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30-Pin Bowling

Three things in life are certain. Taxes, death, and a new Apple connector. But if you're happy with the ol' thirty pin, stock up now. Not tomorrow, not next week, NOW. Because technology might evolve at the speed of thought but that doesn't mean you're ready to go with it.


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A lot of people are still using 30-pin Apple devices. Heck, I still have an iPhone 3GS. Let all the 30-pin people unite and be proud of our extra pins!

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Apple changed their connector? Man I feel sorry for all the saps that get sucked into the Apple Vortex. Actually, no I don't.

Personal info is personal.


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Is this the same unit from Amazon? It appears to be $30.00 less with free shipping. Am I missing something?


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Doug61 wrote:Is this the same unit from Amazon? It appears to be $30.00 less with free shipping. Am I missing something?

i *think* you're correct. mayhaps something can be done about that. i'll send this along to the right ppl.

Not sure if you should post that? This slightly-nsfw-flowchart will help.


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Good evening, Woot!

My search for the perfect dock/mount solution for my new iPhone 4S has so far been without great results. Included below is a list of criterion that has been used - do any of you know that this Magellan device is a good fit for the rest?

- It needs to be a one-click solution (i.e. no extra connection of wires) ... CHECK!
- It needs to also function as a hands-free unit and GPS ... CHECK!
- It needs to use the AUX on my vehicle or be an FM Transmitter ... CHECK!
- It needs to have A2DP and not just Bluetooth + EDR ... uh, no clue?

Another thought had been to just use the dock/mount for charging and pair to a little dongle out of the AUX via Bluetooth. So ... what do we think?


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My daughter is getting a pre-owned 4th-gen. iPod Photo (basically a 2005 iPod Classic with a nicer display screen) for Christmas, and I'm now looking for accessories which will work with it - like a clock radio/docking station compact enough to fit in her dorm room at college next school year. Would the clock radios in this Woot! Plus event work with her 4th-gen. iPod Classic?


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I have the iHome iA90 clock radio dock thing & enjoy it greatly. It's solid. The only issue I have with my 4th gen iPod touch is that every once in a while when I dock it, it will pop up & say that This Accessory is Not Compatible with This Device (Non-Supported) or some such. It obviously IS supported, but it wigs out sometimes. That might just be operator error though.