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Bought a bunch of these and they will probably last me the rest of my life since I tend to use my old razor instead. These work okay if you shave OFTEN and rinse OFTEN...otherwise they clog constantly. I could live with that but the blade mount is not very secure so if you swish it in standing water with any sort of vigor to clean it, the blade tends to come off which quickly becomes a pain. The shape of the handle also makes shaving certain areas somewhat awkward. It DOES provide a very nice shave when I have the patience to deal with it...if someone comes up with a traditionally angled handle with a more secure mount I'd be in for one!


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I agree with bpr2, DO NOT BUY...worst razors evener...clogging is just one issue. I have had 2 razor heads now rust one me. Needless to say I have gone back to my Mach3 shaver.


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These razors suck! Both of my handles broke before I got through 1 package of blades. Not worth the money!


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Maybe it's because I shave in the shower, but I get great results and absolutely no clogging using Schick Hydro Shaving Gel. I'm in for one more.



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After reading bad comments on this for a long time, I finally said the Hell with it, and bought it anyway. The blades do indeed clog easier, design is an akward shape, but for the price it's well worth it. I get a fine smooth shave, and to solve the clogging problem....ya it comes...wait for it......RINSE IT OUT MORE OFTEN! And there ya have it. Boom goes the dynamite.


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Absolutely the worst razor ever. You might get one halfway decent shave out a set of blades and that's it. They are here on WOOT for a reason. Save your coin.


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Since I've moved to an old school double edged safety razor, my shaves have been better with a lot fewer ingrown hairs. Oh, and I pay only 20 bucks for enough blades to last me an entire year. Enough with these crap expensive razors. Do yourself a favor and look up safety razors. You can shave just as fast in the morning, and you don't feel like a sissy with some stupid vibrating plastic razor behemoth.

My thirst for violence is growing... thirstier!!


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total piece of crap. Not only can you not shave your upper lip well, but it sort of feels like you're scraping a few too many layers of skin off your face. I will never use this again. Anyone want mine?


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Save your money. Looks cool enough, but so awkward and difficult to make good skin contact. Anyone want mine? Not worth the plastic it's composed of.


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Worst Woot product I have purchased from them! I got these about 3 months ago and tried over and over to be satisfied using them with no success. The shave and beard cut is not consistent and clean, yes they do clog more easily, the blades are cumbersome to change, the handle is a little odd and the shaving head flexes and gives an unsure feeling while shaving, and the blade is only sharp for and 3 good shaves at most. Yes they are a fantastic price but I think they are a bad value considering all the negatives. I really tried to be open and give them a chance but finally gave up. I am a huge Woot advocate but this product gets the grade of D from me and quite frankly should not be offered by Woot. My $.02 FWIW.

Merry Christmas!


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I bought these in the last woot off. I believe the blades are defective because when I shave they don't cut. It's as if the blades are dull and it hurts to shave. I even opened another box and found the same thing. So I have stopped using these.


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I've been using these to shave my head. I find I have to put my finger on the back of the blade in order to get enough pressure to correct for the S-Flex hinge, but these work good enough for me.


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I bought three sets the last time these were offered. After a few days of the typical "learning curve" for any new shaving system, you develop a shaving routine and they get the job done. Like all 5 blade systems, you will also need a personal trimmer / razor for sideburns, moustache, etc. Interestingly, I have not had a single nick since I started using them. I have never experienced clogging, but I rinse any razor frequently because of my thick whiskers.



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I bought these and after one month gave up. For the face these are the worst.


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Woot-This is like the 4th time these have offered up. Everyone still thinks they suck. Apparently Woots reputation is not an issue anymore.


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Good lord, where did some of you guys learn to shave? "Can't apply enough pressure"?

You are not supposed to bear down when you shave, you are only supposed to apply enough pressure to keep the blade in contact with your face and use repeated strokes.

I have what amounts to steel wool growing out of the worlds softest, easiest to irritate skin, and I have very few problems using this method. Just google proper shaving techniques and you'll have better results no matter what razor you use.


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Worth the money,....But just barely. This was my first purchase from Woot the last time it was here. It was almost my last. After giving them a 3rd chance I THINK I have it.
Angle, pressure, lubricant. All 3 have to be perfect. Now, don't get me started on these razors.
Seriously Just the right angle, just the right amount of pressure and just the right amount of shaving cream. I usually just water shave to get the edge of my beard and soap shave my head. I have to use shaving cream plus that's the only way to unclog it. Two swipes, shake it like a mad man in the water, repeat until done. Will not get these again, unless my memory gets worse and I forget I said that.


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is it true that putting disposable razors in baby oil will keep the blades sharp longer? would that make this a better deal?

*I* have FIVE Quality Posts! no, did that happen?!


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king of clogging. These are awful, and clog almost instantly. I think they have too many blades without enough space between them.


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bpr2 wrote:DO NOT BUY!!

These blades only last a couple of shaves, and clog too easily to be of much use!

Took me twice as long to shave with these blades due to constant clogging!

I agree. These are the worst blades I have ever bought. If I go 1 week without shaving I have to use 2-3 blades just to get a good shave from a weeks worth of growth.


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I got two of these last time they were up. One for my husband, and one for me since men's razors are always better than women's.

My husband's review after using them to shave his beard was that they provided a GREAT shave, but they clogged easily. He liked them enough to use them again, and had less skin irritation, which is a big deal for him.

My review after using them to shave my legs is the angle was awkward at first, but once I got used to it, it was easier. It did clog easier, but it was fairly simple to rinse it out, but then, I'm not cutting down a forest, either. The shave it provided was close and smooth, though no irritation, no cuts and no bumps.

Long story short, yes the clogging is an issue, but the shave is close. I would buy them again. For the price, it is still cheaper than the best disposables...


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The slogan for these blades should be "The Worst Shave A Man Can Get" Because its true.

I ended up giving to my wife and she uses on her legs, which is all there good for. If you have any moderate to fast facial hair growth you will need to shave about every day or every other day with these blades to be any good. After 3 days of growth they SUCK!


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Island of misfit razors....

I picked this up last time it was up for grabs hoping to save some cash since razors can get crazy expensive.

However it was a let down. The blades seem to miss spots and I have to go over the same area several times so I don't look like its my first time shaving and walk out of the bathroom with random patches of hair.

I don't know if others have had the same results but its a no go for me this round.


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At first i hated them but switched to foam cream as suggested by someone here and they clog less often.... Worth the price ....foam makes all the difference.


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I bought these when they were listed previously; in my experience, they're good for legs, but anywhere you have to apply pressure (bikini line, arm pit, etc), the flexible head just does not cut it. When I say cut it, I mean literally :P


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i have these from a previous woot and think they're fine! i'm trying these as compared to a mach 3.

pros: they're really easy to shave with (no nicks, and the angle of the blade is nice with the contours in your face). also they're darn cheap.

cons: i think i have to shave more often. with the mach 3, i'd say i shave every 36 hours or so. with this, probably every 24 hours. but maybe this is just in my head.

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Realizing that all of the negative comments are perfectly true from the point of view of the posters, I want to offer a different view. For all of my adult life I have worn a beard, but I do shave a small area of my neck, two or three times a week. I do not have a stiff beard, nor do I have the kind of growth that would cause me to shave in the evening before a major speech or hot date. So, I am not a tough customer for a razor. I bought these on 9/26, and love them. They are likely to last me the rest of my life at the rate I am using them. For some of us, this is a great deal and highly recommended.


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I'm sure many other people are going to say this: this is a very poor quality product. There are five blades, which is, if you'll recall, one of jokes people used to make when three blades became all the rage: "What next, five blades? Haha! Funny joke!"

Because of there being five blades, they have to be very close together to all fit on the head, and as a result of that, they clog almost instantly and are difficult, sometimes impossible, to unclog. I've sometimes been able to use a head only once, then had to throw it away. I'll use these (which I got from this same Woot sale) until they're gone, then won't buy them again. Now if only we could have the negative comments come with the Woot sale, so we didn't have to type them again every time they sell it, we'd be in business.


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I have to say this is one of the best razors I have used (I am on my first one and have over a month on it of daily (necessary) shaves. I do not understand the negative comments but have one suggestion/question for those with clogging issues. How do you rinse the blades and how often? I find that the blades should be rinsed every two or three passes and the BEST way to accomplish that is NOT under running water, like I see so many men do at the gym but rather to swish the razor through hot water in a half filled sink in a motion parallel to the blades, again after every couple of passes. My beard is medium to heavy and needs daily shaving, now for over 35 years. And I admit for the first several years I would hold the blades under the water and then use an old toothbrush to dislodge the hair that was stubborn. This will not and never happens if you try the half filled sink method. If you do and you hate the razors, PM me and I will buy them off you as Woot doesn't seem to want to lower their prices.


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These are fine razors. I use them with a shaving brush and soap and never get the clogging woes that many mention.

Also I put water in the sink and stir, rather than rinsing out the razor under running water.

Razors last a couple weeks too.


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WORST BLADES EVER. Just buy the Gillette Fusion.


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TAKE HEED....This is the first comment I have ever made on Woot - In hopes that it might prevent someone from making the same mistake. They don't work at all...unless you plan on using them to shave the little tiny peach fuzz that is on your fingers...I am talking about wimpy finger fuzz, if you have anything more substantial like 3 or 4 noticeably thicker hairs, you are out of luck... It looks like these will find a nice comfy space in the drawer next to all those jog bras I purchased a while back...


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The worst of the worst. Woot should give these away to bald people....


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Any females use this? Do you like it?


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You cannot rinse out the blades. They do not last long. Otherwise, the handle, action, etc. are just fine.


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My wife likes them. I can tolerate them. But I do not like them.

I got them from Walgreens for $1 for razor and 3 blades, and still barely find them worth the price


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I bought these last time they were on sale. If you need a close shave, don't buy them. That is to say, if you're a service member, don't buy them. If you don't need a close shave, it's probably a great deal.


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Not a good product.


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I agree with previous post.. For a Manly hair beard and face. NO WAY!.. Like raking glass shards across your face..or better yet, barb wire! for a already balding head or baby fur faces, MAYBE.. For me no way. I bought 2 sets, and for me was a waist of 15$ even a Gillete Mach DISPOSABLE is better on the 3rd use! Sorry WOOT.. but this product is Crap.


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tonycald wrote:Great price rotten product.Not fit for shaving a monkey's butt.

I disagree. I have shaved my monkey's butt several times with this, and it works well. My monkey loves it.

On the other hand, it doesn't work very well on human faces.