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homophil79 wrote:I owned this set (bought somewhere else). After 3 months, the finish started chipping off despite hand washing and never ever using anything metal anywhere near them. The negative reviews I read suggested this might be an issue, but I ignored them - obviously these people were doing something wrong, how can Cuisinart make something of poor quality...?
Turns out Cuisinart is great at making really nice looking stuff that isn't the best quality.
I was shockingly disappointed in Cuisinart and returned them for a different brand.
Proceed with caution...

Cuisinart stopped being a cutting-edge epicurean brand after it was bought by Conair, the hair-dryer company.


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georoxx wrote:ANSWER: In the past several years, induction cooktops have become more common. These models have smooth glass surfaces, too, but they use electromagnetic elements, which heat the pan directly rather than transferring heat from a radiant burner to the pan bottom. Cookware must be magnetic -- made of stainless steel or cast iron -- in order for an induction cooktop to work; glass and ceramic cookware won't do.

FYI, not all stainless steel is magnetic. Conversely, in rare cases, some non-magnetic metals may work too. BTW, the Japanese have invented an ultra-high wattage induction system that works on all metals. Because of the power usage, it's not yet practical for home use.


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aldrenean wrote:Why would anyone want non-stick pots? Or more than one or two non-stick pans, for that matter? They're only really useful for eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, stuff like that...

Non-stick is much easier to clean. Teflon is both hydro- and lipophobic, meaning that it repels both water and fats. That explains the sheeting action, where water (and oil) beads and literally rolls off a Teflon surface. That means a simple soapy wipe can clean off most foods. Compare that with plastics, where grease often clings on (that's because most plastics are made of petroleum, a grease attracts grease). Uncoated metals are somewhere in between in terms of unburnt foods. Burnt foods are of course a b*tch to clean.

So even if you don't burn or char foods, and never go above 212F, a Teflon pot is still easier to clean.

Teflon is also inert so it's non-reactive to any food. Some metals, for example, react to acidic foods like tomatoes and vinegar. Others, such as cast iron, may impart a metallic taste. Having a Teflon lining means that it won't interact with any food.


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radi0j0hn wrote:Check bird fancier sites, as in parrots, etc., and see their warnings about non-stick at high temps and what it does to indoor birds.

As the original poster wrote, it's only dangerous above 500F, when PTFE breaks down and vaporizes to become a gas. That's the only way it'll reach a bird's lungs. Solid Teflon is inert.

FYI, cooking oils break down way before 500F (aka the smoking point) so they release toxic fumes much earlier. A 1950's study verified this. Unlike Teflon fumes, however, these fumes are not fatal to birds.


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charliecarroll wrote:That is very cool for you and that is great. I live 40 miles from the closest Sams and Cosco. They happen to only be about two miles apart. But I have to do the math for me. $3.49 per gallon of gas. Hour and a half round trip. $40 each, a year to belong. Or, I can sit my butt at home and get it here for $5!

You see there is no right or wrong here. It all depends on circumstance. So for you it is great to walk across the street to Sams and doing it often makes the annual fees worth it. For me, the time gas, effort and fees, suck. I love Fedex and UPS when the shipping cost is low. And that does not even equate to the fact that according to my computer, Sams wants $10 more to begin with.

And you say Sams and Costco will take two year old cookware that has been used and cooked with for two years back?? I have to assume you mean and give you a full refund?? If that is true, you are right. I need to drive the miles. Spend the extra bucks and trade in my cookware every two years for new. Now that is a deal! I don't believe it but, it sure sounds good!

Actually, we have returned many things to Costco, sometimes years later, and you don't even need a reason- they take it back!! Once my husband returned a VitaMix simply because he wanted to buy the newer model! Costco is fabulous for so many reasons! Petition them to build near you- they're so accommodating, they just might do it!


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If anyone bought this and decides they don't want it, please email me. I will buy yours.


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The frying pans have lasted but the nonstick coating on the two sauce pans already is coming off. No metal utensils were used on them. I wouldn' buy again.


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cwidgren wrote:The frying pans have lasted but the nonstick coating on the two sauce pans already is coming off. No metal utensils were used on them. I wouldn' buy again.

These came with a limited lifetime warranty with Cuisinart, did you try contacting them for replacement? You can do so here, it seems.