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October 1
Leaving this here in caseā€¦I don't know. In case something happens, I guess. I'm taking Val to the Community Center near the library. Hopefully we can get evacuated to a FEMA camp or something; worst case scenario at least there'll be a doctor to look at Val. Wish me luck.

October 3
Hurt bad.
Never made it out.
Bill attacked me
Gail- still moving? Thought dead??
Feel sick. Write more later.

October 6
Finally starting to feel human again. Eye is still swollen but at least I can see out of it now. Shoulder's pretty banged up. Think I bruised a rib falling. Still getting headaches every time I stand up. Concussion?

Bill was still in his apartment with the door open. I was trying to take my Kelty backpack down to the car before I carried Val down. He just came sprinting out at me, screaming. Tackled me to the ground and just punched and scratched and beat on me. Kept trying to bite me. He had blood all over him. I kicked him away and when he was scrambling toward me I pushed him.

I pushed him over the banister in the stairwell. I think I killed my neighbor.

October 6
I forgot about Gail. After the thing with Bill she came crawling out of his apartment; not on her hands and knees, but sort of dragging herself along her stomach with her hands. She looked awful. I was so freaked out I had to heave myself into the apartment and kick the door shut. I think she's still out there. I'm too scared to look.

I'm not in good enough shape to carry Val out any more. I have to come up with a new plan.

October 7
Screw it. I'm heading to the center. I'll bring a doctor back here if I have to. I'm taking this folding knife I picked up online. I got Val to drink as much water as I could; she's past eating anything. I'm leaving a CamelBak with her.

I hope this works.

October 8
I'm locked in a tool shed. Writing this by the light of my Lenser LED Flashlight. They won't stop banging on the door and the walls. Lost my knife.

Don't know what I'm going to do.

October 9
Some of them seem to be losing interest, but I can still hear a lot of them outside. Need water. Need a bathroom even worse.

October 9
I'm not going to die in here. Going to run for it after dark. Hopefully these people are dispersed by then.

October 9
Finally quiet outside. Here goes nothing.

October 10
Made it home. Exhausted.

Valerie looks bad, but she is responsive.

October 10
Slept like s---. Still going over what the hell happened yesterday. The streets are basically deserted; no cars, no pedestrians, just spooky quiet. Couldn't get my car out of the garage because someone bent the gate in the track. Figured I could make the walk since it's only three miles or so, but about halfway there a group of people attacked me, same as Bill.

They didn't say anything. They didn't threaten or posture or anything. They were just sort of wandering down the street, most of them looked like hell. A guy saw me and screamed. No words, it barely even sounded human. But all of a sudden all their heads snapped up and they were chasing me. Must have been at least a dozen of them shouting and running after me.

They all had blood all over their faces, like Bill.

I started running, but they were so fast I had no chance of getting back home. I hopped a fence and hid in a shed in someone's yard. It was full of bags of fertilizer and potting soil and I just stacked them in front of the door.

I guess eventually they lost interest. That's when I snuck back here.

October 10
Whatever is out there is making people tear each other apart.

October 11
The radio's gone dark. Not even the message about evacuation centers that was repeating. Oh well, I don't know that the batteries would last much longer anyway. Should've picked up that bundle a few months ago.

October 13
Valerie's walking again, but she's still really weak. She lost a lot of weight, and she was already small to begin with. We're trying to figure out what to do, but I honestly have no idea what options we have.

October 20
We're essentially out of food. Still have water in the tap, but it's inconsistent and sometimes it's got a brown tinge to it. I don't think it's safe to drink. Where the hell do we go?

October 22
A truck smashed into our building. I don't know at this point if anyone's in the ground floor unit to be hurt. The whole apartment shook and it sounded like a bomb went off. Going to go see if anyone's alive.

October 27
Thought I had lost this in the fire. When the truck hit the building it caught the downstairs apartment on fire. The whole building went up in a few hours; Valerie and I barely had time to grab our stuff and get out. The smoke must've attracted a lot of people - I keep calling them people, but they honestly don't seem like people any more - because they showed up and immediately started running into the building, screaming. I saw some of them burn and still they stood in the fire, pounding on the truck and howling.

Got to take stock of what we have.

October 29
It's getting dark and starting to rain. It's cold, too. Not sure if this tent will be enough.

For the first time in my life, I'm homeless. I'm homeless and the world is ending and I don't know what to do.


Flickr photo Borderline Biennale 2011 - Les Cavaliers de l'Apocalypse, Materia Prima acting performance IMGP6052 by thierry ehrmann used under a Creative Commons License.


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Yeah, don't think I'd want to be riding out the Zombie Apocalypse in a tent...


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Month after month, I'm astonished at the (brand) name-dropping that doesn't link to deals...

Zombies or no, maybe I want a new flashlight?

Living in New York, I also want to point out what I now know to be a core part of any widespread disaster response: Nobody ever prepares you for the throngs of people moaning and shambling into the street blindly with their cellphones hoisted over their heads, desperately searching for a signal. It was like some weird combination of crack addicts and zombies.

And it's very telling when you see someone walk like that past a pay phone.


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1) I'm totally okay with NOT linking the original item. If I wanted to refer this storyline to other readers, etc, I won't get called out as spamming. I'll start hunting down items if I need to and posting them in comments to keep the original posts clean.

2) MORE! I mean... there may be a few people disappointed by my decision to bump this, but MORE!!