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Bought 3 of these kits last time. They are far better than say private brand 5 blade razor, but a far cry Schick quality and comfort shave. The price is awesome though. So it's a debate between cheap and quality for me. It works good enough that the price is reasonable. I have to use my Schick once in a while though for comfort on my face. I nick my ears regularly with these too and jaw and adams apple.


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For those that are complaining from an earlier purchase, here is what I learnt:

The hinging action is a bit different on this than with your Gillette (if that's where you are coming from). It has a bending plastic/rubber type of feel to it. This may mean you need to move the blades a bit more deliberately to match your facial contour than your Gillette (which I had to) - but its more style than effort. If you bought these the last time around, give these another shot and you'll see that they do indeed give a decent shave.


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I didn't seem to have a problem with clogging while shaving my face, but as soon and I put it on my head I got through 2 strokes and encountered clogging and some nasty razor burn.


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Every time one of these come up I have to agree with the many other woot! community comments that encourage using a safety razor instead. I switched to a safety razor about 5 years ago. Not only do I save A LOT of money on blades (I get 100 Shark Chrome Blades for $15 which last me a year), but I get a much, much better shave as well.

I wish woot! had nice shaving soap, a shaving brush,or a nice safety razor to offer us instead.


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I have to agree with "Adamesq". Shaving under the nose is HORRIBLE. And as others have mentioned, it has clogging problems.


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Worst blades I ever tried. Bought at previous sale, just wanted to try, never used these before. Very uncomfortable shave comparing to other brands.


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I have the ones that I purchased sitting in a box in the bathroom. I'm too Scottish to throw them away as I should. Absolutely my worst purchase on Woot ever.


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1286062 wrote:Worst blades I ever tried. Bought at previous sale, just wanted to try, never used these before. Very uncomfortable shave comparing to other brands.

This x1000. Awful blades.. as a few have said, takes twice as long to shave. And it's ergonomically weird (like you're holding the blade backwards), so forget trying to get under your nose.

Avoid these..


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I bought this from woot about 3 weeks ago. This is not a bad product, but it certainly is NOT a good product. the U shape just feels awkward and as others have stated, it clogs easier than some other blades, but I've had no issues with rinsing out the shavings that stick between the blades and I have pretty tough beard growth. On a scale of 1-10, I'll give it a 5.5. It gets the job done, but I probably won't be buying any more blades.


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Look into an old type double edge safety razor(Merkur, Parker), best shave i have ever gotten and the blades are supper cheap.


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+1 on worst razor ever. I tried to use this thing today and it's total trash.

Lots of blades, not lots of shaving


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amoses78 wrote:Reviews off of Amazon are relative, you can't always believe the hype dude.

I bought three packs of these when they came on Woot a few months ago. Here's the shaving process... New blade shaves OK but touch it up with one of my dull disposables. Second shave sucks but I'm too cheap to throw them away after one shave so I suffer through it and THEN throw it away and touch up the shave with a disposable. Not sure the third shave would be any worse but that is where my cheapness ends.


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For the price these razors are the best you can get. If you want a better shave you will need to spend a lot more money.


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shaver wrote:Horrible razor, clogged way too often, hard to clean, tough to get at your mustache. Sorry Woot, but I just can'y sit by and watch people get suckered into this. It IS better than disposables, but nowhere close to a mach 3 or similar.



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Okay, my first Woot comment: bought this last go around after reading all the pro and con comments. Turns out I agree with everybody, but bottom line for this shaver of 55 years is that once I learned how to tilt the head so that it moved smoothly, I really like the shave. It's been probably two months and I am still using the first cartridge and it still shaves well. And yes, whiskers do tend to remain between the blades. It helps some to swish the razor back and forth in the water basin or cup. But I haven't found that the whiskers remaining impede the shave in any way. Lastly, once I got the feel of the thing I prefer it to any others I've used over the years. And price is certainly right, you're risking little. Good luck!


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If only woot sold Broken Glass Shards. That would have probably cut my face less. I USUALLY LOVE EVERYTHING THAT WOOT HAS.... THIS ON THE OTHER HAND... SUCKS.


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If your hair isn't too thick and grows slowly, I suppose I can see the potential value in these. My beard grows thick and in a very short time.

I bought these on a Woot off and I'll never buy these again. They clog really easily, and unclogging them is difficult if not impossible - the blades are too close together. Mine only lasted two shaves each blade.

It took me longer to shave and even then it wasn't as close as my Mach 5.

The value isn't as great as it seems when better razors, like my abovementioned Gilette, last so much longer per blade.

If you don't want to take my word, do yourself a favor and only buy one. If you disagree with me after that, buy several of them next time.


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Steer clear - mine didn't clog because I didn't use it long enough. No pivoting head made it awkward to shave added to the difficulty in holding it with wet hands. The handle is pretty slick.


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Do not buy. I own them. They are bad.

I have given my advice, established I have actually purchased the product, and provided a reason for not purchasing them.

Someone from Woot, who shall remain nameless, will try and claim that negative reviews outweigh positive reviews by two to one, or something ludicrous like that. It's more like five to one.


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I bought the kit before and am terribly disappointed. It clogs up immediately. I really wish they would stop selling it.


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Maybe I'd buy them if they came with a Cold Steel Voyager blade with each purchase! That AUS-8 does actually take a nice edge, after all. :-)

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this is a shaver. it shaves me fine


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Worst shave ever! Do not buy these unless you are using it one fine or very thin baby-like girl hairs! I was so happy spending a lot more money on good razors. These really rang true to the saying, "you get what you pay for."


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Useless, tossed this item after a week of attempts to shave in less than an hour.


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I bought three of these the last time and they are absolutely TERRIBLE! The WORST razor I have ever owned. Go look at the Amazon reviews to see how bad these things are. The company owes us a refund.


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Great price rotten product.Not fit for shaving a monkey's butt.


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Bought these earlier this year and they are a waste of time. I don't care how many blades they have, they do a lousy job.


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Clog, crap, clog, crapola razor......Happy Holidays!


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love them for shaving my legs! Amazing...


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Love 'em. Already have enough to last until a laser-powered razor is invented.

The problem is located between the sink and the razor.

However, I did find that when I used a canned shaving cream (which i suspect had some mineral oil blended in) as opposed to a shave gel, there was some clogging, but no more than any other blade. & - creative stuff, y'know!


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tonycald wrote:Great price rotten product.Not fit for shaving a monkey's butt.

I thought shaving heads was odd, but you tried it on a monkey's butt? Not the Woot! monkey, pleeze! & - creative stuff, y'know!


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Sorry, OT. Just sad that it seems Woot didn't have a really good holiday deal this year: something desirable and actually really discounted for a change, like the GoPro last year or the 360 hard drive the year before.

Maybe yesterday's Freestyle cam was an attempt, but it's a frequent item here and wasn't much less than before.

Guess the assimilation is complete. Sigh.


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I love them. I have no problem with clogging, they shave great, and I shave around my 'stache with no problem. I have have average whiskers (not peach fuzz, not steel wool). I've purchased three sets twice, and now have enough razors for a long time.


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Bought 3 of these a few rounds ago. Awkward figuring out how to insert and extract cartridges, and one of the razors broke a tiny but critical plastic pin in the process. Horribly designed, fragile plastic connection. Yeah, and they clog. And the swivel is relatively stiff following facial contours.


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I wasn't impressed by these razors. It had more to do with the handle than the head though. Very odd design and difficult to get accustomed to. Took me twice as long to shave. Ended up throwing most away.


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I got a bunch last time they were wooted. They're terrible for shaving, haven't found anything else to do with them. I guess I missed my chance for the white elephant gift exchanges.


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I'll sell the one I have for $3; plus $5 shipping. Only used three three months.


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I've never been more disappointed in a product before. Remington owes the public a huge apology and/or refund for allowing this to market.


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Worse razor ever. Wouldn't use them if they were free.


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Razors are pure junk. Better off pouring cream on your face and letting the cat lick your wiskers off.