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Didn't get the one that we registered for as a wedding gift, so.... in for one!

Hooray for wedding cash!


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I have a Dyson ball vacuum that I bought on Woot about 3 months ago. Absolutely love it. If you ever call Dyson Customer Service, you'll be surprised by the English speaking polite and professional people without having to wait on hold forever.



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How well does it work on hardwood floors. I haven't found a good vacumm for that yet. There always seems to be dust left behind.



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I got one in November as mentioned above. Has worked well -- gone through construction debris as well as ordinary things -- and sucks gobs of crud out of "clean" carpets.

It's got some quirks -- the ball means that the head swivels as you lean it over, the little "helper feet" don't always come out when you think they should, and certain parts don't have the "thunk" that you'd expect from a premium vacuum -- they "chick" like a cheapie -- but the performance has been solid. I've been intentionally abusing it by doing things like vacuuming spider webs and plant debris off of exterior walls of my house, and it just laughs and calls for more.