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Weather Channel Tech

Weather has always been here, and will always be here. It is one of nature’s most primal, fundamental, unknowable forces. Like some dark, occasionally loving, God judging us from on high, one we were never meant to understand. Well, now you can use modern technology to understand it!
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How's the weather? And more importantly, how are these gizmos?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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Meh. Amazon reviews for the weather center and rain gauge are consistent - flaky communication with remote sensors, unreliable readings. And this is consistent with my own experience with La Crosse remote thermometers.


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can anyone tell me how long the probe cord is? trying to figure out if it will work by my bedroom window.


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Can I just buy the probe?


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dmmutti wrote:Can I just buy the probe?

That's what she said


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Y'all over at woot must have done a rain dance. For the next 3 or so days, it shall be raining in CA..


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bpr2 wrote:Y'all over at woot must have done a rain dance. For the next 3 or so days, it shall be raining in CA..



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Can any of these units accept data from multiple remote sensors (ie: one outdoor, one in the basement, one in the attic, etc..)?

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If there were someway to get the date collected onto a computer automatically I would grab one.