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Hey SBF peeps! Longtime lurker, first time poster. I finally took the leap! Quit my job at the law firm and I'm going to take a shot at doing what I love: killing for money. It's always been a dream of mine but I wasn't able to take the plunge until recently; my wife supports me 100%, which is always nice! So I'm wondering if any of you other small business owners have advice for getting the word out about my new business? Any help is appreciated! :D

First off: CONGRATULATIONS! *\0/* Owning your own business can be super challenging but it's SOOOOOOOO rewarding! Being your own boss is the best! :D Have you looked into advertising with the local Thrifty Nickel? You can get seen by lots of eyeballs for relatively low price!

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SO cool! Definitely work on getting your customers to advertise FOR you. Yelp Reviews, CitySearch results, Google results, all this stuff is worth its weight in GOLD when people are searching for your type of business.


Thanks for the tips! Definitely working on getting some ads in the local free paper. Anybody have this problem with service-based companies? I get lots of people wanting "freebies" in exchange for word of mouth. Seems like it's not worth the investment to me, but has anyone else had any success with this?


ive seen on some of those restaurant shows that they go 2 like a collage campus or sum thing and give out free samples so u should go to a college and offer to kill someone for free just the first one free and then people will be so impresd with ur serveice that they recomend u to their friends and come back for mor business so u make money.

Cool, I'll look into that! I've heard mixed results about doing Groupon stuff, but maybe one or two freebies could get the ball rolling.


Also be sure to join the Chamber of Commerce asap; you can have a direct input onto the laws and taxes that affect your business. Also if there's some kind of trade organization or union or something be sure to look into membership. Maybe there's like an assassin guild or something in your city.

So my giveaway at the local campus didn't go so great and I was arrested on multiple counts of attempted murder. More embarrassing is the fact that I wasn't able to finish two of the three jobs I agreed to! Anyone have advice on RE-building a brand?! D:


Hey if it was easy everyone would have their own business! Just keep "pugging" away! :D






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Re-posting information like this is going to ruin somebody's business. Companies pay big money for this kind of advice!