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This week at Pop.Woot, the Jingle Binge is on! Cram your holiday season with joy -- and keep on cramming, way past the point of discomfort! Surf on a steadily rising yule tide! Revel in the abundance that belches forth from our commercial cornucopia!

To help set the tone, Mortimer wrote... well, a jingle, what else?


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Nice. It probably won't get me buying anything that I wouldn't already, mind, but this was certainly the most ambitious production I think we've seen from the monkeys.

And I'd totally replace the yule log video with a DVD of Monte standing there vamping. And the profits might even cover the carpal tunnel surgery for doing that for a few hours!


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Hey I noticed that Matthew has an owwie on his wrist. Granted the holiday season is often a time of depression for many, but you have so much to live for! Don't do it man! Mortimer needs you!