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The more of you we meet, the more obvious it is: It takes a special kind of customer to want to shop like this. You're fascinating. And that's why we're pointing our podcast camera on our strange and wonderful community, one Wooter at a time.

This week, enter the almost overwhelmingly Christmasified home of a Wooter with Texas-sized charisma, Jo Lynn! She warned us we'd have to do a lot of bleeping to get this ready for the web. ("I'm a cusser.") But she kept it pretty clean while the cameras rolled. Thanks, Jo Lynn!

And Merry Christmas to the whole Wootosphere! You're a fascinating selection of specimens, you know that? And we love you.


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Hi Jo Lynn! Loved watching you on the Wootcast!

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Fear Factor, Woot Edition: Jo Lynn in a room full of roombas.


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I really liked that rotating xmas tree. It could have used some flashing woot lights, though!


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Jo Lynn is awesome.


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Awesome video - Jo Lynn looks like a fun lady.


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Great camcorder at a smoking price!

Not all Martyrs see Divinity


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Couldn't you have had at least one screaming monkey fly in front of the camera?


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Very sexy, I would do her


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Please adopt me Jo Lynn! I will read newspapers with you!


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Jo Lynn is my new hero! She is AWESOME!