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The build-your-own fajita fiesta this afternoon was an atrocity of genocidal proportions.

The fajitas were intended to act as a BALM on your frayed nerves and senses of selves during Q4. The party was supposed to be a FUN break from your benumbing routine. However, some people took WAY TOO MUCH CARNE ASADA, leaving nothing but FIESTA-ONIONS for others. Furthermore, the kitchen was left a mess the likes of which made history's bloodiest massacres appear HUMANE.

To address this embarrassing display of brutishness, the office will be holding a NUREMBERG-STYLE-TRIAL to ensure that those responsible for this atrocity are held accountable. The purpose of this trial is not only to ensure that the basic tenets of human decency are henceforth observed in this office, people, but that POSTERITY MAY LOOK BACK UPON THIS FAJITA FIESTA AS HUMANKIND'S MORAL NADIR.

Don't worry, this isn't a witch hunt, unless by witch you mean a CARNE-ASADA-COVETING MONSTER. You have nothing to worry about unless you were one of the dozens of sociopathic employees who cast off the very foundations of right conduct in your quest for sizzling beef and holy-moly-guacamole.

All employees are implicated. Prepare your defense by EOD. The trials start tomorrow. 

- Bye -

Katherine Tull-Potts, BA
Office Manager

Photo courtesy of flickr user ginnerobot per the Creative Commons License.

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This is why I never touch Mexican food. You never see results like this on Borscht Bashes or Ahriche Affairs.


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What a coincidence. The skirt steak is marinating my house right now for our own private Fajita Festival. But I made sure there was enough for "leftovers", which means my husband and I can both have seconds (and thirds) without fighting over who gets the last piece.


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Always, ALWAYS make more carne asada than you think you'll need, because there is always somebody shoving extra meat into his plastic lined pockets to take home for his cats.

Wine may not heal all things, but it sure will make you feel a whole lot better.


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There should be a video of this.

No greater love is lost than that not shared.


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dontwantaname wrote:There should be a video of this.

If it is anything like the Monkey Games, you might be able to see the video sometime at the end of next year.

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I know nothing, I tell you.

*burrp (tinted with the faint aroma of carne asada)*


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I was following orders.