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I ditched my family for this!? Why did you have to ruin Christmas! No Bunch of Cheer


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On Christmas Eve,
On Christmas Eve,
We ran out of

Then here comes Woot
to light the way
by selling them
on Christmas Day

Merry Wootmas all.


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Here's an idea. On this day, of any day of the year, where so many look to the future and the coming year with hope and joy, you simply appreciate Woot and go to bed with your families. Or, stay here and complain like some donkeys, or ja_ka__es, about how the old woot is gone. Your choice.

Good night everyone and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Like a horse with a broken foot... good buy old friend...


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I think Santa crapped in a box and delivered it to Woot and they are upset. I waited up for BATTERIES??? What a bunch of BS!


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What ever happened to Captain Crap? Did he get downsized and laid off?


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kcasterwk wrote:It's been fun Woot but I'm never buying here again. To all those loyal Wooters since the beginning, have a merry Christmas and happy new year all! I'd say I'll see you guys again on April first, Woot's anniversary, and Christmas Eve but the site is a joke now.

: ( much agreed... It has become a circus of sadness...


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Well the new owners aren't much for tradition, are they? My enthusiasm for Woot just went down another 25%. It slipped 25% at each of the last two woot-offs that came and went with no bags of cats. Oh well... Now when I see flashing lights on Woot, I'll just keep surfing. The allure is gone.


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Maybe it will be posted during the day? IIRC, on their 'birthday' there wasn't one at midnight, rather it happened during the day or something through social networking.

I have hope, because to ruin a holiday tradition is rather cruel.


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Sadness. What are you thinking, Woot? Why mess with a good thing.


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Gather 'round, kids, it's time to tell you youngins a Christmas story. See, when I was your age, Woot.com used to respect tradition. Every Christmas at midnight (Central time), they'd post a Big ol' Celebration and we paid good money for it. That's right, we paid for crap and we liked it. Not like you kids nowadays with your ipaddles and smarmy phones. Why, I remember one year I got a plastic watch which shot little plastic missiles, and... hey, where ya goin'? Get back here, you little good for nothin' brats!

I GOT A FRICKING LETTER (November, 2017).


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It's a sad day when the annual Christmas Eve Bag O Crap is no more. Woot you have really crushed my holiday spirit!


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Bunch of Cheer died when threepiecewoot handed over the reins. the carp was never the same once he left, and these days woots just been slowly fading it away. its over ladies and gents.

rip carp


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cymbalmonkey wrote:You must be new here.

When I first started here I thought people intentionally changed the wording of bag of ᴄrap as some sort of inside joke, took me a while to figure out it was forum magic

i was like what the Mistletoe is a burgandy olfactory center


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Bee Oh Cee = Batteries On Christmas. Much like the jelly-of-the-month club, that's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. Merry Christmas Woot! and Woot(!)izens.


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I actually am running low on the Rayovacs I bought who knows how long ago. Was going to purchase the tech.woot sidesale of kodak/acdelco and then forgot. Now I'm just trying to figure out which is the better value compared to what I need. Hopefully they're still up later in the day so I can verify with everyone else which is the better option.


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Wow, that's a lot of batteries, and they are alkaline plus.

How do I find the Bunch Of Cheer?


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talon009 wrote:this is the worst christmas of my life.... somebody please find what I'm missing :-\



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Aaaah one day I will be talking with the kids about the good old days when gas was 3.50 a gallon and on xmas woot used to offer a mysterious bag of carp to their customers.


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Crap, no crap! It's funny, presumably one company buys another because what they did works. Why did The company that bought Woot (I think it was Amazon), stop the traditions that made Woot successful in the first place. It seems counterintuitive. But yeah, at least we have more batteries for Christmas eve. Whoopty-do. Who needs crap, the the that made Woot successful,


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Whine Not for a Big ol' Celebration, I won 5 bags and they all were pure crap that I threw away.

Happy New Year


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tomonline976 wrote:Aaaah one day I will be talking with the kids about the good old days when gas was 3.50 a gallon and on xmas woot used to offer a mysterious bag of carp to their customers.

This shall be...

  • Boughs of Craply 12/25/16
  • Bag o' Crap III 12/12/16
  • World of WootCrap lv5 07/11/14
  • Bag of Shirt Crap 7/11/14
  • Personal Facebook Crap 6/25/14
  • 12 Days of Crapness 12/8/13
  • in-your-crapday-suit 7/12/12
  • Bunker of Cabbage 4/26/12
  • Bunker of Cabbage 3/22/12
  • Bunker of Cabbage 6/15/11
  • Random Crap (Level 8) 4/1/11
  • Random Crap (Level 2) 4/1/11
  • Random Crap 10/21/10
  • Random Crap 9/22/10
  • Random Crap 8/20/10
  • Adventure Crap 4/1/10
  • Random Crap 1/28/10
  • Santa’s Sack O’ Crap 12/25/09
  • Random Crap 12/25/08
  • Random Crap 6/20/08
  • Random Crap 4/1/08
  • Sansa e250 11/5/07 (The one that started it all!)


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Cool! Everyone needs to chill about the bag, embrace the Christmas cheer! =)


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bah humbug

--- Jon


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I was so prepared this year too. it was going to happen! but alas... no

Brittni Gustaf


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You can get batteries in these quantities with Walmart ship-to-store for about the same price.


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...and to all a good night.


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It's the end of Woot as we know it................


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I get it. Woot is being an "SOB" (SLEADLOAD OF BATTERIES), about the Bunch of Cheer


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Merry Christmas! You might be learning an important lesson today. Namely: ALWAYS HAVE EXTRA BATTERIES ON HAND AT ALL TIMES.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that's not really the important lesson people are learning today.


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What horse crap is this? No more bag o tricks on Christmas? It's a damned crying shame I say!



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Oh well. Off to enjoy a nice night and play video games while the midgets slumber. I hope you all have fun and forget about the stocking of coal.


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Woot should at least give us a farewell to crap woot-off. It seems bags o' crapp are extinct, but it would be improper to not have a farewell.

Woots: 31
Bags of Crap: 2
Hours wasted on Woot: countless
Regrets: 0


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Woot posted on Facebook that there officially is no Bag of Carp this Christmas.


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People using the Christmas spirit as a reason to excuse the dump that is now this site.

naughty list for all your chimneys and stockings.


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Merry Xmas to you, Woot Staff people!

While I miss the You Know What, it's not the ONLY reason to Woot (although it is the main reason to stay really tuned-in to a Woot-off, I'm sorry to say.)

Still, we've had some good times over the years, so I won't abandon you just because you seem to have forgotten to get me a (chance at a) present.


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For the past 7 Christmases I have been able to purchase a Bag of Cat's. Now this year, nothing.

After wasting a full day on April 1st, I will not do that again.

I think woot! has left the building.
Go to bed. I repeat woot! has left the building!

Merry Christmas to all!!


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Sledload Of Batteries
this S.O.B makes me want to sob. *sniff*

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Well, its been real woot. After spending thousands of dollars and buying 50+ items on your site, I'm done with this site forever. Definitely the last straw. Being in finance for a large company I understand trying to maximize profitability, but abandoning your loyal customer base in the age of social media is going to prove to be a major mistake.


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remember when Woot actually used to do product launches, and bring us cool stuff we hadn't seen 100 times before? Its sad, looked at my account 16 pages of purchases, and doubt i will get anything else here, bye Woot, was nice knowing ya...