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Wild Sports Tailgate Games

Plan to watch those big games from the parking lot and you'll have more fun and save a ton on tickets. Let someone else bring the TV and the mysterious bottles in brown paper bags. You bring some games and a cool table. You might not be the party's QB, but even the designated kicker's gets a ring for showing up, right? Right.


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Tell me about your BEST tailgate party and the games you played!

I'm just hanging out, really.

wake me at midnight

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Why only 3 bags per side? Most have 4 per side.


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I got these a few weeks ago. They are fine for screwing around at a cookout and they fold up into a carrying case. They aren't official size and the bean bags aren't the greatest, but for someone who is too lazy to make their own, they are fine. Also, be careful when pulling the legs out. The mounts use tiny screws into fiberbord, so they have a propensity to pull out and you'll have to fix it.


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I just bought them and didn't notice the size when I ordered. They are tiny.