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tikael wrote:I have had this keyboard for some time now, and I have a friend who has one as well. It looks great but has occasional problems with becoming non-responsive and needing to be unplugged before it will work as well as keys becoming stuck which can be frustrating during games (my friend has the same intermittent issues). For the price it is a good backlit keyboard but I would skip it.

He is very much correct about this. I picked up an Lycosa about a year ago as a refurb and it suffered the same fate.


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I already have 1 of these, ordered another. Great keyboard, easy to type on.


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I have one I bought 5/1/11. It works fine. No problems, no complaints.

Listen to me now, or hear me say "I told you so" later.


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shygote wrote:Why on Earth do all the gaming keyboards assume that everyone uses WASD? It never felt right to me, especially as a touch typist whose first finger gravitates to the F key. I prefer ESDF for this reason, and it also opens up more keys for my fourth finger. This issue alone is keeping me from buying this keyboard.

A lot of games use WASD as the default movement keys, that's why the keyboard makers choose those keys.


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This keyboard did not arrive on time.


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hurt wrote:I actually got this keyboard from woot. It's pretty good for the price that woot is selling it for. But like others, It's construction feels a bit shoddy. The WSAD and spacebar coating is stripped and the backlight is very dim. When I power down or reboot the computer the LED lights do not show up unless I cycle through the lights. If you need an extra keyboard, this is a good one to have as a backup. But as an everyday gaming keyboard that can take the abuse. Your better off with something else...

The keyboard isn't bad but it's not good either.

What would you suggest then?


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I bought one of these the last time it was on woot. It died after 60 days and I couldn't get it to work. I took it apart and never could pinpoint the problem. Not wasting my money this time.


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hhattemer wrote:Not the greatest keyboard. If you actually do use this in the dark, the backlighting is constantly turning it off, which means you have to manually turn it back on (doesn't come on automatically with a key strike.) However, the button to turn on the backlighting is a 'touch' button that is not illuminated and very difficult to find without hitting all the other touch buttons. Just poor design.

It's not supposed to turn off by itself... the only time that happens to me is when the mouse cord is hitting the touchpad.


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This keyboard is nice for gaming, bad for typing papers due to the way some of the keys have to be pressed, such as the Tab key. The feel of the keyboard is nice and their software is junk. The back light is a waste of time, my first one only lit half the keyboard and the replacement they sent lit the entire thing but was Very dim. Overall with my experience I will never purchase a Razer product again.


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I couldn't agree more - my brother bought me one as a birthday gift, after three hours of plugging it in it would either randomly stop working entirely - requiring a computer reset to recognize the drivers again, or would start doing random things - especially with the display buttons.

Needless to say it was hugely annoying, was replaced TWICE, all three of them had the same issue. Razer is good eye candy, but does not deliver, my Logitech for $15 was better.

nechronius wrote:For the love of all that is good and holy, avoid this keyboard.

I bought one from woot years ago. The touch sensitive buttons are a JOKE. For whatever reason the buttons would effectively push themselves, randomly causing the keyboard to change lighting modes.

That's not the worst part. If that's all it did, change the light modes, then it would be annoying but tolerable. Imagine my ire when I realized that with every mode change, it would also cause all the keys to hang!

A replacement refurb keyboard from Razer yielded the exact same results. After trying to deal with their AWFUL tech support and them giving me the runaround (I even paid for the shipping for returning their first faulty keyboard!), the only solution was to break the stupid thing over my knee and buy a proper keyboard without inane touch sensitive buttons, one I've used WITHOUT INCIDENT for years.

Buyer beware!


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My keyboard is due to be delivered today.

I only want this for a backlit keyboard and nothing else. Do I need their drivers? Maybe I can disconnect that little touch pad thing?

Maybe that'll get rid of the problems?

Maybe there is some software to disconnect/reconnect a USB device? Like press a hot key and it does it automatically?


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I just received mine.. I can tell already I don't totally like this keyboard. The keys aren't as "tall" as other keyboards. So, if you use arrow keys like me they recess into the keyboard. Not sure if this will be an issue for me in games or not. I can't fault them for it since it's a personal thing.

But the real thing: First off, I took it out of the box and pressed all the keys just to see. Two of the keys are "different" than the others. They're not stuck. They just don't spring back as fast as the other keys. They feel tight. Enter key and the one above it with | \ on it. I don't know if that is going to be a problem down the road / if it will bother me or if I should write Razer. I'll see how it behaves when I go home tonight and hook it up.


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yuppicide wrote:I don't know if that is going to be a problem down the road / if it will bother me or if I should write Razer. I'll see how it behaves when I go home tonight and hook it up.

It may not bother you today, but a week from now it probably will. Go ahead and write Razer later if it's still acting up (and if they prove unhelpful).

I'm just hanging out, really.


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If anyone is wondering, Razer won't do anything about a defective keyboard. They said to go to the place where I bought it.

So far I'm unhappy with it.. that enter key is very tight and how often do I use the |\ key above it, but that is even tighter. I'm testing the keyboard out now for the first time and I'm noticing which key I press the |\ key with and it turns out it's my pinky which makes it harder.

Other than those two keys working okay so far, but I've yet to get into a game. I need to get rid of that stupid wrist thing.. bothers the hell out of me.


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My review:

Since receiving my keyboard, I considered trying to get another due to two keys not behaving like the others. They're not stuck, though, just tight. One key was ENTER, so it could have bothered me in the long run.

I was unsure I was even going to open the box.. I could have got a refund if I wanted.. but couldn't resist trying it out because I need a lighted keyboard.

I'm happy to say it's not that bad. The two tight keys don't even bother me. Maybe they cleared themselves up? Not sure. I haven't really thought that much about it, because I'm fine with it.

People report that their keyboard becomes unresponsive every so often and the only fix is to unplug and replug the USB. People also report some problem with that little touch panel. So far I have no issues at all. I am running Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit. I play games and surf the web for hours every day. No problem.

I can't really comment on that little touch pad if it will break after awhile or not. I don't use it. I just wanted a lighted keyboard, so once I used that little panel to turn the lights on I never touched it again (only by accident a few times).

I'm satisfied.


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Just had my first issue with the keyboard. I got stuck in a game running forward. None of the keys worked. Unplugging and replugging USB did not work. I had to physically turn my computer off and back on.


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yuppicide wrote:Just had my first issue with the keyboard. I got stuck in a game running forward. None of the keys worked. Unplugging and replugging USB did not work. I had to physically turn my computer off and back on.

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your purchase.

We recommend that you contact Razer Support to see if they can help remedy the situation.

If you are unable to find assistance, please also feel free to contact Woot Member Services at and they'll be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Woot Staff


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This keyboard is, well, just awful. I really gave it a chance too. Used it for almost 2 months and then I just couldn't take it anymore. The keys stick and you have to type really hard on it for it to type. It has a horrible, slow feel to it. Total waste of money.


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This keyboard is crap do not buy it. Just run a search on it and going unresponsive. Every gaming session it goes unresponsive at least once and I have to restart my computer.

-=Daniel Frost=-