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Most of the sub-chains are awful.

I only know of one mom and pop place that has made consistently amazing deli subs for over 20 years.

It's at least a 1 1/2 hour round trip for me but it's worth it!


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My brother's invention:

A piece of white bread
Lots of mayonnaise
Big thick slice of fresh onion
Lots more mayonnaise
Another piece of white bread

Oh Bob, we expected so much more from you!


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One year, after Thanksgiving, I got a turkey sandwich at Starbucks. It had turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce on it.
(I never cook for the holidays, and Hubby and Son aren't that crazy about meat, so I never have the makings for a turkey sandwich in the house)

It was great! But it was seasonal and I never saw it again.

This year I saw it again!

Woo hoo!

Bought it and it was awful. OK, not awful, but just average.
The stuffing was different and it was just a HUGE disappointment.

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I love Reubens and have found that they vary widely from place to place. I've had some where the corned beef just melts in your mouth and others where... well, a chain saw would have helped. Sadly, it seems the more you pay, the worse they are.

Supermanwoot wrote:What about Reubens? I know most people either love them or hate them. I hate them but they look SOOO good. I've gotten one before because it looks so delicious, and was so disappointed that I couldn't stomach it

Generally more random than you ever though possible.


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Easily shark sandwich, the spinal tap album


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I'm disappointed when a ham sandwich has tough gristly meat. Like when the slice of meat is so tough that when you bite into the sandwich, your teeth don't cut through and you end up with the whole slice of meat hanging from your mouth. I've had this happen with other meats, but it's usually ham.

Also disappointing is when you go to a chain sandwich shop and they give you barely any meat, but a ton of vegetables. [cough, Subway, cough]


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My most disappointing sandwich was actually a hamburger I got at 99. It looked good and the burger was juicy but everything had almost no taste. The meat was juicy but for some reason all I could taste was burnt meat. It was the most disappointing. thing I ever had at a restaurant. A burger patty on a bun with ketchup had more flavor than this thing.


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I would tooootally take any of those sandwiches over the tuna salad. Yuck. And who wants horseradish? Also yuck.


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Olive Loaf. With extra mayo.

Served by a hospital nurse at 2 am after I went wandering down the hall for something to eat after a long day without food and labor and delivery of my son. I begged for just a piece of fruit, was given this abomination.

I believe I actually cried. Needless to say, I was smuggled in better provisions the next morning.