal.

I have TOTALLY lost my faith in Woot! I will miss you, Woot!, but instead of being a good source for deals, you have become a MAJOR source of STREES and DISAPPOINTMENT.


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Hey, whadya know, they finally posted the correct part number in their ad (the "59C", not the "5900" model) on Nov 26th.

I appreciate their correcting the oversite, but they still haven't responded to the rest of us regarding this problem of truth in advertising.


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And now Best Buy has the "real" BD-E5900 (the refurb version) for $60.00. Let's get with the program, Woot Brothers.